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2017 POTY results
Posted by Travis on 10 January 2018, 02:22 GMT

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: The winners of the 2017 Program of the Year contest are up! Thanks to everyone who submitted programs and voted, thanks to our news editor, Xavier, for taking the time to find and write news about the candidates, and congratulations to the winners!

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TI Nspire POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 1 January 2018, 17:54 GMT

Happy new year, everyone! We're not quite done with POTY voting. The final category is the Nspire. Here is the list of contestants:

Vote with your account on the front-page survey sidebar for one final week. On January 8, the poll will be closed and all POTY results tabulated.

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TI-89/92+/V200 POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 25 December 2017, 17:24 GMT

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! It is now the week for Program of the Year voting in the TI-89/TI-92 Plus/Voyage 200 category. 68K development came back to life this year with a couple of new programs, alongside many past ones that never originally received proper recognition.

Sign in, find the survey box down the right side of the front page, and vote for your favorite program!

After this week, there is still one final voting category left: Nspire programs. Because of the number of categories this year, final POTY voting will run a bit later than usual, ending January 7. Afterward, the POTY contest results will be posted as soon as we have had a chance to prepare them.

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TI-84 Plus CE POTY voting opens
Posted by Travis on 18 December 2017, 23:00 GMT

It's Monday again, which means the TI-84+CE Program of the Year voting has now begun! Here we have several excellent entries to choose from. As always, log in and cast your vote from the “Survey” sidebar on the front page. The 84+CE poll will be open until next Monday, when we will begin TI-89/92+/Voyage 200 POTY voting.

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21:43Added CrossTI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE BASIC Math Programs
21:31Added System of 2 Differential Equations - v1.01TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE BASIC Math Programs
21:29Updated Differential Equation of 2nd Order - v1.02TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE BASIC Math Programs
21:29Updated Differential Equation of 1st Order - v1.02TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition/CE BASIC Math Programs
TI-84 Plus CE Assembly/Flash/OS
21:32Added FlowCETI-84 Plus CE Assembly Games
21:30Updated Debate TimerTI-89 BASIC Misc. Programs (Time)

New files for Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Time Action File Location
TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus
19:16Added Set (card game)TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (MirageOS)
19:16Added PyritohedronTI-Nspire Lua Math Programs

New files for Saturday, 13 January 2018
Time Action File Location
19:32Added Magikarp JumpTI-89 BASIC Games (Simulations)

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