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Voyage 400 Leaked
Posted by Michael on 1 April 2003, 05:57 GMT

Update: Please note that this was a joke. Please do not contact Texas Instruments or any of their resellers asking about this product - it does not exist.

TI is developing a new calculator, the Voyage 400. Leaked specifications and photos from TI have been floating around since Saturday. It appears to follow the tacky case colors of the existing calculators, but what really matters is that it has a 256-color LCD! It also features a 66 MHz ARM processor (presumably with 68k emulation?), 16 MB of flash, and an IR port with a "teacher select" to disable for testing. The scheduled release date is in August. Unfortunately I don't think there is sound, but this definitely is a nerd's dream.

Update (Henrik): New information received from an anonymous source indicates that there is no sound output, but there is a link port that could possibly emulate sound output, like we have seen on other calcs. Further, there is an emulation layer so that Flash applications compiled for the Voyage 200 will be able to run unmodified. We will disclose further information as we get it.

Update (Michael): ph33r my 31337 9R@pHIC5 5kilL5!

Update: Again, please don't contact Texas Instruments regarding this non-existing calculator.


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Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
swtaarrs  Account Info
(Web Page)

I noticed that the picture is gone. Did someone at TI get mad?

     5 April 2003, 02:37 GMT

Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
acr34  Account Info
(Web Page)

I liked that pic. It was decent, despite the crap people are saying about pixil borders

heh it fooled me;)

     5 April 2003, 03:14 GMT

Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
Morgan Davies  Account Info
(Web Page)

It is still in the extra folder if you want it.

     5 April 2003, 04:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
thechessmaster88 Account Info

April Fools! haha you ****, you all fell for the calculator scam! I hope you had fun daydreaming about the Voyage 400. Kudos to the voyage 400 illustrator. but if there was no picture, i might have believed the whole thing! hm. Voyage 400 news leaked. yet there is a picture obtained. on april 1st. hm.

     15 April 2003, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
thechessmaster88 Account Info

you moron, you just knew it was an april fool's scam because you got tricked 80 times on the first of april!

     15 April 2003, 22:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
thechessmaster88 Account Info

oh yeah...but I was the one doing the pranking

     15 April 2003, 22:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Voyage 400 Leaked
Adm.Wiggin Account Info

Are you saying that you got tricked by your own trick? That takes talent...

     26 January 2005, 23:55 GMT
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