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Last updated Saturday, 26 October 2013
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Most popular file  The Legend of Zelda: TOC v0.08 with 75,792 downloads.

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chambers.zip11k13-03-14File is not ratedChambers RL
CHAMBERS is a roguelike for your z80 calc. Use items, strategy, and your force to fight back the unruly forces of darkness and reclaim your old life. This game requires a *Silver Edition* 83/84+ model of calculator. The game will not execute properly on a non 15 MHz calc. If you are new to roguelikes, make sure to examine Readme.txt in its entirety!
cursed.zip23k08-11-29File is not ratedCursed Island (Demo 0.2)
This is a preview of Cursed Island, a puzzle-driven exploration game I am working on. Guide Gabriel in his quest for truth as he unveils the mystery of the Cursed Island!
deadeyes83p.zip62k01-02-03File rated 8.42Dying Eyes v1.0
Alex Highsmith's greatest and final epic TI RPG. This massive game has multiple endings, hidden secrets, and a non-linear storyline. This is truly a TI treasure. The story unfolds as so: You are Kurai, a horrible murderer who ravaged the countryside. You got thrown in prison, and expected to rot there forever. The only reason you didn't take to the knife or noose and end it all, is your lover Akara, a single thread to the outside world. Then one day...
dyingeyesfrench.zip183k13-05-30File is not ratedDying Eyes - version Française (Yeux Morts)
Yeux Morts est la version française de Dying Eyes, un classique des jeux de rôles (RPG) TI-83 Plus/84 Plus par Alex Highsmith. Sorti en 1999 sur TI-82, il fut porté sur TI-83/83+/85/86 par la suite. Jeu traduit en Français par DJ Omnimaga et Chickendude. Simplement exécuter yeuxmort.8xp sous Ion, MirageOS ou Doors CS. French version of Dying Eyes, a classic RPG by Alex Highsmith. Translated by DJ Omnimaga in 2009 and compiled by Chickendude in 2012 from the original TI-83 Plus game source at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/168/16876.html
finalfantasy.zip99k04-08-11File rated 7.13Final Fantasy v1.198
A group of warriors are traveling from a distant land. Their homeland was overthrown by evil monsters who plan to control the world. The heros begin their quest to search and retrieve the legendary Excalibur and return home to vanquish those who have slautered their family and consumed the town. But their journey is ridden with unspeakable evils. Its time for another update. Hopefully this will be the final update. I have fixed all the bugs from the last version, mainly the missing ship problem. The maps are all new and improved, trust me you'll like them. I have included the source this time, enjoy.
harmoon.zip9k01-03-11File is not ratedHarvest Moon v0.012
A demo of the Harvest Moon game for ti. You can't do anything except walk around. But please do try it. I've lost interest in the game but I still would like to know how the reaction would be if I released the full version. Please read the documentary before trying out the game.
harvest.zip68k04-09-16File rated 8.03Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon for 83+ is a smooth-scrolling, calculator rendition of Natsume's popular game Harvest Moon. This game includes very polished control, four tools, four types of plants to grow for profit, thirty-two context sensitive events, extensive character animation on over one-hundred background images, seventeen types of manipulable objects, and much more all bundled into the RAM of the TI 83+. Specifically for non-silver edition. Second release, reduced size, certain bugs corrected.
hm83.zip28k04-02-09File is not ratedHarvest Moon 83 v0.05
This is a remake of Harvest Moon (gameboy version), a work in progress. This version and all versions after it will have animated screenshots. Finally the map engine is getting close to being finished, but the hardest part is up next for v0.06. This version is far faster than the previous version, and it looks a lot better too. Remember, all comments and suggestions are welcome!
marena.zip10k03-07-21File is not ratedMats Arena V1.4
Combat monsters and build your stats up to become the strongest challenger in this Arena style RPG. Features 3 classes, primary spells and 20+ enemies.
mc5ya.zip196k07-03-28File is not ratedMaxCoderz 5 Year Anniversary
You may have guessed it but MaxCoderz is celebrating its 5 year anniversary! To commemorate this occasion I have made an informational tribute for all to enjoy. It features some nice 4-lvl grayscale, smooth scrolling, animated npc's and loads of information about the MaxCoderz group!
poke83p.zip4k01-05-31File rated 5.20Pokemon Demo
Pokemon Demo ; work in progress
pokemontopaze.zip37k13-10-26File rated 6.86Pokemon Topaz
Version 1.15. See the topic on Omnimaga for the changelog. Fully playable version since 1.00. This is a clone (not a port) of the now famous Pokemon Yellow game. It came second at the 2011 edition of the zContest. You can capture up to 44 Pokemons, fight against other trainers and even trade Pokemons with your friends (with the external program by Zero44) ! Become the best trainer of all times and defeat the Elite Four. Available in English, French and German (see in the zip).
tb.zip43k00-09-28File rated 6.47THUNDERBIRDS Are Go! v1.2
THUNDERBIRDS Are Go! is a Platform RPG wherein you control two members of International Rescue as they attempt to rescue two men from a mine after an explosion left them trapped. Explore over 60 screens as you try to work your way to the men! This version includes the source code.
tcol.zip33k09-10-20File is not ratedThe Core of Light
History -------- This project started long ago, somewhere in 2000. The game was supposed to have 8 parts, 4 movie parts and 4 game parts. Only the first game part was made, but never uploaded. The game -------- The game is a Zelda/Final Fantasy style game, where you control princess Rosalind in her quest to save her maddened father's kingdom from destruction. Second and fourth part would have been with main character Fluke, the knight you briefly see in this game. Documentation/source -------------------- No documentation or source code is included, questions can however be sent to the authors email address. One tip, the 'GRAPH' button on your TI disables the guards and fights, so you can wander freely through the world. Continuation ------------ This project will have no future releases, as the authors have long moved on. Credits ------- Vincent Ros, for making the story line, Tim (Timendus) Franssen for making the graphics and Vincent (Hammerhead) de Bruijn for making the game engine.
zelda.zip21k00-03-22File rated 8.03The Legend of Zelda: TOC v0.08
The Legend of Zelda project has returned to commemorate the grand reopening of Void Productions. This game is entirely different and entirely better than the previous encarnations. The greatest TI game ever is coming to the 83!

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