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void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Posted by Nick on 6 May 2000, 22:27 GMT

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Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin

does anyone know if there is like a program that can translate tibasic into asm? i saw a program that did it with machine langue or something... i was just wondering because a while back i made a pig latin translator.. later

- skyraid

     7 May 2000, 07:53 GMT

Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm at a LAN party all night right now. It's about 3:00 AM here in Chicago and, yes, I have AP tests this week, 200 pages of a book to read, and I have to visit relatives tomorrow.

Yeah, it's been a little bit busy. Thanks for asking.

I got rid of some offending comments (i.e. people who feel they need to resign their inevitable fate by saying they didn't get first comment when they really did and I deleted it :P)

Sorry that I didn't get to this earlier. Needless to say; I've been bowling, eating dinner, eating pie, playing You Don't Know Jack 3, eating more dinner and more pie, and some other stuff today that best goes unmentioned *g*.

Things will get back on track in a fortnight or so when I won't need to worry about any of this AP test garbage anymore and all I need to do is attend some 9e99 graduation parties.

In short, yes I'm still here and I haven't dropped off the face of the earth :)


     7 May 2000, 09:58 GMT

Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Jeff Chai  Account Info

You're that busy! No wonder you havn't responded to my emails yet. We've got our own tests down here in Maryland. This week, we have the MS-Pap's. Then the CRT's the week after that. Then after that, our school volunteered us to take some high school pilot tests. Then again, everyone gets their fair share of standardized tests. =)

Good luck on those AP tests!

     8 May 2000, 05:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Jeff Meister  Account Info

MSPAP's are corrupted. Just thought I'd rant for a while here:

The @&@!ing teachers tell us this test counts for your grade and will get you into smart courses in high school. They're lying as usual... this test is only to evaluate the school, and personal scores aren't even obtainable (actually I think a parent can call and get them if they care all that much). They only tell us this because if we don't try on the test and think it doesn't count, we get to be 3rd from the bottom in the county like last year and they all lose their jobs! They have no idea how much power we hold over them! Mwahahaha!

Boy did I piss off the English teacher. We were discussing MSPAP testing as usual in that class, and the teachers were stressing how important it is for us to be in school that day (they even have prizes for people who show up). I once again screwed her up by saying that the only reason the teachers and stuff want us to come to school is because if we don't, WE GET A 0 FOR THE TEST. Why you ask? Because the teachers and administrators are so corrupted here. If that rule wasn't in place, the teachers would tell all the stupid kids to stay home so the scores go up! Boy did she get pissed. Paul said to me in a whisper that I'm positive she could hear, "Jeff! Don't tell the truth! She can't take it!"

Hahaha... in my testing group today I was done before everyone else except Mike Moor, who was sitting right across from me. He wanted to play with my TI-89, so I let him. I started working on my TI-83, on my Pig-Latin program. Yay, that makes this all on-topic! Or not. But anyway, Mrs. Unger comes over and screams (kind of) Jeff! Mike! gimme those calculators, and get back to work on your test! Then we both say, but Mrs. Unger, we're done! WELL GET BACK TO WORK ANYWAY! YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO WORK! REREAD EVERYTHING 500 TIMES!

Testing sucks.

- Jeff

     9 May 2000, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
(Web Page)

Darn AP's...I don't like taking them but there's no better alternative for anyone who wants to get into a top college (at least at my school). What's especially annoying is that in New York schools start later and end later than in other places, so we take the AP's just over a month before the end of the year and have less time to prepare for them, using the instructional time instead for a final project. At least when they are over I won't have as many finals to prepare for...although next year I'll be taking four AP's and Calc III and the next year four or five AP's and who-knows-what in math.......going crazy just thinking about all of that work..things will be easier in college, lol. At least I won't have the pressure of getting into a top college then.

By the way you might not have noticed but ticalc.org has been rated a 'cool' site at Dmoz, the Open Directory Project...viewable at
Calculators/TI_Graphing_Calculators/ (no spaces in the name but for some reason the posting software is putting a 40 char limit)

     10 May 2000, 05:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
(Web Page)

Oh yeah and I'll be releasing some AP Calc programs after the AP if that helps anyone taking it next year (I would before but it would take too long to get all of the stuff together...plus the programs always take several days to post anyway)

     10 May 2000, 05:13 GMT

Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
William Tipton  Account Info

i think a good contest would be for a program that simplifies radicals..
i know there is already one in the archives for the 83 but its over 1000 bytes and i think we can do better than that ;-)

     7 May 2000, 21:44 GMT

Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Henry Pate  Account Info

actually there is one that does it in less than 200 bytes.

     8 May 2000, 01:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

Are you referring to the one I posted in Program Ideas or another one?

     11 May 2000, 02:49 GMT

Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
(Web Page)

the 89 does it automatically....

     10 May 2000, 04:57 GMT

Gohan Account Info
(Web Page)

ok i know off the subject but I still dont get this ASM compiling thing, I'm trying to use as92 (the on calc compiler) but how does it work? there are no instructions:( besides, if I wrote an asm program in notepad how would I get it on my ti89 so I can compile it? it allways annoys me by saying not individual!!

     7 May 2000, 21:55 GMT

Paul Schippnick  Account Info
(Web Page)

You asked,"if I wrote an asm program in notepad how would I get it on my ti89 so I can compile it?" I would think you can copy and past from NotePad to the TI-89 Graph Link program screen. I am not sure that is what you want to do. But it works. Using copy and past programs can be moved from the TI-89 to the TI-92 using the Graph Link programs for each.

     8 May 2000, 00:28 GMT

Re: Re: ASM
Anubis  Account Info

This guy is right, you need some form of "go-between" since calcs store text in a non-standard (read: non-ASCII) format. There's one of my suggestions for TI: USE ASCII like everyone else does!! Think how much more beautiful the world would be then...

my $0.02

     8 May 2000, 03:56 GMT

Re: Re: ASM
Gohan Account Info
(Web Page)

OK! so once I got the asm program in pgrm format on my calc, how do I compile it with that as92?
I tried- as92(hello)
but it says argument error :(

How does this stupid on calc compiler work anyway?

     9 May 2000, 02:35 GMT

JrJinfinity  Account Info
(Web Page)

Maybe you should try compiling on the PC instead, then test the programs using an emulator, I find they compile lots faster on the PC, and the emulator is faster or not depending on your settings. Also if you crash the emulator you can with 1 click revert to the saved state this saves much time in testing programs, and much battery life as well.

I haven't ever seen a descent compiler for the computer that didn't have descent documentation either, they are pretty good about that to keep it simple for others to use their programs.

BTW, when will Ti-85's ever get a featured program, they've never had one, and maybe never will? If you look there are excellent programs coming out for them still, just not as fast as for the other calcs.


     8 May 2000, 03:05 GMT

Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
luke195rs  Account Info

Wait a minute, I thought that in pig latin you moved the first letter to the end FIRST, and THEN added an A... or am I just crazy.

By the way, I think that creating a program like this for a contest is a very nice idea.

     8 May 2000, 04:57 GMT

Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
JrJinfinity  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't think your crazy cause I don't know the pig latin language that well. Probably isn't hard to learn but I prefer spending my time doing something...more productive... challenging... creative...etc.

I also noticed at the void's webpage yesterday, before this message was posted at ticalc.org they had a nice little link to my clubs "webpage", but not the club page.

I'm encouraging all handheld owners to join, (ti-calc, gameboy, casio, hp, etc.) just click on the URL above and it will take you there.

current clubpic features a screenshot of my Future OS Lite version for the Ti-85


     8 May 2000, 05:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: void.calc.org Contest: Pig Latin
luke195rs  Account Info

Good, but I mean for a CONTEST its a nice idea. I definatly wouldn't do something like this in my freetime. It would be better though if the contest had its participants do something more productive. Something the programming community needs. Oh well.

     8 May 2000, 22:48 GMT

Jeff Meister  Account Info

I'm sure someone knows how to do this, so might as well post it here... I'm working on this pig-latin program in TI-83 BASIC (just for fun) and I'm stuck with something...

I already got the program to figure out where the first vowel is (using inString). Actually, it knows where all the vowels are, but that doesn't matter. What I can't seem to get it to do is remove the letters before the vowel. I tried:


Where X is the position of the first vowel in the string minus one. That gives me an error because sub doesn't seem to like variables. It doesn't like list items either, I tried it with L1(1) and got an error. If anyone knows how I could fix this, or a better way to do it... please respond.


- Jeff

     9 May 2000, 22:05 GMT

Re: Help!
luke195rs  Account Info

I'm not exactly sure, but have you tryed something like this?


I mean that you don't ever have to store it as a variable if you substitue your inString statement into the sub statement itself. I really have no idea how to make a pig-latin program because, the pig-latin I learned is different than ticalc.org's. Let me know if this helps at all. I usually try to avoid strings when possible because to me the syntax makes little sense, and I ALWAYS end up looking in the manual. That, and the calc lacks the tools, I think are nessesary to work with strings. One major problem I encountered is adding a variable to the end of a string. If I wanted to add Z to a string if Z was, oh say 85, I would think I would do this...


... to get "ABCDE85", but it doesn't work. I can't find anything like this in the manual. Is there a way to do do this?

     10 May 2000, 05:34 GMT

Re: Re: Help!
Jeff Meister  Account Info

Hmm... the part you weren't sure about I think I can get. Try just:

"ABC" -> Str1
Str1 + "DEF" -> Str1

If not that,

"ABC" -> Str1
"DEF" -> Str2
Str1 + Str2 -> Str1

That should work. I remember using something like this somewhere, but I can't remember which way.

Oh, and I'll try your idea. I also try to avoid strings, but in this case, they're the only way to go. And I'm going to the ti.com site to look in the manual on inString( ... I can't find mine.

- Jeff

     11 May 2000, 00:43 GMT

Re: Re: Help!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

Str1+Z -> Str1

You can't add a numeric variable to a string like that. It doesn't work. However, you can add a one-digit number to the end of a string like this:

Str1+sub("0123456789",Z+1,1) -> Str1

You'll need to add the digits one by one. If you know Z is an integer between 10 and 99, you could use:

Str1+sub("0123456789",int(Z/10)+1,1) + sub("0123456789",fPart(Z/10)*10+1,1) -> Str1

You'll probably want to store "0123456789" in another string variable if you're going to use it a lot. Also, it would help to write a program that turns large integers into lists (for example: 21095 to {2,1,0,9,5}) to simplify the number-to-string code.

I wish the 83 had a str$ function like QBasic. It would make my programs so much easier to write.

     11 May 2000, 03:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Help!
luke195rs  Account Info

That is a very cool method to do that. I never really thought about that. Hmmm. Quite a trick. Where did you learn that... or did you find it yourself? That is kind of bothersome everytime you want to add a nonconstant variabable to a string, though. I wonder why TI made the calc so you couldn't do that. Oh well. Thanks, I appriciate that.

     11 May 2000, 21:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Help!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

You're welcome.

btw, I've written that program to separate the digits in a large integer. I'll include it in the next version of 83-Basic Library. Then you can just use:

Str1+sub("0123456789",\L\DIGIT(X)+1,1) -> Str1

to add the number to the end of the string. (The \L\ is in the LIST OPS menu, option B.)

If only it could be as simple as in other BASICs.

Str1 = Str1 + Str$(Z)

     13 May 2000, 05:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Help!

If by "separate the digits in a large integer" you mean just take a number (not a string) and put the digits in a list, I think I have the fastest and smallest way. (This is intended for TI-83, but it should be easy to convert it to other calcs.
ipart(10fPart(N/seq( <10^(>X),X,1,1+log(N))))
Drop the space after seq( (stupid 40 character rule).
You can (and should) drop of the parenthises at the end of the line if you can, and <10^(> is the 10^X, which is right above the log key on TI-83. When you drop the closing parenthises, it is 19 bytes, and all one line.

     13 May 2000, 17:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Help!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

I've written a routine to convert any real number to a string. It's slow, but I'm sure someone will make a better one.

// precondition: X is a real number
// postcondition: Str1=str$(X)

// check whether X is positive or negative
0 -> N
If X<0
-X -> X // If negative, change to + temporarily
1 -> N // and set negative flag

// Create a new string
// Start with decimal point
"." -> Str1

// separate integer part from fraction part
iPart(X) -> I
fPart(X) -> F

// Add integer's digits, one at a time,
// to the left side
While I>0
10fPart(I/10) -> D
iPart(I/10) -> I
sub("0123456789",D+1,1)+Str1 -> Str1

If F

// If there is a fractional part,
// add its digits to the end of Str1
While F>0
iPart(10F) -> D
fPart(10F) -> F
Str1+sub("0123456789",D+1,1) -> Str1

// if not, remove the decimal point
sub(Str1,1,length(Str1)-1) -> Str1

// if x was negative, add a minus sign
If N
"-"+Str1 -> Str1

     16 May 2000, 06:24 GMT

Re: Help!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

<snip> sub doesn't seem to like variables </snip>

Really? I use variables in sub all the time and never have any problems with it.

Maybe the problem is that you have a vowel as the first letter (X=0). sub and + don't work too well with zero-length strings.

     11 May 2000, 02:54 GMT

Re: Re: Help!
Jeff Meister  Account Info

Hmm, maybe you were in a different situation, let me explain mine and see if it's the same.

When I'm making a program (TI-BASIC) to convert Engilsh to Pig Latin, I need to know where the first vowel is. So I use inString( to find the locations of all the vowels, delete the ones that don't exist (equal 0) and stick them in a string. Then I sort the string in ascending order with SortA( and that should tell me the position of the first vowel. Let's say that (or actually, that minus one) is stored to X.

Now I want to get rid of the stuff before that vowel and put it at the end. So to get rid of it, I did:

sub(Str1,1,X) -> Str2

So that should take out everything before the vowel. But it doesn't. For some reason, that gives me an error, I think it was Domain or Data Type. That's my main problem.

If that were to work, then it would be simple, I just do:

Str2 + "AY" -> Str2
Str1 + Str2 -> Str1

I have no idea why this happens. I'm going to look up sub( and inString( in the manual to see if I'm doing something wrong.

- Jeff

P.S. By the way... are you using a TI-83? That's the calculator I'm doing this on, maybe I forgot to say that.

     11 May 2000, 21:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Help!
luke195rs  Account Info

Do you know if any commands for strings on the 83+ are any different from those of the 83?

     12 May 2000, 05:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Help!
Jeff Meister  Account Info

Daniel: I'm sorry... I just tried some stuff with sub( and variables on my emulator and it worked fine. So I went and got my 83 and tried again, and everything worked. I don't know what went wrong, maybe I forgot to put something in the variable. Oh well, I'd be done with my program, If my stupid friend hadn't deleted it :/

Luke: I doubt it. I'll look though, if I get the chance.

- Jeff

     12 May 2000, 21:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Help!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info

The 83+ string commands are the same as the 83's.

     13 May 2000, 05:13 GMT

Re: Help!
Marius from the Netherlands  Account Info

Sub argumeents go like this: sub(string number,number of first letter u want,number of letters you want)
so u would need:
sub(Str1 ,X,length( Str1)-X)->Str2
the X should NOT be minus one...
just the normal X which is the place of the vowel
what it does is this: it takes from Str1 the piece:X to the length of string one -X, which will get exactly to the end. Then it stores that piece in Str2
if Str1 is brother and X is 2, it takes 2 to 7-2 (=5)

Your full code will be like this:
"Your code to figure out where the first vowel is and that is stored in X"
:If X=1
:Str1+ "YAY"->Str1
:Goto AA
:sub( Str1,X,length( Str1)-X)->Str2
:sub(Str1,1 ,X-1)->Str3
:Str2 +Str3+"AY"->Str1
:Lbl AA
:disp Str1

btw guys, im reeally stunned noone knew how to do that..... i think im a bit late with my response, but ow well..... i dont really care

     21 November 2003, 23:02 GMT

Re: Re: Help!
TI-genius Account Info

I own a TI-83 Plus SE and i would like to have a routine in ASM that converts X to Str1. Can someone help me out or make that program for me? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

     6 August 2004, 03:41 GMT

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