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Number of files 6
Last updated Monday, 30 March 2009
Total downloads 138,728
Most popular file  Graph3 v2.0: 3D and DiffEq Graphing with 70,020 downloads.

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basicbuilderfolder TI-83/84 Plus Flash Math Programs (BasicBuilder)
cabamap.zip76k06-08-25File rated 8.96Cabamap v1.02
Cabamap is a flash application for the 83+/SE that performs arbitrary-precision integer calculations. Simply stated, it can do things like calculate the exact value of 2000! or 2^1024. It uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) as the user interface, and is intended as a complete system for long integer calculations. The only limit is available memory (roughly 24000 digits).
cramers.zip2k09-03-30File is not ratedCramer's Law
There are only a few Cramer's Law programs for the ti-83s and -84s so I made one that is beter than the rest. I also put it into application form for conservation of free RAM. Enjoy!
deriv.zip3k03-03-23File is not ratedSFDeriv 1.00 alpha
This is an app to compute the differentiate function of a function entered in Y1. Currently no GUI...
eea.zip5k04-01-13File rated 5.98Equation Editing Aplication
Calculate like on a TI-89. Only OS v1.13.
graph3.zip21k07-02-15File rated 9.18Graph3 v2.0: 3D and DiffEq Graphing
Graph3 is the all-in-one solution for extending the graphing capabilities of your calculator by integrating both 3D and differential equation graphers! The 3D grapher is faster than the TI−89¬ís built−in grapher; it features rotation, zooming, tracing, hidden surface, and more. The differential equation grapher features the Runge−Kutta method, slope fields, and more.
zstats.zip110k05-03-02File is not ratedZstats
has over a 100 stats defenitions, equations, notes, and i dont know maybe some other stuff.

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