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battleshipv1.1.zip2k14-10-01File is not ratedBattleship v1.1
A standard battleship game for player vs player. Instructions included. You have to hand the calculator over to each other. If you find a bug (I checked it, but couldn't find any) or have suggestions, please e-mail me.
blockade.zip5k04-05-09File is not ratedBLOCKADE
You play against the computer, trying th block the opposing piece from getting past you. You and the computer take turns moving. When you finish your game, the statistics will be given. You can also play with two players, on one calculator.
boxes83p.zip1k03-04-06File is not ratedBoxes
Change the colors of the boxes to make all of them black. If you select a square with 2nd, it will make that square and all touching squares change colors from either white to black or vice versa. I just realized last week that there was something seriously wrong with this game (as it was missing a couple of programs) so I hope you all have fun with it.
boxes.zip2k02-10-15File is not ratedBoxes
Take turns connecting dots to make boxes. The person with the most boxes at the end wins.
caterpillar.zip3k21-02-20File is not ratedCaterpillar Puzzles
This is a puzzle game where you are a caterpillar, inspired by the game Snakebird. In each level, you have to eat all of the fruit before making it to the goal. Each fruit makes you bigger, and because caterpillars cannot in fact phase through themselves, you have to be careful not to get stuck! Also, caterpillars are not immune to the force of gravity, so you will fall down if you aren't standing on something. Oh, and spikes. Did I mention the spikes? Yeah, those will kill you too if you're not careful. Although the earlier levels are somewhat easy, they get a LOT more difficult later on, providing you with plenty of playtime. There are 25 levels in total. Good luck!
chomp.zip2k07-03-31File is not ratedChomp!
Chomp! is a game where you try to get your opponent to eat the poisoned apple. You do so by eating all the apples to the left and right of the cursor.
dotsboxesa.zip2k05-09-25File is not ratedDots - Boxes
The classic game of Dots (aka Boxes), popularized by the pencil & paper version, where two or more people take turns connecting a grid of dots with lines in an attempt to form complete boxes. The player who completes the most boxes wins! Features include: 2-9 players, customizable grid width/height, extremely intuitive game controls, and even a preview cursor which shows the user what a line would look like if placed in the current position. Without any doubt, the best TI Dots game available. If you're looking for a quality multiplayer puzzle game, you will definitely not be disappointed! -- By Fisch2
dotz.zip3k04-07-03File is not ratedDotZ
Dotz is a remake of the classic pencil and paper game. The object of Dotz is to make as many boxes as possible with the given amount of space. You will find later in the game that every line counts, and without strategy you will not do well against others. Dotz' features include; saving/loading of games, fully customizable games, and incredible graphics, speed, and gameplay. You can even modify the game board dimension (4x4-10x10), amount of players (2-6), and even choose whether a not you want a border around the game board. Dotz is a huge success and is the best BASIC Dotz out yet. Check it out...it is worth the download. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from OuTeR LiMiT SoFtWaRe !!! http://www.olsoft.tk !!
dstar.zip2k00-10-13File is not ratedDStar v1.0
This game is nearly the same as DStar in ASM, but you have not the litle box (but your the box...well, you probobly already know...)
galaxy.zip1k11-05-15File is not ratedGalaxy
one of my complexest games
go19x19.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedGo 19x19 v4.1
BASIC Go with a 19x19 board. Supports Save/Load & has automatic scoring, but doesn't automatically take off dead or detect Ko's. Enjoy
gridrun2.zip3k06-03-06File is not ratedGridrun 2
More than 15 all-new levels and a fully-featured level editor mark the release of Gridrun 2.
gridrund.zip3k06-03-11File is not ratedGridrunD
An advanced developers release of Gridrun for integrated level development. The release contains five sample "dual solution" maps, which non-developers may want to try. Since the code is so processing-heavy, I highly recommend a TI-84p or TI-83pSE for this advanced release.
gridrun.zip1k05-10-15File is not ratedGridrun
A fast, fun puzzle game like the recently released "Sky." Fill in the all the squares and end up at the finish to beat each level. Plays best on the TI-84 Plus.
guckets.zip24k08-12-07File is not ratedGuckets
In Guckets you have to fill the buckets with as much water as the level demands. There are 8 levels included. It has got a level editor with which you can add own levels and a better user interface now. This time I tried to use the English language.
hanoi_13.zip4k10-03-20File is not ratedHanoi
Une simple tour de Hanoï. A simple tour of Hanoï.
hanoi.zip2k05-04-09File is not ratedTowers of Hanoi
A fun Towers of Hanoi game with seven rings.
hiq.zip2k03-09-17File is not ratedHi-Q
HI-Q is a simulation of a pegboard game. It's a simple game to play, but difficult to win. The board starts with 32 pegs which you must reduce to one peg occupying the center hole. To do this, move the pegs by jumping into unoccupied holes.
hova.zip1k04-01-03File is not ratedHOVA (H to the Izzo, V to the Izza)
Use the arrow keys to move the H to the izzo, and the V to the izza. (Yeah, it's dumb... it's supposed to be a joke.)
hxpwn83p.zip3k03-03-04File is not ratedHexapawn 1.0
A simple chess like game with only pawns. It has 1P and 2P modes and will learn as it plays. So if you play it enough you WON'T be able to beat it (until you reset the AI :)
km83.zip7k00-08-03File is not ratedKnight Moves 83/83 Plus v1.2
A game I made that involves the Knight piece from a set of Chess pieces. The object is to move the Knight as many times as you can, without moving where already have before. Very fun!
knightmoves.zip2k01-05-31File is not ratedKnight Moves 83+
My version of the classic Calculator game Knight Moves. No new ideas, but very well done.
knightsa.zip2k05-09-25File is not ratedKnights
Move a Chess-like horse around a board, attempting to visit every spot on the board without visiting any spot twice. Offers a unique, puzzling gameplay experience with a graphical interface. -- By Fisch2
lucifer.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedLucifer
In this game you have to try to win(duh!). There are 15 lucifers on a table and you and the calculator must take away lucifers until there are no more. You can win by let take the calculator the last lucifer. You (and the calculator) may take away 1,2 or 3 lucifers(you must play your turn). This is only the basic version. The ASM version is coming!
matches_66.zip1k07-07-03File is not ratedMatches
Face the calculator in this challenging game, in which you win by making your oponent remove the last match!
matches.zip1k07-05-15File is not ratedMatches
An old puzzle game. Play against the computer and choose one, two, or three matches at a time to leave the computer with the last one. Very challenging.
matchstick.zip2k19-04-06File is not ratedMatchstick
Matchstick is a classic strategy game with five piles of "matches". You can take as many matches you want in one pile at a time, but you must take at least one. Last match loses. You play against an AI which has two options: EASY and HARD. See the text file for instructions.
mission2.zip1k07-03-06File is not ratedMission Literally Impossible
Try to get to the zero without the X landing on you. This game requires a lot of strategy, sort of like chess. It's not actually impossible to beat, but just very hard.
movesfe.zip1k05-01-18File is not ratedMoves FE 1.0
This is the same thing as moves, but it now includes a french version. My french isn't really good, so if anyone wants to help with that, i'll credit you in the next version.
movespack.zip3k05-02-11File is not ratedMoves Pack
This contains Moves in 3 languages. (Moves EE, FE and DE) or english, french and german ; Ceci contient des mouvements dans 3 langues. (mouvements EE, Fe et De) ou l'anglais, Français et Allemand.; Dieses enthält Bewegungen in 3 Sprachen. (Bewegungen EE, F.E. und De) oder Englisch, Franzosen und Deutscher.
moves.zip1k05-01-15File is not ratedMoves 1.0 Beta
In this game you are an X and you have to get to the food in exactly 51 moves. Details in the readme. Originally coded by jake; coding edited and revised by Sam.
mydstar.zip33k03-06-24File is not ratedDStar with level editor
This is a version of DStar that includes external level support, on-calc level editor, 9 built-in levels, save and load game features, and it uses NO picture variables. Basically, you move the + around to collect all of the pieces in the fewest moves as possible. http://www.basiclimits.tk
mypuzzle.zip1k03-12-03File is not ratedmypuzzle
This is a puzzle game I made for TI-83+. I just made it during free time I had during school. It has instructions in the program, but the goal is to get all the squares black. Every time you move over one it decreases in value by one, and at zero, it becomes black. But if you land on a black one, you lose.
nihil.zip11k02-03-28File is not ratedNihil
A simple yet addicting game of strategy. The object is to draw lines through as many boxes on the grid as possible, but there's a challenge to this that'll make you come back for more.
nim2.zip1k07-03-01File is not ratedNim v1.0 for TI-83/84
Nim is a fun little game where the objective is to take the last "stones" of the pile. The pile can be anywhere from 25 to 35 "stones." You can take 1, 2, or 3 stones at a time, and then the computer takes it's turn.
nim357.zip1k06-10-08File is not ratedNIM357
This is a classic game of choosing sticks from rows. The three rows start with either three, five, or seven sticks. The rules of the game are to choose as many sticks as you want from any row and take the last remaining stick to win. You can play against someone, or against the calculator. You can beat the calculator, but if you make one wrong move, it's over. The display is pretty cool as it displays the sticks and counts how many there are in each row.
nimhc.zip41k05-07-13File is not ratedNimh
Remember that game where you take away sticks from a row to to make the opponent take the last one? Now it is a game where you can play against a computer with 3 difficulties, or against a friend.
nim.zip1k04-11-04File is not ratedNim
A very unique puzzle game that will have you guessing for hours.
pacoteejump.zip1k06-08-05File is not ratedTee Jump Game
The classic game found on tables in Cracker Barrel, with the golf tees and you jump to take out one until there's only one left.
pazaak.zip12k04-11-25File is not ratedPazaak
Pazaak, the minigame from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (by LucasArts and Bioware) is now available for the TI-83! Includes the ability to purchase cards. Version 2.03a, compatible with MirageOS. Includes an info .txt file.
pazaak_.zip14k05-01-15File is not ratedPazaak!!! v1.0
This minigame from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, has become its own game! Now, explore the new universe, duel your way to the top, challenge different opponents with different styles to become the greatest Pazaak player out there. This system includes great graphics, a security system, and clear guidelines on how to play. If you're a lover of card games, or just a Star Wars fan, this games is for you. Try it out TODAY!!!
pdragon.zip1k03-12-18File is not ratedDragon(puzzle game)
This is that old chinese puzzle game were you take away up to 3 pieces(dragons), trying not to get the last piece. I did not protect this file editing, so please give me credit.
peg.zip2k04-02-03File is not ratedPeg solitaire
This program allows you to play peg solitaire on your calculator. Simply move around and select the pegs you want to use. And if you win, the calc congratulates you!
pegz.zip46k07-02-18File is not ratedPegz
Pegz is a remake of the classic PuzzPack Pegs! Includes 15 original levels, 8 of my own difficult levels, and infinite levels thanks to the Level Editor! This is one puzzle game you DON'T want to miss.
petals.zip3k05-03-22File is not ratedPetals Around the Rose
Is Petals Around the Rose really a game? Well actually it's more of a puzzle or a brain teaser. Are you up to the challenge? Solve the puzzle by looking at the five dice. Based on this (http://www.borrett.id.au/computing/petals-j.htm), programmed with 100% original code For TI-83/84
pipes83p.zip2k04-02-09File is not ratedPipes v1.0
The goal of this game is to make a long enough pipe so that the water does not overflow in each of 50 increasingly difficult levels. There are nine different types of pieces that can be used, the game is completely graphical, and includes a speed-up mode for when you have built a complete pipe for a level. Level password engine built-in; Doors CS v4.0 optimized.
pipes.zip83k01-12-15File is not ratedPipes
This is an updated version of Pipes. It fixes the high score bug and is optimized a bit more. Pipes is an incredible remake of the old classic game. Your job is to connect pipes to the primary pipe as quick as you can so that the water doesn't reach the end. You get a certain amout of time before the water starts so use it wisely. Once it does start you better be quick with your fingers and you mind or you'll find yourself all washed up. If you don't have enough points when the round ends game over. Includes amazing graphics, incredible speed, 5 high score slots, in game instructions, and much more. Take a look at the screen shot in below by clicking on PipesSS.gif if the screen shot isn't up yet. Have fun!
pluck.zip2k05-09-26File is not ratedPluck
An original multiplayer game (similar in gameplay to a Matches-type game) in which you must try to make your opponent pluck the last block. -- By Fisch2
portways.zip5k05-10-30File is not ratedPortWays v3.0
In this mind boggling puzzle game, you must guide the ball through every empty tile on the board, employing portways for teleportation. New features for version 3.0 include: compressed into one program, 10x faster game-play, and over 22 challenging new levels of varying difficulty. (For those of you who may wonder; Yes, level 10 is solvable.)
puzztile.zip3k06-07-27File is not ratedPuzzle Tiles 1.2
Flip a tile and surrounding tiles in so many moves to switch to the target puzzle. In the new version, edge pieces can be chosen, and lives have been added because of the increased difficulty. Also, the flipping has been sped up.
ragen.zip9k10-12-13File is not ratedRage'N
Rage'N v1.0 - Raging has never been easier! Download this game and defeat the 6 stages of rage. If you win, you get to add you name to best rager title. If this game gets popular enough, I'll add more rage levels. This game requires that you have a Ti-84+ and MirageOS (or any other OS').
recipito__mancala.zip9k08-08-11File is not ratedMancala
Your objective is to receive a higher amount in your mancala. To do this, the computer and yourself take turns in choosing which of the sections to use. Once a section is chosen, all the marbles will be taken out of it and distributed counter-clock-wise including the player's mancala, but not the opponent's.
recipito__tower.zip3k08-08-11File is not ratedTower
Your objective is to arrange the tower blocks onto the far right post. Keep in mind that larger blocks will not be able to be placed on smaller ones. First select the post to receive the block from, then select the post you wish to place the block. This game is based on 'Towers of Hanoi'.
rubikscube2x2x2.zip3k11-07-03File is not ratedRubiks cube 2x2x2 Version 1.0
This is my awesome 2x2x2 rubiks cube I programmed recently! It is fully functional, Doors CS is required. Check out the screenie!
skippingstonespuzzle.zip1k10-03-30File is not ratedSkipping Stones
Skipping Stone Puzzle: Press y= to start drawing and press window to erase the square you are on. Press zoom to start over. The goal is to complete a shape in the zip file.
sol2.zip3k02-09-08File is not ratedSolitaire (Pegs)
The classic solitaire game where your objective is to clear all but one of the pegs by jumping them.
spider5.zip1k04-11-25File is not ratedSpider Version 5.0
I have labored over this game for weeks. Updating, modifying, and mostly goofing off. But here it is, the final culmination of Spider. Its bigger, badder, and more agile than you might expect. It has improved features so awesome that you have to experience them to understand. So, why not give it a shot. What have you to loose? Oh, I forgot to mention it has a cheat code, so email me, tell me how the game was, and I'll tell you the cheat.
spidertrap2.zip9k06-11-14File is not ratedSpiderTrap 2
SpiderTrap 2 is a fun action/puzzle game where you try to trap a spider before it escapes into the floor boards...beautiful graphics. SpiderTrap 2 allows you to create and release your own levelsets. This version has been enhanced for use with DCS6 however it will run normally from the TI-OS homescreen.
spider.zip2k08-11-30File is not ratedSpider
The simple game of Spider entails arranging the pipes so the spider can crawl through them for as long as possible. There are 3 Difficulty settings which enable extra pipe sections, and make the spider move faster. A highscore table is available so you can boast to your Friends! An Angel Production.
spot.zip2k03-06-27File is not ratedSpot
Spot is a fun game played against the computer in which you win by having the most number of pieces on the board at the end.
sqeezbox.8xp1k02-04-30File is not ratedSqueezebox
A challenging game of strategy and chance.
squares83p.zip2k02-11-01File is not ratedSquares
This is a puzzle game where you try to make all the boxes on the grid black by moving left, right, up, and down. You can't go where you have already moved, and if you get stuck, you lose. This game has a working "Teacher" key and an auto-recover function.
stacker.zip1k05-05-06File is not ratedStacker
The goal of this game is to stack the "X"s as high as you can without making a mistake. It's a pretty fun game, so you should download it NOW!!!
stackhor.zip1k05-05-11File is not ratedStacker Horizontal
The long-awaited sequel to the popular game Stacker! Stack the "Os" horizontally instead of vertically!!
stix.zip1k00-12-09File is not ratedStix
A simple game exactly like Nim where you try not to take the last match.
towerofhanoi10.zip3k04-05-03File is not ratedTower Of Hanoi
The goal is to move all the blocks from one peg to another. A simple and fun game. Up to 13 blocks can be changed by the player. Highest score for each level saves. Have fun!
tower.zip1k04-05-27File is not ratedTower of Hanoi v2.1
The Classic Version of Hanoi Towers! New: Displays move counter, EXTREMELY fast(even as tower gets taller!), THE fastest 83 BASIC hanoi program (as of when I posted this), & up to 13 rows of blocks! object of the game: move the tower to a different column (3) without putting a larger block on top of a smaller one.
trizoid.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedTri-Zoid v1.0
This is a puzzle game that requires the player to plan ahead. Try to match the numbers in the triangles if you can! It's harder than it looks!
uberai.zip1k06-04-15File is not ratedUber AI
A game for logic-geared thinkers that can't resist a challenge. Turn based game pitting any player versus the calculator. Remove from one to a maximum number of dots per turn. Taker of last dot wins or loses depending on the condition. See directions included in text file for directions and details on what variables/settings this program modifies.
vanish.zip5k09-12-14File is not ratedVanish
Vanish is a very original game that I created myself. You must move through a maze filled with dots and get the "monster" to eat all of the dots. The "monster" moves randomly, but you can influence the timeliness of its finishing all of the dots by setting up fences to block certain routes. By blocking off places that have already been eaten, the "monster" will finish faster, getting you a higher score. However, any contact with the "monster" will kill you, and if you step your player outside of the maze, a new dot that must be eaten by the "monster" will be created there. Your score is based on the number of dots eaten by the "monster" and the time it takes for all of the dots to be eaten. The game has 10 levels, which can be edited with the level editor. Give this game a try for a unique and interesting challenge.
wallin.zip2k02-10-28File is not ratedWall In
I made this game primarily to be a multiplayer link game. You can play with another friend with a calculator or against the computer. One player places walls inorder to "wall in" the other player. Although the game is simple, it provides much entertainment.
xpegz.zip377k07-05-05File rated 7.52xPegz
xPegz is my next-gen hybrid basic clone of Pegs. Based on a much faster engine, xPegz runs faster than Pegz but only a tad slower than the its original counterpart. However, it makes up for this with a powerful level editor, which allows you to make external level packs to give to friends. It also compensates with 8 built-in levels (4 by me, 4 by nitacku, which I may note are extremely challenging) along with virtually infinite levels. Other powerful Asm utilities have been utilized, mainly CELTIC2, LIST, and VARTEST, so as to eliminate errors that would be impossible to prevent in Pure Basic. Requires xLIB .601b or higher.
zzcards.zip5k01-05-31File is not ratedQuestria V1.0
Play Tripple Triad from final fantasy 8 with a friend on the same calculator

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