Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines


Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines

> Why don't you just make it programmable, so that you can tell the =
> software to recieve all messages with the TO Address being whatever it =
> is.  Then when you transmit, tell it to transmit to that address when it =
> is in "ROOM MODE".  That way, you wouldn't have to have any freeform =
> data clutter, where we don't have the space(ie the packet would be big =
> and cluttered)  Something like the way we send messages to =
> ti-hardware...
> Chris Kuberg

Because this is not the proper way to design network drivers.  The software
we are talking about is the lowest level part.  All it should be responsible
for is sending the data from one calculator to another and possible some kind
of error checking.  That kind of chat software and "room mode" belongs in a
higher level section.

Of course this is a calculator network and bending rules would probably
speed things up, but just wanted to point this out :)