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Last updated Monday, 25 April 2005
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btf.zip24k04-05-11File is not ratedThe Matrix: BulletTime Fighting
This is a decent Matrix fighting game. The original can be found at http://www.flashplayer.com/games/bullettimefighting.html. This is almost an exact port of the original. Includes BulletTime and many fighting commands. Next version will be faster and in ASM. We would love feedback on this game.
castlevania.zip82k04-06-01File is not ratedCastlevania 89: The New World Order (v.3.1)
This game is a bunch of BASIC fights and battles in the style of Castlevania. Your ultimate goal is to reach Dracula, whom you must vanquish to save the world just like your family has continually done over the centuries...
fight289.zip4k00-02-18File is not ratedNeo-Fighters II v89.0
Sequel to Titan Entertainment's popular fighting game, including new features, such as improved interface, improved rumble library, improved delay library, weapons, better graphics, new super moves, and new fatalities.
fight89.zip3k00-01-02File is not ratedNeo-Fighters v89.1
A fun fighting game where you beat up on a computer opponent using basic, super, and fatal moves.
jedi.zip4k01-06-02File is not ratedJedi Battles
Fully graphical lightsaber duel. Choose from 7 characters to fight 9 different enemies. You can even smile!
kd.zip1k00-02-18File is not ratedKirby Duel
A duel between Kirbys! Gets harder as you win more. Keeps track of your kills.
mf.zip5k05-04-25File is not ratedMONSTER FIGHT 2.0
A light-weight, fast 1-on-1 fighting game. You can Punch, Shock, and run around the AI bot. It features 3 levels of difficulty, life bars, 2 types of attack, pausing, and very fast gameplay with good graphics. Just send mf.89g to your TI and then type mf\mf() in the homescreen. Thank you for the download! Don't forget to rate and review this game! :) Also, any comments are appreciated - e-mail me if you want certain features added to it!
mortalkombat.zip18k03-04-24File is not ratedmortal kombat
mortal kombat est un jeu de combat ecrit en basic.il utilise la librairie FLib.il comprend (pour l'instant) 5 perso jouable (scorpion,sub zero,johnny cage,kano,rayden) + 1 caché(qui se nomme smiley), 1 mode de jeu (arcade mode), deux enemis(scorpion,rayden)
rbpfight.zip40k03-12-17File is not ratedReally Bored Productions II Super Fighter
This is it! The all time best (and unchallenged) graphical TI-Basic Fighter is now available! You can easily make your own characters as well. In this you fight as a man. Press 1 to punch, 2 to kick, and 3 to blast. Left and Right to move. Esc to quit and Enter to view the current score. Watch Out! Your enemy is well trained, twice as powerful (though governed by random movement), and likes to blast. When in range a punch takes/gives 5 damage and a kick takes/gives 6. A blast gives/takes 8 damage from any range. Starting at 500 (you) and 100 (him) for your power this'll make a long, fun, challenging, and addictive game. Enjoy and email me if you need any help. Help files are in English, French, and Spanish and thus named accordingly.
tubfight.zip17k01-01-29File is not ratedTeletubbies Fighting v1.0
This game is a new generation of fight-game because instead of having horribles characters (as Mortal Kombat) your one is the popular Teletubbies. But he isn't happy! he's a bad teletubbies who wants to kill with cruels attacks. This game uses the Francois Leiber's library "flib v2.2" and it contains very good graphics but no grayscal (basic is too slow). For more informations see the readme file.

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