Re: TI-H: Parallel link


Re: TI-H: Parallel link

Bruce Christensen wrote:
On Wednesday, June 04, 1997 5:06 AM, JUSTIN BOSCH
[] wrote:

> I don't know what the diodes are exactly, my friend made it for me and
> until I used it on my computer it was great.

What type of computer do you have?  The parallel link sometimes doesn't work if
you have a fast computer.  I have a P90 and mine works fine, but YMMV.  You may
want to get an I/O card from a 286 or something, or change the mode of your
parallel port in the BIOS.  (i.e. change it std.)

You may want to read the parallel link faq at and then visit, which is /very/ helpful.



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 I dont really think that the speed of your computer has all that much to do with it (but I may be wrong) because I have a P200 w/MMX and it works fine (Win95 and DOS 6.2). But, there could be something that I am overlooking. Are you sure the parallel port works properly? Are you using a splitter/gender changer?