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Filename entry.zip (Download)
Description Entry is a hacking simulator for the Ti-83+(SE). Find out coworkers passwords and log in as them to eventually log in as the boss, find the system info, and hack it. Very fun, and worth hours of play!
Author Tristan Sirrico (snake96x@bellsouth.net)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Hacking)
File Size 2,960 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Apr 20 19:32:13 2010
Documentation Included? Yes


Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-05-04
Let's just say that I feel sorry for Tristan. Really, really sorry.

This game is one of the most badly coded games ever created. The directories, users, and other elements of the game are set in stone, because Tristan does not take apart the string input given by using the "sub()" command. Also, he includes parentheses and closing quotations where they aren't needed (like in Horizontal and Vertical commands, ugh!). He also includes each line in a seperate Disp command, along with seperating Disp and Pause commands. I was able to shave off over 300 bytes by simply removing these issues. Also, he included a needless program, a battle game, in a subroutine: a recipe for a needless crash. I simply replaced the "prgmZC" call with "Disp 'Games Blocked', 'by Boss'."

However, the gameplay itself is interesting. Tristan has you think hard about people's passwords and how to get in to the system. For instance, he has you use data from multiple users to figure out the various passwords, which I believe is a nice strategy. Also, because the game doesn't care about you being in a certain directory, you can start from any spot in the game, and also access any users files at any time, which is nice.

All in all, this is a rudimentary application of an otherwise good game. My vision of a perfect hacking game is one that used Axe or Celtic III to load the "network" data from an appvar or external prog, so that you could hack multiple networks using the same engine.

In conclusion, this game is fun, but not one you would keep on your calc for very long, not for the "hours of play" that Tristan promises.


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