Re: A89: TIGCC IDE in Linux


Re: A89: TIGCC IDE in Linux

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Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: A89: TIGCC IDE in Linux

> Hi!
> | ... Now all you need is another hard drive, Sebastian.
> How great!  The student's version of Delphi 4 Professional was about $150
> for me!  Download time isn't limited for me, so this is really exactly
> I need.  Maybe I can install it on my parents' networked drive.  Does
> know a reason why mapping a network drive under Windows may fail if the
> is set up correctly and the folders show up in the network neighborhood?
> I'm really desperate because of this.

I don't remember the exact way to fix it, but I'm pretty sure it has
something to do with a setting 'LM Announce' somewhere in the Network
properties (on your parents' machine)...

> Anyway, sorry; this doesn't really belong to the list any more.  I'm just
> hyped. :-)
> I'll probably port the IDE to Kylix then, if I can.  Borland says the open
> edition will be available by mid-2001.
> An update to TIGCC can be expected in a little more than a month, by the
> way.  There are important things to be updated.
> Bye,
> Sebastian Reichelt

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