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Last updated Saturday, 26 October 2002
Total downloads 229,054
Most popular file  Mega Man 80 with 16,029 downloads.

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memory.zip3k02-10-26File is not ratedA Memory game (French)
Try to remenber the number gave by the calculator
generate80.zip2k02-10-25File is not ratedWacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069
kokemon.zip4k01-06-21File is not ratedKokemon
This could be a pokemon clone, but missing a lot of the features. This game features 3 enemies, graphical infight menu, lifebars, animated attacks, and more. Read the readme for some stuff you should know. The enemies are not stick or single pixeled figures, they are much better than that. The graphics in this is eyecandy for a TI-80.
stockexchange.zip140k01-05-29File is not ratedStock Exchange
A beautiful game for the TI-80. You are in the stock market. You buy and sell shares for a living. This game has amazing features, like the option to see the graphic for the variation of each share in the market, the capacity to save the game in two different slots, and other things like sleep, eat, drink, get sick, buy & sell shares, etc.. It has lots of beautiful graphics and animations, three different shares to buy, and two memory slots to save & load your games. Takes 3630 bytes of your TI-80 memory (it's a big game) and it viciates you... It's the BEST game for the TI-80, even (much) better than Penalty Mobral.
penalty.zip28k01-05-14File is not ratedPenalty Mobral
A penalty kick (soccer) game for the Texas TI-80 calculator. it has very good graphics, and 1 or 2 players option. It's a little long to write but the final result is excellent. To me it's by far the best TI-80 game available. In this Zip file there are pictures of how the game look in my TI-80.
carrace.zip1k01-05-14File is not ratedCar Race
A game where you bet on a car, watch the race and win (or loose) money. There are 3 cars available: Fiat Uno Turbo, Volkswagen Gol GTi 16v (not Golf! Gol is a brasilian car. for more information about the car visit www.vw.com.br) and Citro├źn Saxo Cup.
mwt.zip11k01-05-08File is not ratedMage War Trilogy
This is a mostly graphical part text rpg game. There are 3 programs in this zip file for 3 different mages. You can level up, learn new spells, cast spells (animation for spells), and kill things. (*note: this program is not related to the book.)
hit2001.801k01-04-21File is not ratedHit2001
A game where you have to destroy a house
space.802k01-04-07File is not ratedSpace
This is a game where you have to kill a vessel...
slot2.zip3k00-11-02File is not ratedSlot Machine (french)
This is a simple slot machine in french
craps.txt1k00-10-31File is not ratedCraps v1.0
Play Craps, a dice game, on your TI-80.
cannon.zip1k00-06-08File is not ratedCannon v1.0
Shoot a target with a cannon
minigolf.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedMini-Golf v1.1
Graphical mini-golf game
mine.zip1k99-12-05File is not ratedMinesweeper v1.0
A clone of Minesweeper for the PC.
gomoku.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedGo-moku v1.2
Go-moku is a japanese board-game.
mixer.zip1k99-10-28File is not ratedMixer v1.0
You gotta find the ball (x) under the glasses.
slot.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedSlot Machine v1.0
This is a simple slot machine for TI-80.
haraplus.801k99-03-28File is not ratedHaravaPlus - Minesweeper game
Simple minesweeper game for TI-80
peg.801k98-05-07File is not ratedDraw Pegs v1.0
ssb.801k98-05-07File is not ratedStone, Scissor, and Bag v1.0
memory.801k98-05-07File is not ratedMemory v1.0
hit.801k98-05-07File is not ratedHit v1.0
hangman.802k98-04-05File is not ratedHangman
tic.803k98-04-05File is not ratedTic-Tac-Toe
roulet.802k98-04-05File is not ratedRoulette
v75.802k98-04-01File is not ratedV75
rps.801k98-04-01File is not ratedRock, Paper, Scissors
prs.801k98-04-01File is not ratedPaper, Rock, Scissors
mm80.809k98-04-01File is not ratedMega Man 80
roulette.802k98-03-30File is not ratedRoulette
guessco.801k98-03-30File is not ratedGuess the Coefficients
guess.801k98-03-30File is not ratedGuessing Game
blakjack.801k98-03-30File is not ratedBlackJack
tir.802k98-03-11File is not ratedThree-in-a-Row v2.0

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