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Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Posted by Nick on 10 December 1999, 01:10 GMT

AMS v2.03I found that TI released AMS 2.03, wrote a small blurb on ticalc.org as all of you have probably noticed, and then went to download the software. I snagged the whole thing in about 30 seconds on my ISDN line (at 14.6K/s).
The .exe file downloaded, I ran it and saw the WinZip installer we all know and love. I found it interesting that TI didn't put this in an auto-installing .exe, but a file with extension .89u that my TI-Graph Link software didn't support.
So, after I had installed the graph link software (v0.23), things worked fine. I upgraded the calc and it loaded surprisingly faster than when I experimented with version 2.01 of the AMS.
Now's where it gets fun.
My calculator was one of the first TI-89's produced, so naturally I have hardware version 1.00. I typed getConfg() at the home screen (My first command, yipee) and I noticed that TI has still not fixed the problem with the free archive RAM. Go to Zephyr Productions for more info about that one. I don't think this is fixable on calcs with HW v1.00, but TI hasn't said otherwise.
Running an ASM program caused an address error - as expected - and I had to pull out the lithium battery. This is a Bad Thing(TM). I'm guessing that the grayscale problems still exist as well.
Now for the intended features. I went to CATALOG and noticed the help menu. Expecting a short blurb a'la the TI-89 manual under each function, TI decided to instead repeat the exact same thing that shows up in the status bar when you move to select a function.
The user-defined functions in CATALOG are very nice. I like those. That's one of the better features I saw.
The serial number for the calculator is displayed in a much larger font (above). I thought that warranted a mention... but I don't see the reason why they did it, aside from clarity.
Some stuff in VAR-LINK that I thought interesting were the collapsible menus, the flash application management, and the contents of the folders you could get by pressing F6. Aside from that, no big deal to be made there.
Whether or not there's a limit on assembly programs remains a mystery to me. Anyone who would like to perform tests (with screenshots, please *g*) please email me as soon as possible.
Finally, there's language localization programs released by TI, supporting French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portugese. For more info, click here. Once again, click here to download AMS v2.03 for the 89.


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Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
GordonChil  Account Info

I checked the kernel by ti.fr and it doesn't seem to work with the new 2.03 rom. The kernel installs nicely. But then I had problems trying to run the Tetris that I downloaded from their site. It didn't work. It froze on the opening screen and I had to reset my calc. As for the Pheonix program. I had never heard of it before. And it wouldn't let me run it because it was larger than 8K.

     10 December 1999, 03:41 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Bryan Tran  Account Info

it worked on my calc (which is hw 1.05, if that makes a difference)

with pheonix you have to use the prog launch(), because it's >8k.

     10 December 1999, 03:58 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
yosweetlady  Account Info

what error does it bring up if the programs would work, but are larger than 8k?

     10 December 1999, 04:00 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
scott D  Account Info

What the f*** is the point of a 8kb limit?

     10 December 1999, 04:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

To force people to write FLASH programs using their $300 SDK, to have people charge for the FLASH programs so TI gets royalties, and generally to make money off the unsuspecting public.


     10 December 1999, 04:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
S67  Account Info
(Web Page)

Actually, I think that the 8kb file limit is from the TI-83+, and TI just put it in the 89. The old file size was 60kb.

     11 December 1999, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
WashBasin  Account Info

yes, i also got that kernel along with tetris and phoenix. it installed similarly to doorsos but when i went to run tetris, it froze on the main screen, forcing me to reset my calculator. i then attempted to run phoenix, but to no avail, due to its >8kb size. i have one question: is it possible to downgrade to version 1.00 or 1.05 of AMS?

     10 December 1999, 04:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

You can downgrade to 1.05 if you have HW2 or 1.00 if you have HW1.

     10 December 1999, 15:30 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Erich Oelschlegel  Account Info
(Web Page)

Never heard of Pheonix? WOW! That's one of the most popular games around these days. And it hasn't had an update in a while, but it still rocks. Patrick Davidson rules.


     10 December 1999, 15:00 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
WashBasin  Account Info

does anyone know where i can get ams 1.00? thanks in advance =)

     10 December 1999, 04:37 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
AuroraBoriales  Account Info

E-mail TI, they take all old rom versions off the web for some reason. But, i KNOW there is a web page out there that has 1.00... But i forgot which. Goto www.calc.org and look under the comments made by other people.

     11 December 1999, 05:07 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
meingts Account Info

In case BlueCalx hasn't already posted a message saying that you must not upgrade to ams 2.03 if you have HW1 (I did. I suck. Someone shoot me.), I'm here to say this.


To convince myself that the 702K of archive is nonexistent with HW1, I created a 60004 byte matrix (dim 300 x 99 or something like that), and archived and unarchived it until I got the garbage collection dialog box. At the seventh archiving, I got the garbage collection message. (Read the manual if you want to know how this works.)

Okay, that's the end of this lecture. Cyas.


P.S. I won't be back until after Christmas, so...Happy Holidays.

     10 December 1999, 04:51 GMT

Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Siphon-)SA(- Account Info

Has anyone thought about hacking the .89u with a hex editor ? In order to rename it as a .tib or .rom to run it with the Virtual TI Emulator. That might help with develpers and/or game fanatics.

     10 December 1999, 06:00 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Russkiy  Account Info

You think you can make ROM file from 89u file by changing the extension? haha

People who already installed 2.03: Have you tried to upload the ROM with 2.03 from your calc and use it with VTI? Does this work? (it probably does, otherwise where is that screenshot on the news blurb came from?)

If VTI works with 2.03, then thats what I'm gonna do:
1) Install 2.03
2) Upload ROM and use 2.03 with VTI
3) Downgrade back to 1.00 and continue writing my grayscale raycasting wolfenstein-3d, and playing games.
4) See whats going on around 2.03 with VTI, and when the situation is acceptable for me, install 2.03

     10 December 1999, 18:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

I tried it with 2.01, and VTI ROM dumper gave me Address error.

So, we should wait for update of VTI.

     10 December 1999, 23:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

VTI beta 5 already has support for AMS 2.03, and hardware version 2.0 for 1.05. He's currently working on supporting the two hardware versions individually for each ROM version, but there are some strange problems. Be patient. A new version should be released within a few weeks.

     11 December 1999, 09:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
nugget  Account Info

i'm not sure about 2.03, but i tried a rom dump with 2.01 with vti and it didn't work, since vte's dumprom program is assembly. chances are it won't work with 2.03 either.

     11 December 1999, 00:12 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Herb Davis  Account Info

You can't go and directly rename the .89u, you have to edit it with a hex editor (I use Visual C++). Then save it as a .tib or .rom. I wasn't able to run the Virtual TI Emulator rom dumper for v2.01 or v2.03. I have been able to get the EMULATED v2.03rom to turn on, but it still freezes. Maybe in 4 days I'll have it working. Thanks for the idea.

     12 December 1999, 00:14 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Nick Chaves  Account Info
(Web Page)

You're right - the slightly better var-link and catalogs are not worth it. As for flash apps support...I think the hundreds of games and other programs outweight the most-likely-not-free apps that will be available (though there are no 3rd apps as of now).

     10 December 1999, 08:20 GMT

Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Is the garbage collection dialog box not supposed to ever appear on AMS 2.03?

Why shouldn't HW1 users upgrade?

     10 December 1999, 08:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Texas Instruments Releases AMS v2.03
Erich Oelschlegel  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ummm... I don't know, maybe because they can still play games on their calcs? As of now (12/10/1999 9:02:45 EST), AMS 2.03 sucks for gamers. Until Xavier or Rusty (or anyone, for that matter) cracks the new OS, AMS 2.03 shouldn't be installed on your calc if you still want to play games. Of course, you may wish to play around on the new OS, but how long is that going to take? It *might* keep you occupied for a half hour, tops. I say, stick with the games. AMS 2.03 may look cool right now, but I'm sure the majority of those who upgraded already with HW 1.00 will agree with me.


     10 December 1999, 15:06 GMT

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