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Interactive utilities, animations, and demos
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Last updated Saturday, 13 January 2007
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picedit.zip1k07-01-13File is not ratedPicEDIT
A useful tool for editing or design pictures. programmed on a Ti-82 STATS (!) Before using check the included INSTRUCTIONS.TXT
art.zip8k04-03-03File is not ratedPoint Art Maker
These programs, for the TI-73 -- V200, graphically show many random patterns.
cube3dfps.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedCube3Dfps
This is a new version of Cube3D. This program include a FPS calculator.
moteur3d.zip1k03-12-29File is not ratedMoteur3D
This is my first 3D engine ! You can just rotate the cube.
cube3d.zip1k03-12-29File is not ratedCube3D
This is a 3D cube animation for TI. I love it !!
star.zip1k03-11-12File is not ratedStar
Draw a star in ? second.
enkrypt.zip6k03-08-08File is not ratedpicture enkryption
this program is great, but i forgot the password util. check the screenshots and the readme.
triangle.zip5k03-07-17File is not ratedTI Triangle Drawer
Made for every TI, this draws a full screen triangle on the graph.
truegrid86.zip5k03-06-19File is not ratedTrue Grid Drawer
This program is useless... Made for the every TI.
matix82.zip1k03-06-18File is not ratedThe_matriX
this is a little program i made just for fun. any comments.
prog82.zip4k03-06-07File is not ratedGraphical Progress Meter v3.0
This package contains three different types of progress meters that you can use in your programs. The first tiny program creates a cool graphical on-screen progress meter with shading and percent complete. The second one creates a Windows XP-style loading bar. The third one creates an onscreen progress meter similar to the one used in Internet Explorer. Version 3.0 now includes more screenshots and the calculator file. These are especially useful when used in your own programs!
ti_picframe.zip2k03-06-02File is not ratedPicture Frame Maker
This program sets a frame around the graph screen. You can choose the width from a range. It can make your pictures have a better appeal. This'll soon be a funtion of Lib68k. It's made for all TI's except the 80 and 81, though possible.
tunnel89.zip7k03-05-31File is not ratedTI Tunnel Drawer
This works like a function on the 89-V200. On the 73-86 you simply input a number, and a tunnel of that depth will be drawn. On the 89-V200 the format looks like this: 'tunnel(x)' where x is the depth you want. This has been made for ALL TI's
pixelart89.zip3k03-05-18File is not ratedPixel Art Maker
This package of programs for all TI's draws neat desings. There's a program for every TI included.
invert89.zip1k03-05-18File is not ratedGraph Screen Inverter
This package of program, for all TI's, efficiently inverses the screen. Inversing turns black to white and white to black.
jewels89.zip4k03-05-18File is not ratedSierpinski's Jewels
This is a very artistic program, made for the TI-73, and TI-82 -- V200. It creates designs using variations of the Sierpinski Triangle.
dna.zip1k03-03-23File is not ratedDNA string
A 3d rendering of a DNA string, its extremly small and very basic. you have to sort of squint your eyes to see it in 3d.
motif.zip1k03-03-08File is not ratedMotif
A good and single motif.
smoke82.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedSmoke82
fireplace.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedFireplace
pixelpaint.zip1k02-08-04File is not ratedPixelPaint
AH! Draw thanks to a pixel. You have possiblity of change options.
lines.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedLines
look a few style of lines.
pixel.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedMoving Pixels BASIC 82
You can move pixel around the LCD screen. Soon to be in ASM!
wormsarm.zip1k02-07-23File is not ratedWorms armageddon
See the logo who is animated
greyscale.zip1k02-07-22File is not ratedGreyscale
You see a scale of grey on basic. Simply program
settingsun.zip1k02-07-15File is not ratedsetting sun
You see the setting sun near mountains.
pic16.zip1k02-05-31File is not ratedPic16 1.0
A program who allows you to save 16 Pics on your calc !
matrix.zip1k02-05-27File is not ratedmatrixspace v.2
You see the matrix code on your calculator and you are supprised
etchask82.zip1k02-05-20File is not ratedEtch-a-Sketch Turbo v2.1
The fastest etchasketch program you'll ever use; just as fast as the ASM version. Version 2 now contains the calculator file and an even faster interface!
sunlight.zip1k02-04-23File is not ratedsunlight
simple programme qui fait apparaitre les rayons du soleil
real3dengine.zip4k02-04-23File is not ratedReal3D Engine
This engine will draw lines in virtual 3D space. It can be used as a standalone program or included in other programs.
design2.zip1k02-04-12File is not ratedDesign2
A modification of "design.82p".
design2.82p1k02-04-09File is not ratedDesign2
A modification of "design.82p"
design.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedDesign
An interesting design that you can show to your friends
clear.zip3k02-03-07File is not ratedClear
Clear is a fun little grafix display. The Downloading message continues untill right before the end, and stops. Then it starts downloading againg. (repeat).
matrix01.zip1k02-03-07File is not ratedMatrix 01
Matrix 01 is a simple program that re-enacts the the very beginning of the Matrix.
blinky82.zip1k01-09-30File is not ratedBlinky Robot Animation v1.082
This program is an animation of a "Blinky" robot. The Blinky robot is a project that students in the advanced Engineering class at my school. Everybody likes the robot, but don't want to pay $7.95 to get one. To solve the problem, I wrote this prog. Enjoy!
transport82.zip1k01-06-16File is not ratedtransport82
thinka82.zip7k01-06-16File is not ratedThinkA
thecrash82.zip5k01-06-13File is not ratedthe crash
boom82.zip1k01-06-13File is not ratedboom
datadisk82.zip1k01-06-08File is not ratedData disk
data disk
flower82.zip1k01-06-04File is not ratedflower
boat82.zip1k01-06-04File is not ratedboat
ile82.zip1k01-06-02File is not ratedIsle82
plane82.zip1k01-06-02File is not ratedplane82
gostinshell.zip2k01-06-01File is not ratedgost in the shell-motoko
killerman.zip1k01-05-29File is not ratedKillerman
eva82pak1.zip27k01-05-29File is not ratedEva picture pak and bonus
easketch.zip1k01-05-27File is not ratedEtch-A-Sketch
A pretty ghetto Etch-A-Sketch, but very, very small.
evangelionmisato.zip1k01-04-26File is not ratedEvangelion misato
One evangelion picture
tunnelscreen.zip1k01-04-26File is not ratedTSS
nerv82.zip1k01-04-26File is not ratedNerv
thesmoke.zip1k01-04-26File is not ratedsmoke
etch.zip1k01-04-18File is not ratedDAG Etch
A Etch-a-sketch
nice82.zip1k01-02-21File is not ratedNice Graphics
Nice Graphics by Bengt & Jefa
picrypt.zip1k00-09-24File is not ratedPic 'n Crypt v2.2
Pic 'n Crypt encrypts & decrypts pictures using random numbers. Now compatible with the TI-83 version.
geo.zip4k00-09-17File is not ratedGeo v2.3
Geo Delux screensaver with built-in plugin support and plug-ins.
fractalgems.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedFractal Gems v0.5
Cool line fractals that look like diamonds.
is82.zip3k00-05-24File is not ratedInvert Screen 82 v1.1
This is a very efficiently programmed utility. It enables you to load pics, invert a portion or all of the the screen, and then save the result.
ss.zip1k99-10-08File is not ratedScreen Saver
Cool to watch when in class.
quacky.zip1k99-09-25File is not ratedQuacky Duck
Its Quacky Ducky from the arcade.
scanner.zip1k99-08-07File is not ratedBasic Graphics Scanner v1.2
Scans pictures on the graph into lists.
kayos.zip1k98-10-11File is not ratedKayos
Creates a randomly generated graphic that looks like the chaos fractal
movdemo1.zip1k98-05-09File is not ratedMovie Player Beta 1
ball2.zip1k98-04-29File is not ratedBouncing Ball
tilogo.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedTI Logo Inverted
snowflak.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedSnowflake
magictrk.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedMagic Trick Cartoon
javelin.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedJavelin Cartoon
hang.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedHang Cartoon
thud.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedThud Cartoon
dump.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedDump Truck Cartoon
carcrash.zip1k98-04-26File is not ratedCar Crash Animation
scrnsave.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedScreen Saver
scrnsav2.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedSmiley Face Screen Saver
silisoft.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedSiliSoft Screen Saver
screen5.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedScreen 5 (screen saver)
yinyang2.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedYin-Yang
rotation.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedRotation of a Figure
pyramid.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedPyramid
mesh.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedMesh (screen saver)
happy.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedHappy
bounce2.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedBounce
starwars.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedStar Wars
waldo.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedWaldo
starbug.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedStarbug
r2d2.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedR2-D2
opus.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedOpus
wow.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedMickey Mouse
mickey.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedMickey Mouse
jurassic.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedJurassic Park Logo
garfield.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedGarfield
dino.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedDinosaur
bulldog.zip1k98-04-08File is not ratedBulldog

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