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RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
Posted by Eric on 25 October 2000, 00:30 GMT

Lots of interesting things have recently come to my attention. Why does everything always have to happen at once? Anyway, I'll just jumble them all here:

  • Fission2 Labs has announced the availability of their new uber-cool RadioLincs. This link enables you to use wireless UHF 433mhz devices to communicate with your TI calculator. You can buy these links at their website.
  • Zeljko Juric has been kind enough to release a version of Tetris 89 that works with Hardware II for everyone who's been wondering on the message boards. I'm sure many of you will be happy about that.
  • And now, something a little more on the useless side that I found mildly interesting. A user who calls himself VmanL sent me word of an easter egg he found at eeggs.com for the TI-89: On the TI-89 with AMS v2.00+, press F5, diamond, CLEAR. A little unexpected screen pops out. It's nothing to write home about, and there's probably more easter eggs out there, but just the presence of them on TI calculators was kind of cool. Or something. Anyway I'll stop rambling now.


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Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
monoman  Account Info
(Web Page)

Here's something to save a tad of time on the 83plus: If you have a billion programs on your calc and don't want to spend a long time scrolling through, you can press alpha and then the beginning letter of the program and it'll take you to where the programs are that start with that letter. This is not an easter egg but just something fairly interesting if you didn't know already.

     26 October 2000, 04:36 GMT

Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
(Web Page)

That has to be the stupidest load of shit that anyone has ever posted on a newsboard. Don't post stupid shit that everyone already knows.

     26 October 2000, 15:16 GMT

Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
(Web Page)

Ok, look here man
How stupid do u think we r
there is no stupid calc user and there never will be one. So I agree we will never be stupid and we will never be a dumbfart like u because if you r stupid then u belong with this person (click on link)

His holiness HH 108 Jayapataka Swami

     26 October 2000, 15:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
monoman  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm not a dumbfart, I'm a mentally-challenged fart.

>How stupid do u think we r

Me thinks we is very stoopid.

     26 October 2000, 16:08 GMT

Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
Elendur  Account Info

I really would like to buy a starter kit of radio-link 1.0 or 2.0 but I wonder: do you send kits out of the USA? I live in Switzerland...
And what is the transfer speed (comparing with the normal TI-TI cable) ?

     26 October 2000, 18:43 GMT

Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, we ship internationally. Shipping in most cases is the same price, but email before ordering to check first.

9600b is what these transfer at

     27 October 2000, 04:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies

For a comparison, what is the transfer rate of a standard Ti calc-to-calc link? Also, do your instructions include information on how to wire up a separate power source for the radiolinc so it doesn't drain the calc batteries?

I ordered the v2 2-pack on wednesday 10/25, do you ship them out immediately? cause i just can't wait to try them out!!!

     27 October 2000, 05:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, we include instructions for wiring all types of power sources. We typically ship orders 1 week after the order is placed. This gives us time to assemble and test your order.

     27 October 2000, 06:29 GMT

radiolinc plans?

are you guys gonna offer plan for this? that would lower the cost a bit. all i see now is one schematic (which still looks kinda similar to one in a certain datasheet), that's for ver 1, right? how is it connected? there's three lines, but how do those connect to the link port? obviously i wouldn't expect full plans for free, but something other than fully assembled would cut costs for those of us with soldering skills.

also - i may want to write a program that does not use ti's link protocol (it's too slow). will the radiolinc work with this? that is, does it transmit the line level, or does is muck with the actual link protocol?

     26 October 2000, 19:27 GMT

Re: radiolinc plans?
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

The plans on the website are not updated. We have completely redesigned the circuit for versions 1 and 2, we use different IC's, etc.

We have not decided whether to post the plans yet or not, the last time we did, we got nothing but complaints from people saying that something was wrong, when in fact it was correct.

It transmits using standard CMOS data, anything you send to it,it sends.

Actually it may be more expensive to build them yourself, as we buy the parts in bulk.

     27 October 2000, 04:26 GMT

Re: Re: radiolinc plans?
hogbog  Account Info

Hi fission boys!

Well it would be a huge help for the TI community if you put the plans on the WEB site. You may get some uncorrect comments from some guys, but the most of the community would be very-very glad about it.

In fact I am a Computer Science & Electronical Engeniering student in central Europe, so I guess me and my friends could easily get the parts for quite low prizes, and we could assemble the thingy - only if we had the plan.

Once again, it would be an enormous gift to us.
And still, most of the users would order it from you, because it must be quite hard to put it together to right way.



     27 October 2000, 15:30 GMT

How will this effect things like the SATs?
Zogg Account Info

This may be a very far sighted comment, but now that there are internal RT links available for calculators, doesn't this mean that cheating just became infinitely easier? How long will it be before The College Board and the ACT people end up banning calculators simply because it's far too easy to cheat with them?

     26 October 2000, 20:40 GMT

Re: How will this effect things like the SATs?
MathJMendl  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ouch. Good point. I think that some type of HP (I'm not exactly sure which) was going to have IR links built into one of their calcs but decided not to because of concerned teachers. The thing is, it is already against the rules for most exams (aside from cheating) to have calculators that can communicate which each other. If they can fit in without anyone noticing though, that worries me. I doubt that many people would use them but if they can't stop them and had to ban them I'd be really annoyed, because the TI-89, for instance, is infinitely better than scientific calculators. Hopefully they won't do anything until after I graduate from high school.

     26 October 2000, 21:56 GMT

Re: Re: How will this effect things like the SATs?
~Epyon~  Account Info

It was the HP-49 I believe(I wouldnt really know I am loyal to TI,well untill they start suing us which I hope will never happen:))


     27 October 2000, 03:45 GMT

Re: Re: How will this effect things like the SATs?
Agrajag Account Info

Actually, they did put them in some. A friend of mine has one and has shown it to me. They do Work but I think the range is like 3".

     27 October 2000, 14:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How will this effect things like the SATs?

3 inches? I hope you mean 3 feet.

     29 October 2000, 02:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: How will this effect things like the SATs?
cava  Account Info

I used to have a HP48G with an IR link and the range was 2 inches.

P.S. - I bought and 89 and now I think that the HP is crap.

     3 November 2000, 21:12 GMT

TI-IR link
Knight/Rocket  Account Info

Also, TI initially intended to make all their graphing calcs after the 82 infrared link-capable, and do away with the hassle of a link cable.
However, educators complained and TI went with the more obvious link cable.

     29 October 2000, 17:25 GMT

EL Backlight for 89
ericlax13  Account Info

when i went to the Fusion web site it told me about it but i could not find the materials at the company they said to goto also the directions they said to use specifically say dont use these instructions on the 89.
Where can i get the materials and directions?


     26 October 2000, 21:59 GMT

Yet another question on the links...
Paulo Marques  Account Info

What about interference when more then 2 calcs have the link? or... having a multicalc chat? ;)

     27 October 2000, 00:06 GMT

Re: Yet another question on the links...
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

Up to 2 calculators are allowed at one time. The reason for version 2, is to allow as many seperate 2 calculator networks to operate on the same frequency you want.

     27 October 2000, 04:29 GMT

Re: Re: Yet another question on the links...
Kerey Roper  Account Info
(Web Page)

What if someone wrote a program that would only send information if it was not recieving anything? Wouldn't that allow more than two people to use a chat program since only one person is sending data at a time?

Does the encryption/decription process cause any noticable delay?

Would an external version draw it's power from the link port, or would it require an external power supply? Do you have any pictures of the final product?

     28 October 2000, 05:14 GMT

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