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Last updated Monday, 14 April 2014
Total downloads 61,638
Most popular file  Hacker v2.1 with 12,430 downloads.

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cracker.zip7k03-06-09File is not ratedCracker
Cracker is a game for the TI-83+ that lets you play as... well, a cracker! Ever wanted to get revenge on Sony? Microsoft? IBM? Now you can, thanks to this game. Crack those servers! Make them crash! Get the ultimate machine! Worth several hours of gameplay. Try it, and see!
entry.zip2k10-04-20File is not ratedENTRY
Entry is a hacking simulator for the Ti-83+(SE). Find out coworkers passwords and log in as them to eventually log in as the boss, find the system info, and hack it. Very fun, and worth hours of play!
hacker2.zip3k00-12-10File is not ratedHacker v2.1
You play a Hacker who has to hack into your old companys servers throughout Ireland. You must successfully hack all 5 servers, and gain $250,000, as well as buy Level 5 Equipment.
hacker83p.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedCIA Hacker
Hack into the CIA database by putting in an 8-digit code. The only clues you get are the numbers that come out after you put in a wrong answer
hackerdl2.zip9k05-10-22File is not ratedHacker V 2.0
This is a very fun game where you are a Framed criminal, and you want to get revenge on the world. You hack major systems to get exp and money. You are trying to get the best computer, the best modem, 10 GB. of ram, and Get to Lv. 100. This is different from hacker 1.0 because, it has 5 modes not 4, and is 5000 bytes smaller.
hackerdl.zip3k05-06-06File is not ratedHacker V 1.0
This is a game in which you hack major corparations to get exp and money. You buy new and better computers with money and level up to become stronger.
hackergameti8x.zip4k14-04-14File is not ratedAge of Hacking v3.0
The old #1 Hacking RPG is back, with MUCH better multiplayer, and addicting gameplay. You won't regret downloading this game. NOTE: Screenshots are outdated and contains outdated gameplay.
hackers.zip4k01-12-22File is not ratedHackers
You are a hacker and you have to hack sites on the internet to gain money and to increse your Skill !!
hacker.zip1k00-02-19File is not ratedHacker v1.0
You are a hacker trying to break a pass word to enter the banks computer
hackerzrevolution.zip8k04-12-26File is not ratedHackerz Revolution
I got bored one day and made this its kinda like regular hackers but diffrent find out for yourself
hackit.zip1k02-11-12File is not ratedHackit
This game is designed to use as a cheat for Hacker. It allows you to choose want in the game.
hackquest.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedHack Quest (not) by reallystupidguy
I basically just changed the messages that are displayed, cause they were dumb and outdated (who uses 14 K modem anymore) I'm too stupid to program mt own stuff...
hackrpg.zip3k02-10-23File is not ratedHack RPG v1.0
A game similar to Hacker 83+ but more realistic. Upgrade your computer, modem, buy programs, and sell stolen credit cards. Try to make as much money as possible in 31 days.
hax0r.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedHax0r
You are a newbie hacker. You must hack other people's computers RPG-style with your 1337 h4x0r1ng ski11z and steal money to buy better PCs and Internet connections. Get the best equipment and maybe the M4st3r Hax0r will challenge you.
thehack.zip4k07-10-27File is not ratedHack
A hacking game. Read enclosed documentation first.

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