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Number of files 60
Last updated Sunday, 27 February 2000
Total downloads 122,518
Most popular file  Tim Anderson's Third Penguins World with 3,308 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-82 Assembly Game Levels
ae1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAhmed's First Penguins World
ae2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAhmed's Second Penguins World
ae3.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAhmed's Third Penguins World
ae4.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAhmed's Fourth Penguins World
bh1.zip1k98-05-30File is not ratedBruce Ho's First Penguins World
bh2.zip1k98-05-30File is not ratedBruce Ho's Second Penguins World
brilevel.zip1k98-03-05File is not ratedBrian C's Penguins World
dg1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedA Penguins Level by DGhost
dg2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAnother Penguins Level by DGhost
dv2.zip1k98-05-30File is not ratedDV2 Penguins World
dwjworld.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedJacKaLWorld for Penguins
ef1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedEugene Fridman's First Penguins World
ef2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedEugene Fridman's Second Penguins World
ef3.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedEugene Fridman's Third Penguins World
elite.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedThe ELITE Penguins World
f1.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedFantasy World 1
Mixed levels.
f2.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedFantasy World 2
Flying Penguin
f3.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedFantasy World 3
Mario inspirated levels.
f4.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedFantasy World 4
Water levels.
f5.zip1k00-02-27File is not ratedFantasy World 5
fjak1.zip1k98-05-30File is not ratedFJAK's First Penguins World
jagman1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedJaGMaN's First Penguins World
jagman2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedJaGMaN's Second Penguins World
jagman3.zip1k98-02-24File is not ratedJaGMaN's Third Penguins World
js1-82.zip1k98-02-24File is not ratedJSGames' First Penguins World
mario2.zip1k00-02-13File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros 2
Levels from World 1
mario3.zip1k00-02-13File is not ratedSuper Mario Bros 3
3 levels
mariobro.zip2k98-02-21File is not ratedSuper Mario Bro. Penguins World
ns1.zip1k98-02-24File is not ratedNinja Studios First Penguins World
patworld.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedPatWorld Penguins World
rell82-1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedRellicks - The First Map Penguins World
samlvl82.zip1k98-02-28File is not ratedEvil Sam's Penguins World
ta1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTim Anderson's First Penguins World
ta2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTim Anderson's Second Penguins World
ta3.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTim Anderson's Third Penguins World
ta4.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTim Anderson's Fourth Penguins World
tbworld1.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTheBadger's First Penguins World
tbworld2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTheBadger's Second Penguins World
tbworld3.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTheBadger's Third Penguins World
zpwld131.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedOuija13's First Penguins World (131)
zpwld132.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedOuija13's Second Penguins World (132)
zpwldajs.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedAJS Penguins World
zpwldari.zip1k98-02-28File is not ratedARI Penguins World
zpwldcrc.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedCRC Penguins World
zpwlddan.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedDan Clymer's First Penguins World
zpwlddav.zip1k98-05-30File is not ratedDAV Penguins World
zpwlddie.zip2k98-02-21File is not ratedDIE Penguins World
zpwlddpc.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedDan Clymer's Second Penguins World
zpwlddpr.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedDPR Penguins World
zpwlddrz.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedDRZ Penguins World
zpwldjr1.zip1k98-06-11File is not ratedJR1 Penguins World
zpwldjr2.zip1k98-06-11File is not ratedJR2 Penguins World
zpwldmdl.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedMDL Penguins World
zpwldmky.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedMKY Penguins World
zpwldrob.zip2k99-02-20File is not ratedRob's First Penguins World
zpwldrpg.zip2k99-02-20File is not ratedRob's Second Penguins World
zpwldst2.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedST2 Penguins World
zpwldstc.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedSTC Penguins World
zpwldtwg.zip1k98-02-21File is not ratedTWG Penguins World
zpwldwd1.zip1k98-03-03File is not ratedWouter's First Penguins World

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