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Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Posted by Nick on 10 December 1999, 01:10 GMT

AMS v2.03I found that TI released AMS 2.03, wrote a small blurb on ticalc.org as all of you have probably noticed, and then went to download the software. I snagged the whole thing in about 30 seconds on my ISDN line (at 14.6K/s).
The .exe file downloaded, I ran it and saw the WinZip installer we all know and love. I found it interesting that TI didn't put this in an auto-installing .exe, but a file with extension .89u that my TI-Graph Link software didn't support.
So, after I had installed the graph link software (v0.23), things worked fine. I upgraded the calc and it loaded surprisingly faster than when I experimented with version 2.01 of the AMS.
Now's where it gets fun.
My calculator was one of the first TI-89's produced, so naturally I have hardware version 1.00. I typed getConfg() at the home screen (My first command, yipee) and I noticed that TI has still not fixed the problem with the free archive RAM. Go to Zephyr Productions for more info about that one. I don't think this is fixable on calcs with HW v1.00, but TI hasn't said otherwise.
Running an ASM program caused an address error - as expected - and I had to pull out the lithium battery. This is a Bad Thing(TM). I'm guessing that the grayscale problems still exist as well.
Now for the intended features. I went to CATALOG and noticed the help menu. Expecting a short blurb a'la the TI-89 manual under each function, TI decided to instead repeat the exact same thing that shows up in the status bar when you move to select a function.
The user-defined functions in CATALOG are very nice. I like those. That's one of the better features I saw.
The serial number for the calculator is displayed in a much larger font (above). I thought that warranted a mention... but I don't see the reason why they did it, aside from clarity.
Some stuff in VAR-LINK that I thought interesting were the collapsible menus, the flash application management, and the contents of the folders you could get by pressing F6. Aside from that, no big deal to be made there.
Whether or not there's a limit on assembly programs remains a mystery to me. Anyone who would like to perform tests (with screenshots, please *g*) please email me as soon as possible.
Finally, there's language localization programs released by TI, supporting French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portugese. For more info, click here. Once again, click here to download AMS v2.03 for the 89.


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Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Eugene Reyes  Account Info
(Web Page)

Question for other HW1 users:
did you get the full 720 K or so memory? I read in the above posts that some users did not get all promised memory. Yet I have HW1 (bought in Jan '99) w/ all of the memory TI said would be made available + the ability to archive directly into the added memory...

Is this supposed to happen? It seems like my TI-89 is a hybrid of HW1 and HW2 (doesn't say Hardware Version 2 in About box, yet gets ALL of the memory)

     11 December 1999, 20:43 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
WashBasin  Account Info

are you sure you can use ALL of the 702kb of memory? doesnt it stop somewhere around 300kb if you have HW 1.00? as for me, i have HW 1.00 and in the memory screen, it says i have the 702kb, but when i use getconfg(), it says otherwise; 384kb.

     11 December 1999, 21:11 GMT

Crash Recovery in 2.03
Schleeb Ferman  Account Info

Hey, has anyone gotten the crash recovery that was supposed to be in 2.03, i thought, to work? Cause i couldn't, I reset it one time, but then i decided that maybe it needed to be archived, so I archived it, and it still didn't recover anything at all. Anybody have any suggestions, or gotten it to work?

     11 December 1999, 22:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03

Yes, I got the same memory size on my TI-89 when I was running AMS v2.01.

     14 December 1999, 20:58 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, sorta. On HW1, you actually have the full ~700k of memory. However, only ~350k of it can be used for data archive (ie - programs) and the rest can ONLY be used for Flash Apps. However on a HW2 calculator, the full ~700k can be either used for data archive or Flash Apps.

     11 December 1999, 22:15 GMT

WashBasin  Account Info

hi, i was just wondeirng if ti is accepting returns/exchanges of the ti-89 hw 1.00 for the ti-89 2.00. (dont reply to this saying that i'm a "damn fool" wanting more memory...i'm just curious about it). thanks =)

     11 December 1999, 20:53 GMT

Re: returns
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

I really doubt it, and AFAIK, they are not. But e-mail them and ask. ti-cares@ti.com. :)

     11 December 1999, 22:16 GMT

Some News on a few progs.
Schleeb Ferman  Account Info

Well I tried out TND, Mario, and Sonic. And TND started to run, the intro played, but then at the load level screen the screen got a funny speckled coloring and crashed, do I had to reset. On Mario it got to the load screen and did the same thing. And in Sonic it gave me the Relocation error that you got before if yu tried to use Doors OS.
I did however figure out how to use the archive recovery, although somewhat probably already said this. You must use the 2nd+left+right+on to reset the calc and recover. Any other form of reset seems to reset everything.
BTW, my calc is a HW-1, and obviously running 2.03.

Oh, and could someone tell me how to post a message without having it connected to another? I'm sure it's something simple, but for some reason I couldn't find it.


     11 December 1999, 23:08 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03

Is there any linking software for the parallel link that supports *.89u files? I currently use W32Trans8x 4.0, but it gives me an "unrecognized file type" error.

     12 December 1999, 06:45 GMT

Idea to get games to work
programmer066  Account Info
(Web Page)

How about this idea?:

We all give a few bucks to someone like Rusty or the DoorsOS Team; they buy the SDK; they make a shell/kernel, whatever you want to call it, for FLASH memory; their compiler for their shell compiles them to FLASH variables which CAN BE STORED IN THE FLASH SECTION OF THE ARCHIVE ON HW1.

Just an idea that gets around most the problems (I think) of AMS 2.03 and HW1.0:

* 8K ASM Limit (Programs not stored as ASM)
* ~380 K HW1.0 memory bug (Programs stored in FLASH section)

Tell me what you think.

     12 December 1999, 22:53 GMT

Re: Idea to get games to work
mattc2345  Account Info

I think that is a really good idea.
It would be better if everyone donated a buck to him or someone who is good at programming to buy the sdk then they could put a lot of games and that kernal in one flash app. What would be even cooler was if they did the same thing for the 92 Plus since I own that instead of an 89.

     14 December 1999, 03:16 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
whytookay Account Info

I don't know about you guys, but I upgraded to 2.03, and I'm making it fine with Phoenix, Tetris, BoulderDash, Jezzball, and Dr. Mario. Also, when my calc crashed, the archive memory wasn't erased!!! how cool is that???

Of course, I wouldn't mind SF2 or Super Mario Quest...

     14 December 1999, 17:09 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Phil S.  Account Info
(Web Page)

How do I downgrade back to version 1.0??????

     19 March 2000, 07:17 GMT
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