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Introducing ticalc forums, powered by Cemetech
Posted by the ticalc and Cemetech staff on 1 April 2014, 05:31 GMT


For much of our history, we have steadfastly stood by our original goal of creating the canonical repository for all applications and utilities for TI Graphing Calculators, and we're proud of our accomplishments. While calls of greater tools for collaboration have always been present, we have focused on mailing lists and presence in the IRC community as our primary means of encouraging users to work with each other. The internet is changing around us, and we need to adapt. That's why we're proud to be partnering with Cemetech.net to create the ticalc forums, powered by Cemetech.

"Having Cemetech power our forums seemed like a much better idea than building our own system from the ground up. We can leverage their expertise in forum management, and they can benefit from our extensive file archive.," Magnus Hagander of ticalc.org said.

The transition will take place slowly, with some minor co-branding of our themes beginning immediately. After we migrate our existing user database into Cemetech's system, we'll move their forums to a new URL under the ticalc.org namespace. In the near term, the two entities will remain largely independent, with different management and administration united under a common goal.

Many of Cemetech's tools, such as jsTIfied, will be integrated with the ticalc file archives, allowing users to quickly preview applications prior to download. The Cemetech news system will be merged with that of ticalc, and the sites will present a single news source going forward. The cemetech archive will be migrated into ticalc.

All too often we see the well-meaning efforts of inexperienced administrators who are unable to preserve historical links and features," Hagander continued, "We will take our time, and we will do it right. When we have a release to show the community, it will be fully-functional and production ready." Christopher "Kerm" Mitchell, founder of Cemetech, was excited with the possibilities. "I've wanted to work with ticalc.org since I was in middle school. When they reached out to me about having Cemetech run their forums, we immediately agreed. On behalf of my entire staff, we can't wait to get started!"

On behalf of the entire ticalc.org staff, we look forward to seeing what new and exciting projects the community creates with these new consolidated tools. We'll keep you informed as this process moves forward during the coming weeks.

-- nikky, on behalf of the ticalc.org and Cemetech staff

Update: The new site appearance has been temporarily disabled for the moment due to some unexpectedly severe browser compatibility issues. We can't say yet when new, fixed theming will be restored, but stay tuned!

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Pi Day / Pi Month Extravaganza
Posted by Ryan on 14 March 2014, 16:49 GMT

You know it. You love it. It's Pi Day!

Not only is it the greatest day (3/14) on the planet, it's also Pi Month (3/14) for us! That means that you can celebrate your favorite mathematical constant for 31 glorious days of the month!

This is an exciting celebratory time, and is kind of like the lead up to next year's Super Pi Day (3/14/15). So, grab your forks, eat some Pi(e), and have a great day!

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VVVVVV for the 83/84+
Posted by Ryan on 5 March 2014, 01:57 GMT

A few years ago, Terry Cavanagh released a puzzle platformer that rapidly became a "modern classic": VVVVVV. The game was a fantastic take on both the gravity-switching mechanic and its historic influences (such as the Miner Willy series) and earned praise from gaming journalism outlets the world over. The brave and bold Philip "the pimathbraniac" has stepped forward, accepting the challenge of bringing this game to our calcs.

The 83/84+ assembly version of VVVVVV by Philip looks and feels great, capturing the essence of the original and distilling it into z80 form. While it's currently still in development, I simply can't get enough of it. Time your gravity switching and movements perfectly, navigate your way around the map, and try your best to dodge the pernicious poking protrusions as traverse the world of VVVVVV. With the map editor, you can even create your own challenges with custom maps, dazzle your friends with your skills, and wait with baited breath for further developments! Awesome job, Philip!

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Flap Happy
Posted by Ryan on 4 March 2014, 03:41 GMT

Allow me to pose a mental exercise: What is the sound of one bird flapping?

This riddle, which dates back thousands of years and is wholly accurate, was proposed by a ridiculously wise man -- some might say too wise. Others might say that he never said it at all. Nevertheless, the purpose of this deep and philosophical question is to prepare the fragile spirit for the brutality that a nefarious group of programmers have decided to spawn. Let's call them Flappers. Wait, that's already taken. Alright, then we'll call them Birdies... evil, evil Birdies.

As most people who surf the web know, Flappy Bird is a mobile game that has taken the world by storm -- a horrible, horrible flappy storm -- and has spawned more cheap imitations than a major cola brand. Known for its deceptively simple and addictively difficult premise, this is a game that even the developer feels should be avoided.

Still, these "Birdies", as we all implicitly agreed to use when talking about these developers, apparently feel that we're all a bit too productive and not suffering from enough allostatic load. I present to you, the hereto forewarned reader, the dark and tumultuous zeitgeist of the calculator community:

Well folks, there you have it. It's not quite what Hitchcock or du Maurier foresaw, but it's still awfully flappy.

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TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
05:20Added GalaxyTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Arcade/Asteroids)
05:19Updated Age of Hacking v3.0TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Hacking)
05:19Updated App4CalcTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
05:18Updated Flappy BirdTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Arcade)
05:18Updated Flappy Bird by Josiah W.TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games
05:15Added Gram SchmidtTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Linear Algebra, Vector, Matrix)
05:15Added QR FactorizationTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Linear Algebra, Vector, Matrix)
05:15Added Discrete R MomentTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Probability)
TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
05:19Updated Solitaire: Klondike and FreeCell (build 816) TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Flash Games
Voyage 200
05:23Added Engenharia TráfegoVoyage 200 BASIC Science Programs
05:24Added Engenharia TráfegoTI-Nspire Assembly Science Programs
05:19Updated Position of Sun and Moon v2.01TI-Nspire BASIC Science Programs

New files for Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Time Action File Location
TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
12:21Added Two Way ANOVA Latin SquareTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
12:21Added Inverted Chi-Square DistributionTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
12:21Added Exponential SumTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Sequence, Series)
12:21Added Work 1 FailsTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
12:15Added cripterTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Encryption)
12:13Added TI-2048TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Puzzle/Number)
12:08Updated laserTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Arcade)
12:08Updated Planets ( Variable Orbital Elements ) v2.0TI-Nspire BASIC Science Programs

New files for Sunday, 6 April 2014
Time Action File Location
TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
19:46Added Z-Score Bell Curve WizardTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
19:45Added Two Accounts Simple InterestTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Finance)
19:41Added Funções Derivadas v1.0TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Educational Programs
19:40Updated Quadratic Formula 2JLTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Quadratic Solvers)
19:32Added Inverted Chi-Square RNGTI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
19:48Added CBLM v1.0 BetaTI-89 BASIC CBL Programs
19:48Added Slime VolleyballTI-Nspire Lua Games
19:48Added Hangman DXTI-Nspire Lua Games
19:46Added Chicken Invaders for NSpireTI-Nspire Lua Games
19:30Updated Position of Planets v2.0TI-Nspire BASIC Science Programs
19:23Updated Beam Shear-Moment DiagramTI-Nspire BASIC Science Programs

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