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RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
Posted by Eric on 25 October 2000, 00:30 GMT

Lots of interesting things have recently come to my attention. Why does everything always have to happen at once? Anyway, I'll just jumble them all here:

  • Fission2 Labs has announced the availability of their new uber-cool RadioLincs. This link enables you to use wireless UHF 433mhz devices to communicate with your TI calculator. You can buy these links at their website.
  • Zeljko Juric has been kind enough to release a version of Tetris 89 that works with Hardware II for everyone who's been wondering on the message boards. I'm sure many of you will be happy about that.
  • And now, something a little more on the useless side that I found mildly interesting. A user who calls himself VmanL sent me word of an easter egg he found at eeggs.com for the TI-89: On the TI-89 with AMS v2.00+, press F5, diamond, CLEAR. A little unexpected screen pops out. It's nothing to write home about, and there's probably more easter eggs out there, but just the presence of them on TI calculators was kind of cool. Or something. Anyway I'll stop rambling now.


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Backward Compatibility
W2NAF  Account Info
(Web Page)

This looks great, Fission Labs, but I have a few questions. I understand that version 2.0 of the link can use encryption for data transfer, but can it be backward compatible with Version 1.0? And how does this device handle frequency sharing when there are more than two calculators trying to link? Also, if you embed the link into the calculator, can it be turned off, and if not, how much drain does it put on the batteries?

TNX es 73 de Nathaniel

     27 October 2000, 00:10 GMT

Re: Backward Compatibility
Elendur  Account Info

What I have understood is that encryption is to allow more than one couple of calculator to transfer data at the same time, but that the frequency is always the same. I think you should make yourself something to turn the link on and off easily... is that right?
And I wonder for the backward compatibility too...

     27 October 2000, 02:12 GMT

Re: Backward Compatibility
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

No, version 2 is a different system, they are only compatible with other v2 links. The data is encryted, and encoded, then decoded when it reaches the other link. It does not interfere with other links. The link is only active and using power while transmitting or receiving. But of course, a different power supply would save batteries.

(I take it your a ham?)
so, i'll say:
73's de K1CWB

     27 October 2000, 04:32 GMT

Radiolink v2.0
Prashant  Account Info

I have a question: If there are multiple calculators with v2.0 radiolink within 600', how does your calculator know which one to link up with?

It would be cool if Fission 2 could get some pictures of the Radiolink.

     28 October 2000, 19:13 GMT

Re: Radiolink v2.0
*** ***  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why haven't you made both transmitter and receiver in only one PCB ? I don't undersand how it works for connecting. Are they on parallel ?

___| | |
_____| |
Calc I/O: _____ |
___ | |
| | |

Finally, how far does it go in meters ? ~200 ?!!
6-8" wire antenna: 30 cm ?

     29 October 2000, 20:31 GMT

Re: Re: Radiolink v2.0
cava  Account Info

there are 2.54 cm in one inch. Surely you can figure it out from there.

     6 November 2000, 22:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Radiolink v2.0
BeefGG  Account Info

I certainly hope so CAVA.
NWO!!! Chat GG 4.2 all the way!!!

     8 November 2000, 03:46 GMT

Website dead?
hogbog  Account Info

I think I can not reach the fission2 website
right now. I kept trying from 14.00 GMT to 15.00 GMT (on 27.10.2000).
What's up with the website? Has it it's name changed ? Or is it only a temporary problem ? Or is it the personal problem of me and my network settings ?
I someone finds out something, please mail me.

     27 October 2000, 16:07 GMT

Re: Website dead?
fission2labs  Account Info
(Web Page)

The server has been up all day.

     27 October 2000, 21:30 GMT

Re: Website dead?

The same thing happened to me at first, but then the problem vanished.

     29 October 2000, 02:04 GMT

Knight/Rocket  Account Info

DO NOT press HOME after pressing F5, diamond, clear! This locks up the calc and the only way to reset is to remove all batteries!

     27 October 2000, 21:22 GMT

Re: WARNING!!!!!
MicroLITH Account Info

F5, Diamond, APPS

HW1, AMS 1.05

I hit home after that, and nothing happened. I suggest you check your batteries, and your programs. Try doing it after you clear your calc.

     27 October 2000, 21:29 GMT

Re: Re: WARNING!!!!!
Knight/Rocket  Account Info

AMS 2.05 HW2- It still locks up, I just listed the keys wrong.

     28 October 2000, 00:10 GMT

Re: WARNING!!!!!
ShivonM  Account Info

What doyou mean? This is the only way for me to get out of it. Don't push catalog and then esc though.

     6 November 2000, 13:43 GMT

Re: RadioLincs For Sale, Tetris Ported, Miscellaneous Goodies
David  Account Info
(Web Page)

The RadioLincs are finally done? It's about time :) I've been wanting to buy a pair of them for some time now... Though at one time they said a pair should only cost $30...

     29 October 2000, 08:56 GMT

zro  Account Info

does anyone actually know how the encryption is suposed to work? I already have a few ideas for some near tcp/ip style communication with several of the different ways the links work if i can put more than 2 calcs on the same encryption band....anyone interested in assisting in a cross calc platform(ti83 83+ 85 86 89 92 and 92+) chat software capable of handling more than two calcs.....send a mail....or if u just want to give ideas.....thats fine to



     30 October 2000, 02:42 GMT

Re: encryption

i just want to say that is a totally awesome idea for a cross calc chat and that people are already developing programs before the actual device has been out. it would be really cool and helpful if lots of people had the radiolinc with an ongoing chatroom going on all day at school to help with homework and keep updated on everything going on. it could be like IRC, only on calculators. I guess that is until teachers figure it out and ban calculators in Lit or whatever. But until then, it's an awesome idea!

     30 October 2000, 04:51 GMT

Re: Re: encryption
Prashant  Account Info

"The authoritators shall set the rules, and the authoritatees shall find a way to break them."
We, the calculator enthusiasts, are the authoritatees.

     31 October 2000, 23:52 GMT

Re: Re: encryption
James Horton  Account Info

If we had a chat room set up with a lot of people in it at school, we could program it so we could get longer range. For example, if there are 2 people about 1200 ft away with a third person in the middle, to send it between the 2 people 1200 ft way, we could first send it to the third person in the middle and then have it sent it the the receiving end.

     3 November 2000, 22:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: encryption

it could work kinda like gnutella then, computers linked to computers linked to more computers, only with calcs. but seeing as i have no experience programming with ASM or even using BASIC to link 2 calcs, i would have trouble making that program. more power to whoever can accomplish this little project!!

     6 November 2000, 21:23 GMT

update....to encryption
zro  Account Info

well, i got some more info from Fission labs.....and i am now workin on a pre beta for a cross calc platform chat program....i have really only programed for the 89/92+, 86, and 85....so anyone willing to help with the 83 and 83+ would be greatly appriciated

     30 October 2000, 12:38 GMT

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