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Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Posted on 21 January 1999, 00:51 GMT

[Yet Another Shell (YAS) Screenshot]

Aaron Curtis has released Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 for the TI-86. This shell supports better emulation than both ASE and Rascall. The primary feature of this shell is the ability to run programs that are larger than 12KB. The limit for this shell is about the same as that for the TI-85, which makes it a very realistic emulation. This shell also supports folders, program renaming, moving, deleting, etc., as well as icons. TI-82 emulation is already under development and TI-83 emulation may be on the way as well. Additionally, Kirk Meyer plans to use different methods of TI-85 emulation to give Anaconda a size limit similar to that of YAS (about 32KB).


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Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

This looks GREAT! When is it going to be ported to the...


I am looking forward to using YAS.

Keep up the good work Aaron!

     21 January 1999, 02:52 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

How come when you install so many programs, you can't scroll down to see the rest of the programs like in ASE? This option in ASE is pretty handy when you have a lot of programs and games in one folder.

     21 January 1999, 04:21 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
(Web Page)

Just press <MORE>.

     21 January 1999, 06:11 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

i know exactly what you mean, but aaron wanted to save mem and didn't like scrolling, but perhaps in a later version this feature may be present

     21 January 1999, 12:04 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

Anyone notice that Kirk seems to be posting more often today than before. He sounds a bit more defensive also. I think YAS could be good, but it is obviously not finished yet.

     21 January 1999, 04:31 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
(Web Page)

I did notice that, but I think he is just being a little over protective b/c he wants to defend anaconda. I also noted that he sort of seemed to be putting down YAS, which is a bit weird for him. Maybe he has some psychological disorders which are surfacing. Although this maybe be the case,it looks to me that his behaviour is closely related to a mother protecting her son.

     21 January 1999, 23:39 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
meingts (formerly the other Eugene)

How many times do I have to tell you not to use my name? I want an answer from you this time, and I want it by January 24, 8:00 GMT.

     22 January 1999, 06:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

You stupid dummy, quit complaing about ppl taking names when you take my name!!!! Looks like you are just needing some attention.... buzz off and quit complaining. And oh yeah, YAS is good but it does not work yet, maybe it will get better.

     23 January 1999, 19:49 GMT

sorry... but...

sorry to post this here, but I couldn't find anywhere better to post it ;) ... I just wanted to see if anyone is making Pokemon for TI-86... I would be really interested in it (i'm no programmer... else I would give it a shot...) If someone does decide to make it, I would be very grateful to beta test it!!!

     21 January 1999, 05:04 GMT

Re: sorry... but...

Well, I doubt it, but people have talked about making Game Boy emulators for the 89 and such, due to the similar micro processors, so it could be possible you'd be able to play it on the calc...
But hey, you want Pokemon, go get a Game Boy, trust me, you won't regret it. :o)

     21 January 1999, 17:49 GMT

Game Boy Emulator?!
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Anyone who talked about making a Game Boy emulator for the 89 wasn't someone who was going to make it. The 89 and Game Boy's processors are completely different! The 82-86 calcs use a 6 Mhz Z80 processor. The 89/92 use a 10 Mhz M68000 processor. While the 68k is vastly superior to the Z80 (i.e. sixteen 32-bit registers vs. seven limited 16-bit registers, much bigger instruction set, etc.), it is not _that_ much faster. It would not be possible to emulate the Game Boy's processor, graphics and sound hardware in real time. Nor does the 89 have enough memory to fit more than a couple of games. While the other calcs have a Z80, it would not be possible due to the completely different hardware and memory configuration.

     21 January 1999, 21:52 GMT

Re: Game Boy Emulator?!

Game boy, game boy color and all ti8x (ecxept ti89) have Z80 processor....

     27 January 1999, 20:31 GMT

(Web Page)

Hey, i heard from one of my friends (who also is a minor TI83 programmer) that someone out there has actually MADE Pokemon for the TI! He says he has it on his computer but since he doesnt have the TI calculator link he cant get it onto his calc...i have the link but i cant find the site where you download it! (plus i forgot his email address.)

*** if anyone knows where this file is, please email me at < Malarky X@aol.com > beacuse i will never remember to check back here anyways!!!! ***

^v^v^ A ^v^v^

     17 February 1999, 02:11 GMT

Re: sorry... but...
ProfPoke Account Info

now that there's is already a pokemon red for 86, how about making a pokemon for the TI-82? Or is there any way to convert from 85/86 format to 84 format?

     11 November 1999, 01:42 GMT

Section Names
(Web Page)

A suggestion that I would like to make is the ability to rename the sections in the shell (Games, Math, Utils, etc.). I know this is possible in ASE through editing the code, I was wondering if there was another way without releasing the code...



     21 January 1999, 05:24 GMT

Re: Section Names
(Web Page)

you can. in both rascall and yas, just go to the group you want to rename, and then press [custom], and type in the new name.


     21 January 1999, 05:49 GMT

Emulations in the shells
Dimagus Demorath

Okay, number one, this isn't a new "original" shell, it's basically a different version of the Mosiac shell which I think is still being worked on. Mosiac shell was the first to even think about 83 emulation and plans to have 82 and 83 and 85 emu if they actually complete it. So I don't see why all these people are getting the hype here, they just copied off someone else.

     21 January 1999, 18:04 GMT

Re: Emulations in the shells

this is the ONLY shel l(that doesn't screw the hell out of your calc) that runs programs bigger than 13k, and it has a cool battery tester :o)
also mosiac is still being worked on, but the author is sorta LAZY! :o)

     21 January 1999, 18:56 GMT

Re: Re: Emulations in the shells

there's a battery tester? where?

     22 January 1999, 01:04 GMT

Clem? Lazy?
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Did you just call Clem lazy? He's not. He's working on other projects which happen to be very cool (ever heard of Maze3D? thought so!).

If you check out the ACZ website (url above), you will see that Mosaic shell project has been put on hold while we work on some other stuff. It get's boring writing shells all the time, sometimes it's fun to do a little grayscale! ;-)

     22 January 1999, 01:18 GMT

Re: Clem? Lazy?
Clem !
(Web Page)

Hehe... I'm very lazy ! I'm still working on Mosaic Shell, and I'll release Maze3D beta 5 very soon (external levels + level editor) :)

     22 January 1999, 20:55 GMT

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