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Last updated Saturday, 20 August 2005
Total downloads 315,117
Most popular file  ZFactor 1.0 with 17,024 downloads.

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algeasm86.zip2k02-06-02File is not ratedAlgebra Formulas
Displays the formulas for arithmetic operations, exponents/ radicals, factoring special polynomials, binomial theorem, quadratic formula, and inequalities/absolute value separated into categories.
algebra.zip13k05-02-03File is not ratedAlgebra Solver v2.6
A very useful math application for Algebra I students. It has 3 primary categories: Quadratic Equation, Pythagorean Theorem, and (x1,y1)(x2,y2). The quadratic section solves for however many X intercepts it has (0, 1, or 2), the y-intercept, discriminate, vertex, line of semetry, and weather the graph opens up or down. The pythagorean section will solve for the unknown variable from the pythagorean theorem either A, B, or C. In addition it checks to make sure the triangle is in fact a right triangle. The final section is the point solver. Enter in any two points and it will solve for the slope of the line, the X and Y intercept, midpoint, distance, and will put the equation in Y=M(x) + B form for you. It also works with horizontal and verticle lines! It's pure ASM and very fast!! This program is guaranteed to never give you a wrong answer! Download to make your life easier!
analyequ.zip1k00-02-16File is not ratedAnalyEqu
A program to help you with some of the basic function equations. It, however, doesn't do the work for you. In a later version I may make do the work for you.
apcab.zip6k99-08-16File is not ratedAP Calculus AB v8.10.19.99
This program helps you with subjects covered under AP Calculus AB.
asaptrig.zip5k98-04-14File is not ratedasaptrig 1.50 Beta
belchmath.zip89k03-12-09File is not ratedBelch Math v4.65
Belch Math v.4.65 is a math program which calculates the volumes of cubes,cylinders, spheres, rectangular prisms, pyramids, and cones. Belch also has a Pythagorean Theorem function for calculating a,b, or c when two are given and a slope function, for finding the slope of a line when given two points. Belch Math is brought to you by nKproductions.
calc12asm86.zip4k02-06-19File is not ratedCalculus 1 and 2 Formulas
Displays the formulas for derivatives, integrals, applications of derivatives/integrals, limits, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.
calc3asm86.zip6k02-07-15File is not ratedCalculus 3 Formulas
Displays the formulas for vectors, partials, infinite series, applications of double integrals (moments)/derivatives/integrals, derivatives, integrals, limits, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, rules, etc.
conasm86.zip2k02-06-13File is not ratedTest for Convergence v1.1
Procedure for determining convergence: Tells you what test to use and if the series converges or diverges. Includes the nth-Term, geometric series, p-Series, integral test, ratio test, comparison, nth-Root, and the alternating series test.
construc.zip12k00-10-05File is not ratedMath Construct
This program will allow you to display many properties, laws, equations, formulas, and theorems related to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, and practical math. Download now! Compressed with Lite86.
custom.zip1k01-03-17File is not ratedCustom86i
Stores sqrt(-1) into the variable 'i' and also puts 'i' in the second custom memory slot on yoru TI86.
cymbol.zip10k98-12-05File is not ratedCymbol Mathematical Platform v0.3a
divis_asm.zip2k04-06-15File is not ratedDivisibility Tester
Tests a number for divisibility by any integer from one to itself (factors it). Now much faster than before!
domasm86.zip2k02-06-01File is not ratedDomain, Range, Derivatives, and Integrals
Displays the domain, range, derivative, and integral of 12 trig functions and 4 other log/expo function separated by categories.
easytrig.zip4k01-04-26File is not ratedEasyTrig v1.2
This is an easy triangle solving program to use. You enter a side and an angle or 2 sides and EasyTrig calculates the others for you. (Right Triangles ONLY) After solving the triangle you can view it's shape. You can also save the triangle for to be viewed later.
exactor.zip3k98-04-27File is not ratedExact Radical v1.0 Beta
exctasm86.zip2k02-06-04File is not ratedExact Value of Trig. Functions
Displays the exact value of the six trig. functions with the square root sign for 0, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150, 180, 210, 225, 240, 270, 300, 315, 330, and 360 degrees separated by categories.
factor.zip1k98-06-20File is not ratedPrime Factor
fibonacci.zip1k05-08-20File is not ratedFibonacci
I wrote this simple, and very small program because I was looking through the math programs and all the Fibonacci Sequence Programs I found are large, slow and inefficent. The Formula I used is a simple application of basic linear algebra.
finance1.zip4k98-02-19File is not ratedTI-86 Financial Application 1.0
fractions2.zip1k01-12-22File is not ratedFractions 2
Well I finally fixed all the errors in "Fractions." Trust me you won't find any more. This one works fast.
fractions.zip1k01-05-31File is not ratedFractions
Program designed to let you see as many decimals as you wish for any fraction.
geoasm86.zip1k02-06-02File is not ratedGeometry Formulas
Displays the formulas for geometric shapes, distance/midpoint, lines, and circles separated into categories.
geometry.zip34k03-03-08File is not ratedGeometry Solver v2.4
This program lets you solve for any variable from 26 different formulas from 15 different geometric shapes. It has an easy interface, graphics, and calculator shut down capabilities.
graph3d.zip9k02-10-14File is not ratedgraph3d (beta)
graph3d: A (relatively) fast 3D grapher for the TI-86. More features to come in version 1.0.
identities.zip5k05-03-07File is not ratedTrig Identities
This is a helper program I wrote myself that utilizes many different trig Identities some even from calculus. Have fun!!
identity.zip3k00-03-07File is not ratedTrig Identities
Contains over 20 Trig identities divided into 6 sub groups.
infdasm86.zip2k02-06-08File is not ratedInfinite Domain of Trig. Functions
Displays the general equation for the domain of the six trig functions from negative infinity to infinity. (Example: sin theta = 1/2 at pi/6+2piN and 5pi/6+2piN)
infstat1.zip11k98-02-19File is not ratedTI-86 Advanced Statistics Application 1.0
i.zip1k98-04-10File is not ratedi v1.0 (reduces imaginary exponential numbers)
licalc2root2sp.zip29k04-03-27File is not ratedLICALC2 & ROOT2sp
A linear calculator that calculates distance(in simplified radical and numerical form), midpoint, and equation. IT SHOWS ALL THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lincomb.zip2k02-03-17File is not ratedLinear Combination Explanation
This is an explanation of the process of linear combination, used to solve systems of equations.
logv_asm.zip1k03-10-28File is not ratedVariable-base logarithm calculator
Finds the log of any number WITH ANY BASE. Now in assembly!
macasm86.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedMaclaurin Series
Displays the 7 maclaurin series with the sigma notation, interval of convergence, and 1+x... format separated by categories.
mandbrot.zip1k99-02-04File is not ratedMandelbrot Set v1.0
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator
metmode.zip1k00-09-03File is not ratedMetric Mode
displays kilo, mega, milli, pico, etc. instead of e3, e6, etc. in engineering mode.
newfrac.zip2k98-03-21File is not ratednewFrac 1.0
pi_pic.zip24k03-09-03File is not ratedPicture of Pi
This is a graphical representation of pi, using digits for the bytes of picture data. Platforms: 73 Picture, Crash 1.6 (82), Ion (83), 83+ Picture, ZShell (85), and 86. This'll soon be made for the 89, 92 Picture, and 92+.
quad.zip1k00-03-26File is not ratedQuadratic Equation Solver
You enter your a,b,c values and the program will find the answer to the equation along with the discriminant.
raddeg.zip2k00-02-11File is not ratedRadDeg
Graphical radian/degree converter
radius.zip5k00-03-26File is not ratedRadius
This program will find the volume of a sphere, the area of a sphere, the volume of a hemisphere, the area of a hemisphere, the area of a circle, the circumference of a circle all when you simply enter the radius!
rpn86.zip13k02-08-06File is not ratedRpn86
This program tranform your ti86 homescreen to Reverse Polish Notation (RPN mode).
simplify_asm.zip2k03-10-30File is not ratedFraction Simplifier
Simplifies a fraction-now in assembly! Only 141 bytes! Integer-result bug fixed.
speed.zip1k99-01-03File is not ratedSpeed
stoich86.zip4k04-03-16File is not ratedStoichiometry-86 v2.4
A decent Stoichiometry program for chemestry students. It does many useful conversions, including moles and particle masses. It is a direct port from the BASIC files and it 524 bytes smaller in size.
trctanld.zip2k98-04-23File is not ratedGraph 'Hook' (draws tanget line on a graph)
triangle.zip1k98-03-21File is not ratedTriangle Tester
Input 3 sides, returns triangle type.
trigasm86.zip1k02-06-02File is not ratedTrigonometry Formulas
Displays the fundamental identities, law of sines/cosines, addition/subtraction formulas, and double/half angle formulas separated into categories.
trigbook.zip3k00-01-09File is not ratedTrigbook v1.1
Displays many rules and unit circle functions of 1st semester trig.
trigghelper.zip2k98-03-16File is not ratedTrigg Helper 0.5 Beta
Trigg Cheat Sheet
trigh.zip3k01-05-31File is not ratedTrig Helper
This is just an asm program that contains a lot of notes for Calculus and Trigonometry.
trigmode.zip2k97-12-23File is not ratedTrigMode
Displays current trig mode degrees, radians
trigmtry.zip23k04-05-14File is not ratedThe Trig Machine v3.6
THE ULTIMATE TRIANGLE SOLVER! Simply stated this program will solve for any angle or side of a triangle that you don't know. Input any variation of 3 different angels or sides and the program will automatically find and solve the resulting unknowns. The program also displays an option of viewing the area of each triangle. There are two different ways to view the results, including a graphical display and a list option. In addition the program also checks and makes sure that the triangle is in fact a real triangle. An error is displayed if it is not. This is a direct ASM port from the BASIC version and is 53% smaller in size and of course runs faster. It looks and acts exactly as the original does and includes a "teacher key" and exit key from any menu.
trigo.zip1k98-06-08File is not ratedTrigo v1.1 (sin and cos identities)
trigprop.zip2k99-12-05File is not ratedTrig Properties v1.0
Some basic info on trig properties, including a table with sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, and cot values for common angles (in degrees and radians).
trigtogg.zip2k98-03-09File is not ratedTrig Toggle 2.0
Allows fast switching between degrees and radians
trig.zip1k00-06-02File is not ratedTrig
This program shows what angle mode the calculator is in at all times.
tritrip3.zip1k00-02-16File is not ratedTritrip3
A program to help with finding the missing leg of the triangle. It doesn't do the work for you it just tells you how to do it. In later versions it may help with the work itself.
unitcircle.zip2k00-03-07File is not ratedUnit Circle 86
Basically a program that displays sin cos and tan of a degree! Also converts to radian.
vectors.zip3k99-07-25File is not ratedVectors v1.2 [Cymbol]
Vectors makes doing basic vector calculations much easier. It offers a nice UI to display cross & dot product, lengths and cosines all in the same screen. This applet requires Cymbol to be installed.
volrasm86.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedVolume and Rotation of a Solid
Displays the general equation for the volume of a solid for rotation across the x-axis, y-axis, x= a real number, and y= some integer in two steps.
xyintv1.0.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedX and Y intercept locator V1.01
This is my first 'prctically useful' asm program. You input X,Y, and the answer of an equation, It calculates the X-intercept or the Y-intercept and displays it on the screen in complex exact form. I hope you find it useful!
zdist.zip2k98-04-25File is not ratedZDist v0.5 Beta (distance, midpoint, slope of two points)
Finds distance, midpoint, and slope of 2 points.
zfactor.zip1k97-09-14File is not ratedZFactor 1.0
zreduce.zip1k97-09-06File is not ratedZReduce 1.2

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