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Last updated Sunday, 1 April 2012
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main.quadform.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedQuadratic formula
This program will give you ether real or imaginary x's, y, and the vertex. you may change this program if needbe. have fun! :)
main.quad.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedQuadratic
A full quadratic function that returns both roots and the a+bi form in a list that can be used in programs as well as alone. It works with numbers and variables. Check it out, you'll never go back!
programs.qsolve.zip1k03-04-25File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Solver
This program will return the two solutions of a quadratic equation. It even works with imaginary results.
quad2.zip1k00-02-28File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
A Quadratic Formula Solver that gives answers in Exact format
quad4.zip1k00-04-04File is not ratedQuad4
This program solves equations using the quadratic formula. Big time saver.
quad_73.zip1k12-04-01File is not ratedQuadratic Theorem
Quadratic formula solver. Syntax: quad(a,b,c)
quadapp.zip2k02-09-07File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Solver v2.1
This nifty little program will solve a quadratic equation given the A, B, and C values in the equation Ax^2+Bx+C. This program will also give imaginary roots in an exact form. It includes full documentation and is essentially bug free. This is version 2.1 and the third release of this program, which weighs in at just over 800 bytes once on the calculator [v2.1 fixes some minor bugs]. So, download and have at it!
quadform.zip1k00-05-13File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Calculator v2.0
An update of Quadratic Equation Calculator v1.0. Now it calculates the points of the vertex of the graph of the equation.
quadforti89.zip1k03-03-10File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Helper
2 Programs With one Download. One for Algebra 1 or 2 Students that solves for the zeros of a quadradic equation. The second for Pre-Calc or Calc Students for help with both stantdard form and vartex form of the quadradic equation
quadf.zip1k99-10-30File is not ratedQuadF89 v1.0
Finds the roots of a quadratic equation as well as the vertex of the parabola and the instantaneous velocity at a point on the parabola. Port from TI-86 version.
quadrad.zip1k99-11-19File is not ratedQuadrad89
Advanced Quadratic Equation Solver. Very small program that is very functional, fast and easy to use.
quadratandvert.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedQuadratic equation and vertex solver program 1.0
This quadratic solver program is one of a kind. It will give you both the x= and the vertex of the parabola. I guarantee a 100 on every test.
quadratc.zip1k98-09-09File is not ratedQuadratic Formula v1.9
Quadratic Formula program.
quadrate.zip85k11-07-03File is not ratedQUADRATe
This Program is for the novice user of the TI-89, or anyone who does not want to search for commands built into the TI-89. The Program graphs Y = AX^2 + BX + C and solves AX^2 + BX + C = 0. 1. The GRAPH shows the intercepts and vertex labeled and allows you to move from point to point using the arrow keys, 2. The vertex (H, K) is given as well as the form Y = A(X – H)^2 + K. Also given is the focus. 3. The SOLUTIONS display in radical or decimal form as necessary.
quadratic2.zip4k03-03-09File is not ratedQuadratic
After entering the coefficients of a quadratic expression, this program calculates the discriminant, real zeros, facotrability, and graphs and displays the quadratic function.
quadratic.zip3k00-04-13File is not ratedQuadratic Solver v2.5
Upgrade to Quadratic Solver v2.0. Now tells if parabola upens upwards or downwards and solves the latus rectum length. This is the most complete program as far as I know, and very easy to use.
quadrati.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedThe ULTIMATE quatratic formula
awesome qudratic formuls program with awesome upgrades soon to come this one is better that the rest if you want screenshots email me at axman13@juno.com with the subject as "quadratic"
quadrat.zip2k99-03-29File is not ratedQuadratic Formula v1.1
ChaoticSofts Quadratic Formula v1.1
quadra.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedQuadra
A quadratic formula helper. Use it.
quadrf.zip1k00-07-20File is not ratedQuadratic Formula
This program computes the roots of a quadratic equation if it is not factorable.
quadrrege.zip64k11-10-22File is not ratedQUADRREGe
This Program is for the novice user of the TI-89, or anyone who does not want to search for commands built into the TI-89. The Program finds the Quadratic Equation of the graph thru three given points. In general it does Quadratic Regression for a given set of ordered pairs.
quads.zip1k99-12-07File is not ratedQuads v1.1
Quads will solve a quadratic equation or find the equation for a quadratic given the roots or factors.
quad.zip1k98-12-01File is not ratedQuadratic Formula Function
an update of my previous...this one will solve all equations in the form ax 2 bx c 0

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