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Math Program Ideas

Post your ideas for new math programs here, or build on ideas posted by other visitors.

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Re: Math Program Ideas
rlterrel Account Info

There is no Laplace Transform function on my TI-92. Integrating e^(-s*t)f(t) from 0 to infinity results in an incorrect result (even when the Laplace Transform exists). It would be useful to have a function to do the transform rather than preform serveral actions to get the result.

     1 January 2004, 03:02 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
rlterrel Account Info

I found the Laplace Transform program, by Paolo Silingardi, in the file archives. It works great!!!

     4 January 2004, 05:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
tharsikan moorthy  Account Info

hey dude i saw ur coment on this site about calculator program. i need the laplace transform program for the TI-89 cal which will give all of the working out is well. i need this for one of my exams and i am not good at solving this equations manually. so please reply to this e-mail(tharsikan_s@hotmail.com) and help me out.

thank you.

     4 June 2008, 01:04 GMT

base progrms
Andy, Jeff Wildschuetz, Ornelas  Account Info

hey jeff and i are tring to create a program that changes base ten numbers to any base numbers. If you have an idea or the slution please e-mail me the idea, or solution, at wild_man_07_@hotmail.com not the address above.

     13 January 2004, 21:37 GMT

Re: base progrms
Justin Lebeau  Account Info

Would that be using the log function, and if so, I can give you the source code for mine.

     15 January 2004, 15:54 GMT

Re: Re: base progrms
tharsikan moorthy  Account Info

sup. i need a laplace transform program from my ti 89 cla which would give out the full working out. if u have this please reply to me on (tharsikan_s@hotmail.com)

     4 June 2008, 01:15 GMT

Re: base progrms
brainyiscool  Account Info

I wrote a program that converts any base numbers (the base has to be less that 10) to another base (also less than ten) Could this help? my e-mail is brainycooldude2002@yahoo.com

     27 February 2004, 20:17 GMT

Re: Re: base progrms
chemman1 Account Info

Hello there!
Does your program converts numbers of various lengths (ex: number with 100 digits), and do it in seconds?

     28 July 2006, 09:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: base progrms
Vminch Account Info

Hmmm. If it's 83-84 it probably wont do it in A second, maybe 4 or 5. It's to be expected.

     10 May 2007, 13:24 GMT

Re: base progrms
Musiconwheels06  Account Info

To convert to convert from base 'a' to base 'b' you need to count how many you have (we count in base 10). Then count to b until you have none left. When you reach b, inc the next column over. The program shouldn't be too difficult to write. I'll try to create a formula to help.

     1 March 2004, 01:41 GMT

Re: Re: base progrms
Andy, Jeff Wildschuetz, Ornelas  Account Info

thx i'll try it

     5 March 2004, 13:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: base progrms
Lino J Reyes S.  Account Info

I have on mind such program that maybe could help you in the base convertions...Only have to tell me what calc you have...

     28 March 2004, 06:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: base progrms
Andy, Jeff Wildschuetz, Ornelas  Account Info

i have a ti-83 + se

     30 March 2004, 20:07 GMT

Re: base progrms
Flexico8191  Account Info

I have made a super-effective base conversion program that can convert from any base 1-64 to any base 1-64, and even allows INPUT of characters implying negative values (^-1, ^2, ^3). It uses #'s 0-9, Capital, lowercase, theta, and pi, respectively. You can add your own simply by adding the characters to the string that appears at the beginning of the program.
E-mail me at SSpyro64@AOL.com if you're interested.

     24 May 2004, 18:11 GMT

Re: Re: base progrms
Flexico8191  Account Info

I MEANT bases 2-64.

     30 May 2004, 01:49 GMT

Re: Re: base progrms
Flexico8191  Account Info
(Web Page)

Don't e-mail, I can't keep sending it to 20 people. I posted it at TI-calc.org (see URL).

     9 June 2004, 20:19 GMT

Re: base progrms
Justin LeBeau  Account Info

I just made a program that can convert from any base (2-64) to another base (2-64). You can find it in the TI-83 Plus/BASIC/MATH folder and it is called Base 2 to 64, and the file is BASETO64.zip.

     13 April 2005, 12:53 GMT

Re: Math Program Ideas
ti_guy  Account Info

Can anyone make a program for TI-83 plus that can do integration? I know that symbolic does derivatives, but it would be nice to have integration too.

     16 January 2004, 23:20 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
Stephen King  Account Info
(Web Page)

The TI-83 can only use the Trapezoid, Simpson's, or Midpoint Formulae to compute the definite integral of a function. There is no CAS on the 83, so indefinite integration is not possible.

The url is in the URL field provided.

Hope it helps.

     16 July 2004, 05:38 GMT

Matt Long  Account Info

It's not impossible; the CAS had to come from somewhere. A symbolic integrator could be built, but it would take a lot of time and effort, and end up performing slowly.

     21 August 2004, 02:10 GMT

Re: Re: Math Program Ideas
cwotta Account Info

to do implicit or explicit integration? if you want to do explicit integration, go to your "fnint(" in your Catalog. if you wanted to integrate the eqn y=x^2 using the "x" variable from 1 to 3, you would type in: fnint(x^2,x,1,3) = then it would give you your answer.

if you're talking implicit integration (i.e. x^2 would give you (x^3)/3 + C that's a different story....

     12 February 2007, 20:36 GMT

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