Re: A89: TIGCC IDE in Linux


Re: A89: TIGCC IDE in Linux

"Kann nicht geoffnet werden" literally means can not open will, but in this case basically means
"won't open".

--- Greg <> wrote:
> Hey guys, I was just trying to get the ide to work in Red Hat 6.2 with wine
> (build 20001002)... It almost works! my only problem so far is that i cant
> open a project, but i get this error message AVI Kann nicht geoffnet werden
> what's that mean?
> Other wise  the main app window looks nice except for the tool bar icons
> which don't display properly.
> This next part is for Sebastian (did i spell your name right?), i think it
> would be very cool if the next release of the ide would accept command line
> arguments... that way one could set up windoz so you could just drag and
> drop to open a file quickly.
> Greg
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