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Number of files 26
Last updated Friday, 6 May 2005
Total downloads 214,394
Most popular file  Rascall v0.9 with TI-85 Emulation with 36,034 downloads.

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oldfolder TI-86 Assembly Shells (Out-of-date)
anaconda.zip7k99-03-19File is not ratedAnaconda v0.4
A shell that is based on plug-ins, 3 of which are included (~EXTRAS ~FOLDERS ~QWIKVUE).
ashell.zip5k97-09-14File is not ratedAShell v1.1
besshell.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedBEShell v0.5
A nice small shell that allows for program deletion and contrast changing. 455 bytes.
bugos.zip38k00-01-16File is not ratedBugOS v0.3.3 Beta
BugOS is a neat shell for the TI86 with a very comfortable interface.
calcos.zip9k02-01-01File is not ratedCalcOS version 3
Same as CalcOS version 2 but is 89 bytes smaller than version 2 and has one update. The only thing that has changed is that you can press Alpha to turn the calc off and Graph to turn off the calc and start the highlighted program when you turn the calc back on.
chameleon.zip2k01-02-03File is not ratedChameleon Shell
My latest shell. This shell displays 24 programs as apposed to the 1 that my previous shells displayed.
dinkyshell.zip1k00-04-15File is not ratedDinky Shell v3.0
Same as Dinky Shell 2.1 but only 294 bytes!!!!! Enjoy.
emanon.zip3k99-04-26File is not ratedEmanon v0.8
Emanon v0.8 with aplets
fileman.zip21k99-12-25File is not ratedFile Manager 1.2
File utility shell that allows running, copying, renaming, deleting, edit-locking, and converting between strings and programs. Crash protection preserves your memory after a program crashes.
iridus.zip3k97-07-29File is not ratedIridus v0.92
an asm shell for the 86 to run asm
ishell.zip6k02-02-16File rated 8.28iShell 2.01
iShell is an advanced shell for the TI-86 with external datatype support, renameable folders, deleting, hiding, reorganizing, password shutdown, memory locking, battery power detection, an options menu which allows you to adjust contrast, shutdown, take screenshots, or escape back to the shell while running a program, and more. Uses the YAS engine.
ksc.zip23k03-08-26File is not ratedKey ShortCuttrer 2.0
This is a shell where the most important thing is that you shouldn't have to press many keys to run your programs. The shell uses the YAS engine and has all the cool features found in other shells.
libshell.zip5k00-04-11File is not ratedLibrary Shell v1.0
The first shell to support libraries for the 86, thereby cutting down on used memory
microsh.zip1k98-08-16File is not ratedMicro Shell v2.0
Now only 81 bytes
mse.zip29k99-11-09File is not ratedMSE v5.0 Beta
Now includes variable renaming, password protection, and a simple filesystem allowing for nested folders.
nshell.zip1k01-01-06File is not ratedNanoShell v4.0
The smallest shell for the 86. Now only 63 bytes! Runs both Basic and ASM programs, fully functional.
os.zip2k02-11-23File is not ratedOS vr 1.1
OS vr 1.1 fixes a bug. View ReadMe for details.
rascall.zip87k98-01-23File rated 7.79Rascall v0.9 with TI-85 Emulation
seklorea.zip38k05-05-06File rated 5.77Seklorean OS [23:00 05/05/05]
What's new... look at smiley.zip for a sprite example. Read the help files for everything else ;-) or email me. SP is the sprite string (1st 2 bytes defining size), W is a real number 0-1023 (offset from top-left corner of screen.
shell.zip18k01-03-02File is not ratedShell
My attempt at making a shell (Program selector and executor). This was adapted heavily from the TI85 Usgard Simple Shell. The purpose was to illustrate a tutorial at the above web site.
sshell.zip1k00-06-22File is not ratedSmall Shell
the smallest shell publicly released at 75,77,or 97 bytes (depending on version) very stripped of features, of course
ti86no8k.zip14k00-07-20File is not ratedLarge ASM v0.8
NO MORE STUPID 8k BARRIER! Yes, the barrier has been broken! This program CAN be modified to accomodate 32k ASM programs(no ROM calls), this edition supports ROM calls and 16k ASM programs.
tinux-fr.zip18k99-10-23File is not ratedTinux (French)
It is the latest update to the shell for those who have seen it before. Allows execution of ASM and BASIC programs. Has a classification of the files by files! Has the possibility of using the optimized programs.
tinux.zip17k99-12-28File is not ratedTinux v0.8
Tinux is an assembly shell which allows you to run basic programs and assembly programs. you can put your files into folders and put folders into folders... you can use optimised programs. Part of those programs can be run in a window and you can
yas.zip31k03-07-16File is not ratedYet Another Shell 2.21
YAS is a set of resources for shell developers, intended to handle most of a shell's internal workings. Some sample programs are included, but most most users will probably be more interested in iShell or the newer KSC, which use YAS as a base.
zap2k.zip69k99-05-02File is not ratedZap-2000 v.72
Couple of new bug fixes. Now works with Mario, Penguins and Arkanoid.

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