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Math Program Ideas

Post your ideas for new math programs here, or build on ideas posted by other visitors.

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Math Program Ideas
matt crolwey  Account Info
(Web Page)

I need a program that can factor polynomials. i have tried my self but it never works out. so i just kinda gave up. i do have a program that can reverse it and FOIL it back to a polynomial.
if u have catch me:

     24 September 2003, 23:07 GMT

Re: Math Program Ideas
burntfuse  Account Info

I wrote a BASIC program for the '86 that factors 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order polynomials called FactrP, and will be soon making an '83+ port, and writing an assembly version as soon as I can get around to it. Does anyone know the equations for factoring third-order polynomials? (for the existing program, I just used the polynomial solver built in).

     5 October 2003, 00:27 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
no1leftypitcher  Account Info

I think there is...Cardan's formula...its pretty complicated! But if you do figure it out send it to me here... brettelam@comcast.net. Thanx

     18 October 2003, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
Lampoon Kjork  Account Info

yes, same here please. out of curiosity, what other programs have you written?

     13 November 2003, 22:22 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
CowMan Account Info

the cubic equation isnt that long and is easy to put into a calc prog. the quartic equation is a bit longer but still pretty easy to prog. i have made programs for both in the ti83+ basic math section acubic.zip and aquartic.zip

     6 December 2003, 00:21 GMT

Re: Math Program Ideas
Dave Hauser  Account Info

I'm a high school Algebra teacher and would like a linear graphing game for students to practice y=mx+b and slope skills. A couple of years ago I downloaded a program called TARGET and it was great----but have not been able to find it again. I would like a game similar to "Green Globs" computer game where some random points appear on the screen and students have to guess a line that would "hit" most of the points. Points are earned for finding a line that hits the most points.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks, Dave

     27 September 2003, 00:52 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
kirb Account Info

i could make that, give me a day or so. it should be under 250.

     19 January 2004, 02:28 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
D-Tech  Account Info

I'm interested in developing a program to accomplish your goal, using TI-83+ or TI-83+ Silver Edition BASIC. If you could give me more detail such as how scoring would work or how random the points generated would be, I'll start programming immediately!

     16 June 2004, 20:58 GMT

Password Protect

I do not know if anyone has figured out how to 'protect' their programs so that with out a password there is no way to get into the program, but I have. I think that it is a good idea, but someone might have already thought of it, so if you want to know how to make it so that nobody can get into your program without a password e-mail me and I will give you the code. E-mail to 'tipassword@gocomp.net'.

     27 September 2003, 23:41 GMT

Re: Password Protect
jrock7286  Account Info

All you have to do, is in TI-Graph link, check the box that says "protect" or something like that at the bottom of the program editing window...also, why do people have to email you...just post it here...

     23 December 2003, 05:13 GMT

Re: Re: Password Protect
D-Tech  Account Info

I'd like to point out that an app or assembly language program can easily defeat the "protect" feature. In fact, you can use CalcSys, an app by Detached Solutions, to accomplish the "unprotecting". To truly password protect a program, without using any in-depth ASM to install key hooks, I imagine you would want to encrypt the file.
I would suggest looking at Krolypto, another app by Detached Solutions that encrypts programs (requires a password to decrypt).

     16 June 2004, 21:02 GMT

Re: Math Program Ideas
psylumberjack  Account Info

i am in desperate need of some programs for college level probability and statistics any programs that i can manually type in to my ti-83+ calculator would be greatly appreciated. i dont care how long they are just send them to me please!!! oh yeah the programs can be sent to my email address at sfasuguy2002@yahoo.com

     30 September 2003, 03:46 GMT

I despretly Need This Program =83+
twithchytweaker00  Account Info

I know I Spelt Despretly Wrong LOOK i DID IT AGAIN!!!!!

But Yeah I Need A program That Would Wurk For A Robotics Class If You Have No Idea What I Need Heres A List
Some thing that can tell me Vector quantities
A program That Can Draw Angles With A Given Input
And Many More Geometry,Algebra II,And Triginometry

Thank You And If Have Any Or Know Where I can
Get Any Programs Like These e-Mail ME @
ryanmcclain8740@yahoo.com And Thanx Again

     3 October 2003, 01:38 GMT

Re: I despretly Need This Program =83+
twithchytweaker00  Account Info

please help me i need this program badly!!!!!!!

     4 October 2003, 04:28 GMT

Re: Re: I despretly Need This Program =83+
no1leftypitcher  Account Info

There is an app called "SciTools" on the 83+ it will draw vectors and calculate stuff involving vectors. It will also do sigfigs,unit converter, and "data/graphs wizard". Hope this helps

     18 October 2003, 22:48 GMT

I despretly Need This Program =83+
twithchytweaker00  Account Info
(Web Page)

Do You Have Any Idea Where I Can Download It?

     24 October 2003, 22:59 GMT

Re: I despretly Need This Program =83+
grabalon Account Info

Go to "education.ti.com"

Click on the "Download Apps Here" button

Select Your Calculator

Scroll Down until you find SciTools

     29 January 2004, 01:54 GMT

please help me!
twithchytweaker00  Account Info

can any one please show me a link to find a program that will
be usefull
in finding vector quantities,angles
and many more features for classes like Geometry,trig,and pre-calc
I dont care if they are not on the same program
please e-Mail me @

     4 October 2003, 14:12 GMT

Re: please help me!
twithchytweaker00  Account Info

oh come on i had this post up for at least a week

could it be that know one kares about me or *gasp*

but please people help me
my e-Mail once again is ryanmcclain8740@yahoo.com

thanx (i think)

     5 October 2003, 18:55 GMT

Re: Re: please help me!
Jeremiah277  Account Info

My friend has a really good trig program, but his link port is screwed up. I can copy it to my calc. I'll try to get it for you, if you want it. Wait, what calc is this for?

     7 October 2003, 16:11 GMT

Please Help Me!
twithchytweaker00  Account Info

I Have A Ti83+
And If This Is What
It Is For Please
E-mail Me @
And Thank You

     7 October 2003, 21:36 GMT

Re: Re: please help me!
jrock7286  Account Info

That post was only up for one day before you said that...there are timestamps in the bottom right of the comment

     1 January 2004, 21:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: please help me!
twithchytweaker00  Account Info
(Web Page)

ya but i also have a nother post behind it

     15 January 2004, 17:01 GMT

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