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Last updated Tuesday, 6 October 2020
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Most popular file  The Art of Lockpicking with 6,497 downloads.

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89gpl.zip13k09-08-11File is not ratedGNU GPL .89t
This is the GNU GPL in .89t format for distribution with your programs.
blm.zip5k20-10-06File is not ratedBlack Lives Matter
Reflect on 100 black American lives. Between July 2014 and May 2020, they all were killed at the hands of police. See when and where the police killed black folks on a map. LA Johnson/NPR compiled this devastating yet non-comprehensive list.
caseybat.zip1k00-04-05File is not ratedCasey At The Bat
The poem Casey at the Bat in TI-89 text format.
ency.zip14k00-04-18File is not ratedThe Encyclopedia Stufficana v0.8.3
An encyclopedia based on the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Includes pictoral toolbars, humorous atlas with all 50 states, English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionaries, a chat program.
html89.zip1k00-03-29File is not ratedHTML
A custom list consists of HTML 4.0 tags and attributes
htmlbasics.zip3k01-08-04File is not ratedHTML Basics-
Overview of basic HTML coding and a sample webpage.
lockpick.zip4k00-08-20File is not ratedThe Art of Lockpicking
A small digital tutorial on lockpicking.
manifesto.zip27k99-10-05File is not ratedThe Communist Manifesto
This is an e-text of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx converted to text format for the TI-89.
misctxts.zip21k00-03-29File is not ratedMisc Texts
Inludes: Phreaking stuff, "The Hacker Manifesto", frequency chart, and other cool stuff
okcomputer.zip6k99-10-05File is not ratedOK Computer Lyrics
The complete lyrics to each song on the best album OF ALL TIME
patchgtavicecity.zip3k03-08-17File is not ratedPatch GTA Vice City par BonomoV
Ce prog explique et calcule étape par étape comment cracker l' argent à GTA Vice City (PC) (jusqu'à 999 999 999$) Langues : English, Francais
plancpt.zip35k01-02-14File is not ratedPlancpt v1.00
Plan comptable général français
plane89.zip2k02-08-02File is not ratedPaper Airplane Tutorial v1.0
This program will teach you how to make a very easy-to-build paper airplane that is excellent for both gliding and distance. This is NOT your normal airplane... it is well worth learning. The program contains graphics of each step, as well as very easy instructions. Enjoy your plane!
psalm23.zip1k00-07-14File is not ratedPsalm 23 (Pictionary Text)
This is the 23rd Psalm. It is for use with the text viewing program, Pictionary. Although it can be viewed with any text viewing/editing program it was created especially for use with Pictionary. In other words Pictionary will offer the best viewing of this file. Enjoy it :)

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