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POTY Winners - 2007
  • TI-83 / TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus
  • TI-89 / TI-92 / TI-92 Plus / Voyage 200
  • PC Utilities

  • TI-83 / TI-83 PLUS / TI-84 PLUS

    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      Bowling 24 21.6% 
      Castlevania, prelude of chaos 17 15.3% 
      Graph3 26 23.4% 
      Invalid Tangram DE 12 10.8% 
      Noshell 32 28.8% 

    2007 TI-83 / TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus POTY - Noshell
    Title Noshell
    Author Brandon Wilson
    Uploaded June 21, 2007
    Description Noshell is a TI-83/84 Plus Flash application which installs a parser hook that allows you to run all programs (BASIC, assembly, Ion, and MirageOS, whether in RAM or archived) as if they were BASIC, right from the PRGM menu. Neither "Asm(" nor any other shell is required to run them. It also supports optional program writeback and chaining with other parser hooks, such as xLIB.
    Screenshot 2007 TI-83 Plus POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/309.html

    TI-89 / TI-92 / TI-92 PLUS / VOYAGE 200

    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      Earth Mission 68k 1 1.4% 
      Doom89 12 16.7% 
      Super Mario 68K 59 81.9% 

    2007 68K POTY - Super Mario 68K
    Title Super Mario 68K
    Author Lach Asderity
    Uploaded June 22, 2007
    Description Super Mario 68K is a grayscale Super Mario game for your calc. The game are highly animated with beautiful graphics and smooth scrolling backgrounds. There's a LOT of different kinds of monsters, ranging from the classic goombas and turtles, ghosts and hammer bros, and even Bowser! and many, many more. Also, 3 different kinds of bosses are resent. There are many kind of powerup's to aid you in your quest, like the Mushrom, Fire Flower, Extra Lives, the Racoon Suit and many more. Did i mention that you can even fly in this game? The game also has an overworld map for each of the 8 worlds with features like mushrom houses, two different mini games, airships, boats, castles and much more! There is a lot of secrets and hidden areas in the game, so there will always be new places to explore! A warp zone is also included! With 3 save slots you can save your progress, and continue from the same spot later. Saved games will be archived automaticly. More than 70 exiting levels through 8 worlds will give you many hours of game play. And with the level editor you can even make your own worlds and levels!
    Screenshot 2007 68k POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/310.html


    Voting Results
    Choice Votes   Percent
      TiEmu3 34 59.6% 
      Z80 Assembly IDE 23 40.4% 

    2007 PC Utilities POTY - TiEmu3
    Title TiEmu3 (Windows)
    TiEmu3 (Linux)
    Author Romain LiƩvin
    Kevin Kofler
    Uploaded May 17, 2007
    Description TiEmu is a full-featured TI89/Titanium/92/92+/V200 multi-platform emulator with an html manual. It offers: popup menu, screenshots, ASM/C debugger, link port, saving state and some other stuff.
    Screenshot 2007 PC Utility POTY
    Survey http://www.ticalc.org/community/surveys/311.html

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