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TI-84 Plus CSE POTY voting begins
Posted by Travis on 11 December 2017, 19:07 GMT

The fate of the TI-83+/84+ POTY candidates is now sealed, and we begin the week of TI-84+ CSE voting. Yes, even the lowly CSE has a couple of contenders this year, a one-on-one match between Descent Delivery (which is 83+/84+-, CSE-, and CE-compatible and thus participates in all three POTY categories) and Sorcery of Uvutu. As always, your votes on the survey this week will determine the winner. Let the battle begin!

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POTY contest 2017 begins, starting with the TI-83+/84+
Posted by Travis on 4 December 2017, 17:47 GMT

Hey, everyone! I'm back to announce the commencement of this year's Program of the Year contest. Our trusty news editor has decided on the list of this year's features, we've checked it twice, but it's up to you, the community, to decide which entry is nice enough to win the POTY award!

Xavier (a.k.a. Critor) has done a lot of work to provide us with a well-balanced list of candidates, old and new, for the popular POTY categories. Now it's time to have some fun. We'll start this week with the TI-83 Plus / 84 Plus category. The poll, as always, is on the right sidebar on the front page (I mean, no one ever moved it, so it'd have to be there, right?). So, go ahead and sign up if you don't already have an account, join in on the calculator fun, and finally cast your ballot for the best all-around 83+/84+ program. The candidates are:

Next week: the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition!

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Solitaire games for your TI-68k calculators ? We've got you covered
Posted by Xavier on 30 November 2017, 22:18 GMT

Let's highlight a recent upload for the 89/89T, which reminds of an older piece of work for the same platform. Both are variants of Solitaire... not that calculator owners need to be really lonely to play them, of course ;-)

Another game recently found again by David Randall was rebuilt and has become available: Pyramid Solitaire 89 is a solitaire variant whose goal is to remove values of 13 at a time, either as a pair of cards whose sum of the values is 13, or as a single Kings card. There's a pile of cards to help you with that goal when you can't directly match cards, but beware: you can only rotate it a limited number of times, configurable at the beginning of the game, at most 9. Maybe David will make a 92+/V200 version of the game, like he recently did for Jumpman?

More than five years and a half ago, Andrew Vauter implemented many variants of Solitaire in a single program, publishing it a under the Solitaire Suite name. 4 Klondike, 4 Canfield, 3 Golf (+ custom parameters for each) and 1 Freecell. The rest of the game's operation, including the UI (e.g. spacing between cards), is highly customizable. There are also interesting extra features like saving / restoring the game, a virtual money system that can persist across plays, a timer which increases as you play, full-game undo buffer, etc.

Both games feature grayscale graphics, using slightly different styles. The 89/89T have enough pixels for relatively fine-grained details to be visible.

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A couple more games, this time in TI-Basic
Posted by Xavier on 27 November 2017, 23:28 GMT

We mainly produce news items about programs written in native code, but there is work and even some form of inventiveness in pure or extended TI-Basic programs.

The recent Descent Delivery, again by Josiah "JWinslow23" Winslow, is noteworthy in that the code of the single pure TI-Basic program is written to adapt to the whole family of (semi-)recent models, from the 83+ to the TI-eZ80 series (CE) through the 84+CSE, which is relatively infrequent: some programmers don't attempt to target both monochrome and color calculators, and others do it through multiple programs. Throughout 15 levels at present, the game's principle is to push a packaging box from its original location to the target delivery truck, through a series of segments delimited by walls, taking advantage of some items while avoiding others. There are blurbs of text at the beginning, and after solving every level... but let's not give away the story they tell ;)

In 2016, Kevin "xlibman" Ouéllet reimplemented another game from Josiah Winslow for the PC and Atari 2600 in extended TI-Basic for the TI-eZ80 series, yielding Wal-Rush! CE. As you can see in the screenshot, the game's goal is to guide the flying walrus on a fish-eating quest, while avoiding spikes and mines, and of course the clam and the cloud levels the bottom and top of screen. The older version of the game manages to use CE TextLib in creative ways to display a whole screen of non-text content - good job bending it to his will. The newer version, which uses the Sprites library by "grosged" (you need Sprites version 3.3, the latest one at the time of this writing) like the previously featured GalagACE, displays faster and more detailed graphics, shown in the screenshot below.

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