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This Is The Only Level CE
Posted by Xavier on 16 January 2017, 19:00 GMT


A few weeks ago, Josiah Winslow uploaded his latest game for the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE: This Is The Only Level CE, adventures in singularity.

You find yourself controlling an elephant, in a room full of traps. Your goal is to reach the bottom right... from the top left. Sounds easy? You'll be the judge for that, during 30 "steps" you'll discover along the way, each of them more surprising than the previous one. The game provides quite a lot of fun for what appears to be a simple platform game, but as the description calls it, it's in fact a nice "metagaming" adventure.
Since it's programmed in C (using the community libraries), it's smoother than it could have been if it were written in BASIC.

Have fun beating the one and only level!
And if you're stuck somewhere, or simply want to to compare your time, here's a playthrough of the whole game, done pretty fast.

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Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, the RPG series rebooted
Posted by Xavier on 31 December 2016, 23:39 GMT

Reuben Quest

Recently, Sorunome uploaded an update to the Reuben Quest game series for the TI-83+/84+ series: Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times.
The series was originally created by DJ Omnimaga more than 10 years ago, with games already featured here.

Presented as an "epic RPG fantasy adventure which includes tons of puzzles, side-quests, hidden things and much more!", it lives up to the expectations, and you'll find yourself in a well-designed game resembling Pokémon or Zelda.

Sorunome had already created an ASM Reuben Quest game in 2014 (winning the POTY 2014 in its category) and an Axe remake as well, but this time again, this reboot is programmed directly in assembly (and it's open-source!), providing the best experience possible on your calculator, especially for a game of this magnitude.
The graphics, animations, maps, fights, etc. in all their greyscale glory, are simply gorgeous - you can see that in the screenshot here or simply witness it on your calculator by downloading it and playing!

Enjoy this great RPG experience on your calculator!

And of course, happy new year!

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2016 POTY results
Posted by Travis on 27 December 2016, 04:07 GMT

The 2016 Program of the Year contest results have been put together and posted! Thanks for voting, and congratulations to all of the featured program authors and winners. This was a fun year with an excellent variety of great entries. We're looking forward to another exciting contest next year!

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TI Nspire POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 19 December 2016, 15:41 GMT

As promised, the final POTY voting round, consisting of the following Nspire programs, has arrived! This year's lineup is another impressive variety of tools and games; choosing one looks tough indeed. Voting will be open from now through Christmas Day, then the POTY polls will close and the results, sure to be interesting, tabulated.

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