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RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
Posted by Eric on 25 October 2000, 00:30 GMT

Lots of interesting things have recently come to my attention. Why does everything always have to happen at once? Anyway, I'll just jumble them all here:

  • Fission2 Labs has announced the availability of their new uber-cool RadioLincs. This link enables you to use wireless UHF 433mhz devices to communicate with your TI calculator. You can buy these links at their website.
  • Zeljko Juric has been kind enough to release a version of Tetris 89 that works with Hardware II for everyone who's been wondering on the message boards. I'm sure many of you will be happy about that.
  • And now, something a little more on the useless side that I found mildly interesting. A user who calls himself VmanL sent me word of an easter egg he found at eeggs.com for the TI-89: On the TI-89 with AMS v2.00+, press F5, diamond, CLEAR. A little unexpected screen pops out. It's nothing to write home about, and there's probably more easter eggs out there, but just the presence of them on TI calculators was kind of cool. Or something. Anyway I'll stop rambling now.


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red40gamma  Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey has anyone else been to eeggs.com?
It's a great site!

I found out easter eggs like for excel's Dev Hunter game, and "easter eggs" for movies and songs and stuff.
It's a great site--I spent about three hours browsing it, checking all computer programs I had, seeing their easter eggs!

I HIGHLY recommend everyone to go there and check it out. This is definatly on my "Favorites" list!!


     31 October 2000, 20:50 GMT

Re: Tetris Ported
C├ędric Delmas  Account Info
(Web Page)

The HW2 version of Tetris89 exists for now more than 6 months. It has been ported by french coders and was names Tetris89 version 0.75. Then I did the 92+ hw2 copatible version. Both can be download by clicking my web site url.

The original hw2 version was submitted only to www.ti-fr.org

     1 November 2000, 08:44 GMT

Re: Re: Tetris Ported
Paulo Marques  Account Info

i was going to post smtg for this, which was WRONG, and the thing that made me realize it was the time, because i kept trying to log in with my email, or with my other miscellanious net passwords...
ainnt that nice?

     1 November 2000, 17:12 GMT

A Better Tetris Port Idea
Vacious  Account Info

First of all, thanks for porting Tetris to HWII. But, if anyone can port ZTetris from any of the other TI calculators to the TI-89 and add multiplayer support between the TI-89 and the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-86, their efforts and success would be much appreciated. I'd try to figure out how to do this, seeing as how I plan to become a programmer, but I don't know squat when it comes to assembly compiling for the TI-89.

     3 November 2000, 18:38 GMT

Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
hogbog  Account Info

Well, this is all sounds very-very good, but I keep saying that it would be very nice from Fission2 labs if they published the plans. That would made the thing available to much more people (especially university students who can not afford to give out that money - like me)

     14 November 2000, 15:43 GMT

Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies

btw has anyone heard from them lately? also, since fission refuses to post a picture of the final product or give out the instructions/parts, could someone who has purchased it post it somehow?

     18 January 2001, 23:23 GMT

Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies

To prevent major battery drainage for such small tasks, why aren't TI calcs using AA batteries? Is there an advantage to using AAA batteries? This has puzzled me ever since my brother got his TI85 (back then, calc-calc cables were hard to come by, just 6 years later we're talking about reading telnet and infra-red transfers, wow).

     18 January 2001, 23:41 GMT

Radio Link today
IR Account Info

When I read this posts I wonder if I can still get such a really cool thing like a radio link today.
Does anyone know where I could get this or something similar or at least plans to build one?
And I dont want this very expansive TI-solution!

     28 January 2004, 12:47 GMT
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