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Cellar 3D - a 3D raycaster for your CE!
Posted by Xavier on 9 July 2017, 17:19 GMT

Wandering around...

Yesterday, Patrick Davidson, author of many other featured programs over nearly 20 years (!), uploaded his latest creation so far, Cellar 3D, a "preview version of a raycasting-based 3D game for the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE".

As reminded in the description, this demo currently has only one small level. There, you find yourself in a maze, where you must reach the exit, in a race against time (as the radioactivity is going to kill you!). You can pick up more time by going into the few health blocks.
The performance is quite impressive, and shows what can be achieved with C and Assembly.
A video can be found on YouTube if you want to take a longer look.

The 3D engine is based on the basic raycasting algorithm, made well famous worldwide by the Wolfenstein 3D release in 1992. Thus you're getting a grid-based world, with flat floor, same height walls and textures.

We can't wait to see what gets created next - it will surely be awesome! Are you chickening out... already?

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The famous "Aspirin" game now available for the CE!
Posted by Xavier on 19 May 2017, 19:21 GMT


The day before yesterday, "Unicorn" uploaded AspirinCE for the TI-84 Plus CE / 83 Premium CE, a classic game present on almost all graphing calculators.
Indeed, originally released in 2003 for the TI-89 and updated a year later for compatibility with the 92+ and V200, Aspirin also got its z80 counterpart in 2005 for the 83+ / 84+, and in several versions for the more recent TI-Nspire series a few years ago.

As the animated screenshot shows, AspirinCE is a fun reaction game where your goal is to move around to get to the circles while avoiding the ever increasing number of lines moving from one end of the area to the other... It would seem relatively easy, but in fact, you may end up screaming at your calculator when it gets impossiblehard and a line finally kills your dot...

Anyway, it's quite addictive, as you may know. Have fun ;)

The game is programmed in C and requires the usual C libraries.
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A new RPG for the TI-84+ C SE
Posted by Xavier on 6 March 2017, 21:10 GMT

Sorcery of Uvutu

Recently, Stephen "123outerme" Policelli uploaded a new game for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition: Sorcery of Uvutu.

This game is in fact full-scale RPG, and Stephen describes it as one of, if not the first RPG, of this scale (graphics- and gameplay-wise) for this platform. It features:

  • Full color, 8x8 sprite graphics
  • 8 fully-functioning, secret-stuffed worlds to explore
  • A total of 17 unique attacks, 14 of which upgradeable to a more powerful 2nd form, all to customize your moveset
  • A variety of items to do everything from increasing max HP, to healing, to adding a new move to your moveset
  • A grand storyline gradually developing over every world, including bosses to fight at the end of each one

Congratulations Stephen for a really well-done game, and have fun everyone!

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Oiram (best-known platformer) for TI-84 Plus CE
Posted by Xavier on 5 February 2017, 21:33 GMT

Oiram CE

You've been eagerly awaiting it, right? It had been ported to everything that has a screen attached to it (including several times for our beloved TI-Z80 and 68k calculators)...
Super Mario, one of the stars of video games, is back once again, this time on the great TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE in a new game called Oiram CE !

Programmed by MateoConLechuga (creator/main contributor of CEmu, the C libraries, CE native programming tools...), Oiram CE will make you live both familiar and new adventures in the mushroom kingdom, ending by assaulting the infamous Reswob's lair. The game's smoothness as well as the various animations are objectively amazing, making it at the very least for this criterion the best Mario-like game ever made on a graphing calculator!

The various graphical elements come from "Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros 3", the 2003 remake improved for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance of the legendary Super Mario Bros 3 from 1988 on the NES. If the 1st of the 12 levels is clearly like the first of Super Mario Bros 3, we leave quickly for original content, although inspired from some actual Mario levels here and there.

The game is very faithful to the Mario universe, the whole ecosystem of SMB 3 being present: mushroom warriors with carnivorous plants or spitting fireballs, and of course turtles. To win the game, Oiram can acquire his usual powers throughout the levels, for instance:

  • grow and break walls when eating mushrooms
  • Launch fireballs eating flowers
  • turn into racoon-oiram to be able to kick and fly

The open-source game is programmed in C, and requires the C libraries.

Can you master all levels in the default pack ?
If so, you can have even more fun by continuing your adventure. Indeed, Matt has included a WYSIWYG level editor for Windows (macOS/Linux compatible through Wine), which a number of community members have already taken advantage of.

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