Re: TI-H: Parallel link


Re: TI-H: Parallel link


> -> > I don't know what the diodes are exactly, my friend made it for
> me
> -> and > until I used it on my computer it was great.
> ->
> -> What type of computer do you have?  The parallel link sometimes
> -> doesn't work if
> -> you have a fast computer.  I have a P90 and mine works fine, but
> -> YMMV.  You may
> -> want to get an I/O card from a 286 or something, or change the
> mode
> -> of your parallel port in the BIOS.  (i.e. change it std.)
> I have an Amstrad-brand IBM 286.  I have no idea how to access the
> as my computer doesn't have a legnthy detailed start-up.   Do you
> think
> it may help to get another I/O card?

 I didn't even think anyone still had an Amstrad. Before I moved to the
States from England, I used to have a really cheesy one, but havent
heard of them since (3 years ago). Hmm...