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Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Posted on 21 January 1999, 00:51 GMT

[Yet Another Shell (YAS) Screenshot]

Aaron Curtis has released Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 for the TI-86. This shell supports better emulation than both ASE and Rascall. The primary feature of this shell is the ability to run programs that are larger than 12KB. The limit for this shell is about the same as that for the TI-85, which makes it a very realistic emulation. This shell also supports folders, program renaming, moving, deleting, etc., as well as icons. TI-82 emulation is already under development and TI-83 emulation may be on the way as well. Additionally, Kirk Meyer plans to use different methods of TI-85 emulation to give Anaconda a size limit similar to that of YAS (about 32KB).


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I love shells
A.J. Orians

I love shells. I have 2 83's 2 86's and a 89. I love calculators too. Anyways I like shells. I want to encorage people to make them even if they say it isn't good. I want to say I like new shells.

     26 January 1999, 16:05 GMT

Re: I love clams
Mr. Flashlight

can i have one of you 86's and your 89? Please?!

     27 January 1999, 03:11 GMT

Re: Re: I love clams

Oh really. Why don't you offer a price? :P

     29 January 1999, 05:53 GMT

Re: I love shells

What do you do with all this calcs??? I think that your math techer must stare at you when you put themm all an your table! :-) I could understand 1 83, one 86 and one 89, but why two 83 and two 86?... :-) However i do agree with you shells are cool things! Sadely there is no shell on the 89 that allows running basic progs...

     27 January 1999, 20:42 GMT

Re: Re: I love shells

I don't think he brings all his calcs to school at the same time. That would be insane.

I know, it's a bummer there isn't a shell that can run BASIC programs.

     29 January 1999, 05:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: I love shells
Adam Gross

Yeah there is---any shell other than this (ASE or Rascall, i've tried)

     30 January 1999, 03:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: I love shells

I was talking of 89 shells. A little clarification.

     30 January 1999, 06:55 GMT

Sorry if this isn''t the place

OK, now I heard people talking about Little Dude 2, well a lot of people so i thought i better try this. Well the only file in the file is LD2_85.85S, there is no .85P? Now how could i get this onto my 86?

     31 January 1999, 10:27 GMT

Re: Sorry if this isn''t the place

Well actually I guess a lot of 85 games have that only. Please help me out.

     31 January 1999, 10:37 GMT

Re: Re: Sorry if this isn''t the place
Aaron Curtis

What you need to do is get the 85 graphlink software, then select .85s

     31 January 1999, 17:10 GMT
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