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Last updated Thursday, 28 March 2019
Total downloads 22,858
Most popular file  GUI v0.2 with 11,725 downloads.

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batlibv4.00.61.beta.zip460k11-01-31File is not ratedBatLib 4.00.65.Beta
BatLib is an application designed to give BASIC programmers an array of resources. Currently, there are over 60 functions ranging from memory editing, reading from archive, sprites, fonts, sound, key hooks, and many more. This version has several bugs fixed as well as a major change in syntax. The next update will likely be the official, non-beta version.
batlib.zip411k12-09-30File is not ratedBatLib v4.01.126.55
This project is almost at its end, with a huge 127 functions, and the final biggest feature added yet-- GroupHook. Have you ever wanted to use Celtic 3, Grammer, Omnicalc, and BatLib at the same time? Go ahead and give it a try. The whole code was completely rewritten to fix all bugs in the previous version and add in as many requests as possible. If you were a fan of BatLib before, take some time to read through the readme because a lot of older commands were revamped (but still back compatible). You can compress and decompress data, manipulate matrices and lists in ways that would take forever in BASIC, use fast graphics commands like sprites, circles, and lines, and more, use key hooks to make your key presses run faster, custom font hooks, and even sound.
floatlib.zip168k19-03-28File is not ratedFloatlib
This is a Z80 floating-point library that includes highly optimized single-precision and extended-precision (80-bit) float routines. It even has in-app documentation. Includes basic functions and trig, hyperbolic functions, inverse trig and inverse hyperbolic, and logarithmic and exponential functions, and conversion to and from strings and TI floats.
gse07beta.zip37k05-07-03File is not ratedGreyScale Engine 0.7 beta
GSE is a Graphic Oriented API that provide high level functionnality to asm coders through a "DLL interfacing". This is the first stable realease. The archive contains the Flash DLL, exemples programs (FLASH APPS and ASM PRGM), a full documentation and all tools needed to build a program using GSE 0.7beta
gui.zip80k02-10-07File is not ratedGUI v0.2
It's the ultimate graphic library. It contains a complete form drawer/handler, as well as many common GUI routines (windows,menus,etc)
millen.zip45k05-07-24File is not ratedMillen Game Engine
The Millen Game Engine is a new way for developers to write programs. Using simple opcodes, write complex, grayscale games with smaller code size. Demos and their source is included. Also comes with an editor.
opengl.zip24k06-08-25File is not ratedDirectX
This is the DirectX library for Macrodie. It has the ability to create pyramids and cubes and rotate them by any axes. For now it's wireframe only.

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