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Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Posted on 21 January 1999, 00:51 GMT

[Yet Another Shell (YAS) Screenshot]

Aaron Curtis has released Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 for the TI-86. This shell supports better emulation than both ASE and Rascall. The primary feature of this shell is the ability to run programs that are larger than 12KB. The limit for this shell is about the same as that for the TI-85, which makes it a very realistic emulation. This shell also supports folders, program renaming, moving, deleting, etc., as well as icons. TI-82 emulation is already under development and TI-83 emulation may be on the way as well. Additionally, Kirk Meyer plans to use different methods of TI-85 emulation to give Anaconda a size limit similar to that of YAS (about 32KB).


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Program size?
Justin Karneges
(Web Page)

When it says it can run programs larger than 12k is it talking about TI-85 programs or 86? If it's TI-86 programs then that is quite an impressive feature since the 86 has been so long without it. Also, if this is true, what about games that have been split up like Joltima and Quest III ? Will those still work or will they interfere with the shell and crash? Or just tell me that the size limit is talking about TI-85 programs so I can shut up =).

-Justin Karneges [Infiniti]

     21 January 1999, 19:57 GMT

Re: Program size?
Aaron Curtis

It's just with 85 programs.

     21 January 1999, 20:16 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

I gotta say... GREAT JOB!! I love being able to play Plain jump 2, Daedalus, and MCMik now. Keep up the good work!

     21 January 1999, 21:54 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

This shell sucks. I can't keep it on my calc for more than 15 minutes without it crashing. For some reason, it has a particularly hard time with Jezzball 85. 90% of the time Jezzball crashes.

     21 January 1999, 22:10 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Leo Firebrand

Make sure you havent run the jezzball string ever!!!!!! even if you saved it on a disk after running it the sting has still been changed. I had the same prob but redownlaoded the zip and I dont have any problems. Also lets remeber, like he says in the readme this is .76 not ver 1.0 so ther are bugs. he will proably work out most of them.

     21 January 1999, 23:24 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Actually, this shell has crashed less for me than any other shell ever that emulated strings, plus i have MCmiks and daedalus on it at the same time. Rather than complaining, why dont you shut up and program a better one yourself.

     21 January 1999, 23:49 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

do you know what programming is?
are you a programmer?
have you made a shell like this?
if you don't like it don't use it...don't say something sucks unless you are able to program something better...
anyways, what rom version do you have?
and is this a fresh version of jezzball?
sometimes the file gets corrupted, one time a game totally stopped working on my calc for a long time, and i crashed it a few times...then it worked again...try downloading jezzball again, if that doesn't work Email me and i'll help

     22 January 1999, 00:51 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Bryan Tran

this shell is great! it looks better than rascall, but i haven't used it much, so i don't know if it crashes that much. now i can finally run daedalus!

     22 January 1999, 04:13 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Phil Romagni

This is a really cool shell. Finally I can play MCMik Daedalus, and Little Dude 2. How can you emulate 82 and 83 games to run on an 86? This is a general question, and does not really regard to YAS, which as I would like to again say is very good. If someone could please e-mail me with instructions, I would be eternally grateful.

     22 January 1999, 21:45 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Josh Jarecke

Sounds great!
But does anyone know if the emulation is better than
ASE or Rascall and how long is it going to take to get 82 and 83 emulated?


     23 January 1999, 08:21 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Josh Jarecke

why is it that when I try to run balloon on either YAS
or Rascall the levels never show in the choose level place.

     23 January 1999, 17:32 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

ever hear of the xvar?
press it, select the 1 level you want and then play balloon, there's a little problem with selecting 2 levels though, but i'm sure aaron's working on it :o)

     23 January 1999, 18:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

I did that and it worked. But when I tryed to play balloon
it just put an arrow next to it just like the level.

     23 January 1999, 19:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

redownload balloon, then do the same thing

     24 January 1999, 03:42 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Josh Jarecke

I noticed that YAS triggers the atomatic power down
when left idle, nice feature but does it work in games too?

     23 January 1999, 17:36 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released
Adam Gross

Do Aaron or Kirk have a website? It would be nice to see the progress on each of their shells.

     23 January 1999, 22:47 GMT

Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

This shell is pretty tight! (Though Rascal looks cooler =P) Everyone's alrdy said ho cool it is to run deadalos(or whatever it's called) so I won't. I have found a prob however. IT CRASHES WHEN I TRY TO RUN A BASIC PROGRAM!!! OK, sorry, I overreacted, but it's damn annoying. I program BASIC every now and then and I lost a lot of code cause it crashed when I was trying to test my newly written program. This isn't serrious (you can just manualy run the BASIC prog) but it'd be nice if it was fixed. I tried to run the another BASIC program to be sure, and it still crashed. If anyone else has this prob, say so. (who knows, maybe my calc is just screwed up =P) Anyway, thax!

     23 January 1999, 23:27 GMT

Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

well make sure you run the YAS and not asm(yas
or basic programs won't work, they should work fine, if not email me...

     24 January 1999, 03:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Shell (YAS) v0.79 released

my calc also crashes when i run BASIC programs. The screen goes blank, and there is no response, i tried waiting to see if it would eventually start. but it never did, i had to pull out the batteries. then resend every program. this isn't too much of a problem for me--basic programs can just be run easily from the home screen. i just thought i would let everyone know.

     26 January 1999, 22:48 GMT

I''m going back to Rascall until the bugs are out
Rob Green
(Web Page)

Nice shell...if you like your calc freezing up and all your memory being cleared.
It's got potential, but I'm sick of having to resend all my programs

     24 January 1999, 02:35 GMT

Re: I''m going back to Rascall until the bugs are out

ok, how'd it crash? were the programs run on rascall or ase before? were you running 86 programs? or 85 programs?

     24 January 1999, 03:47 GMT

Re: I''m going back to Rascall until the bugs are out
Adam Gross
(Web Page)

I was reading the readme of this program called Chmasc and it seems like it's pretty cool. I haven't tried it out yet, though. To download it, just click on "Web Page".

     28 January 1999, 20:36 GMT

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