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Number of files 24
Last updated Saturday, 30 July 2005
Total downloads 80,939
Most popular file  Login v1.0 with 5,325 downloads.

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boot.zip2k00-09-05File is not ratedBoot v1.1
The best availible startup companion - displays owner name, and is password protected. Bugs fixed from previous "boot", has smart theif protection!
guardionv1.0.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedGuard-ION v1.0
The main use for this prgm is to protect others from using your Ion v1.6 by asking a password before start-up.
lockdown.zip1k01-03-11File is not ratedLockdown v1.0
Password security utility. 6-letter password protected by asterisks. Paste into program or use with Start-Up application.
lockout.zip2k00-07-14File is not ratedLockout
A basic program run regulation, lock users who don t know the code out of your basic programs.
login.zip1k98-10-19File is not ratedLogin v1.0
Protect your files on your calculator from being run without the correct password.
mul.zip6k00-03-01File is not ratedMaster (Un)Lock v1.1
Program used to help open Master Lock combination locks. *Windows help file included.
pass83.zip2k00-04-08File is not ratedPassword v5.0
A collection of all my password protection programs.
passa83.zip4k02-05-27File is not ratedAPass PassWord Protection Program
This is APass, the TI password protection program that takes up a mere 123 bytes on your calculator. The password can be up to six keystrokes; if the user does not know the password, it denies access. This program is so handy and so small, you simply must download it! Great for keeping people out of your personal stuff!
passg83.zip1k00-04-11File is not ratedPassword Guess v2.0
A program that creates a random password.
passgen.zip1k97-12-04File is not ratedPassword Generator
passmod.zip3k99-05-14File is not ratedPassword Module v7.0
Add password protection to BASIC programs with little overhead! LOTS OF FEATURES. Passwords are displayed as *s. Incorrect password delays. MASTER and USER passwords. Easily changeable! With "Credit Card" design, little user worries and small programs.
password2.zip1k00-03-02File is not ratedPassword v1.0
Password protection like no other.
password3.zip1k00-04-04File is not ratedPassword
A program to password protect your programs. Includes a file to put in the beginning of BASIC programs to activate protection! Very useful!
password4.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedPassword v1.0
Password Program that impliments ASM.
passwordencrypted.zip1k05-07-30File is not ratedPassword Protection-Encrypted
This is a great password protection program to use if you are a calculator programmer. Its fairly easy to understand, yet it is completly impossible to crack, unless you press the same exact keys as the password.
password.zip8k99-12-22File is not ratedPassword Protector Pro III
Password program with asterisks, backspacing, user programability, and more...
passwrd.zip1k99-01-19File is not ratedPassword
pass.zip1k00-07-31File is not ratedPass
Password Program
protectedion.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedProtected Ion v2.0
A new update of Proteced Ion v1.0, Now It's much smaller and faster.
pw83.zip1k01-02-22File is not ratedPW for 83
Ultra-small password protection utility - only 20 bytes!
pwrdpro.zip1k98-03-01File is not ratedPassword Pro 83
A BASIC password utillity, uses your SSN for the password.
screen2.zip1k98-08-16File is not ratedScreen 2
A great screen saver that is password protected.
window.zip1k00-07-31File is not ratedPassword - IdiotProof
Password proggie, keeps idiots (people who don't know anything about basic) out
zpass.zip1k00-03-06File is not ratedZpass v1.5
This is an update to my previous program, Zpass v1.2, it has some bug fixes within the code

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