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TI-83 Plus SDK Released
Posted by Nathan on 30 October 1999, 07:17 GMT

Texas Instruments released the TI-83 Plus Software Development Kit. According to the FAQ, this allows software developers to program in Zilog Z80 assembly code. Listing technical specifications and user interface guidelines--as well as offering a "software simulator/debugger"--the SDK will allow programmers to create tight programs that are optimized and integrated with the TI-OS (presently, programmers have used incomplete, hacked TI-83 and TI-83 Plus information for programming). Available only in English, this free SDK will soon be followed by both educational and professional versions, which will allow programmers to write Flash applications which execute directly from the Flash ROM.


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Re: TI-83 Plus SDK Released
Robert Maresh  Account Info
(Web Page)

The TI-83 plus sdk has a lot of information. Anyone who is interested in programming assembly language programs on the TI-83+ should definitely download it. I was overwhelmed when I saw what it has. Like how to disable the 'ON' interrupt, and so much more. It may open up a whole new world in assembly programming. Have fun!

     30 October 1999, 23:48 GMT


There's been a lot of stuff going on like mac/pc or better and so on. The real difference is in os, windows, mac os. When it comes down to it, windows may seem buggy from the intial reports that mac users read and seem to contiually bring up a four year old article everytime the argument comes up. As for the Apple, they make bone headed moves all the time,Windows users at least have a 75 billion dollar heartless man controling us, who dropped out of college, and comes up with better marketing moves then any of you will ever see. As for games, Windows is superior, I know all you mac users will go and defend your games, the games that nobody cares the hell about. Marathon, thank you very much. The only thing macs are good for is the amature photo imaging. The kind people use to cut other people's heads and past them on the somebody else's body. We can see where that leads. All I have to say is LINUX will soon dominate world.

     31 October 1999, 05:16 GMT

Re: Mac
yoshii hiro  Account Info

Linex will dominate eh? you just said that you use IBM because it has more games. Linex only has three games. We mac users feel we have plenty of games, and I havn't seen any pc games that aren't for the mac (except carpocalypse now which im not sure is out yet for mac) We don't dislike windows because we've heard old bug reports, we dislike it because we've used it and can't stand its innefficiency.

     31 October 1999, 20:19 GMT

Re: Re: Mac
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

Thats right but I have linux and I have more than three games. Right now linux is to uncommon and too complicated for most people to change to right now. That will change in the 23 century.

     31 October 1999, 23:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mac
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah I also have more than 3 games. Also what Linux Dist. do you have? Mine was super easy to install. Although I have installed Linux about 100+ Times.

     31 October 1999, 23:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

Mandrake, mine was super hard. For one thing because of the geometry of my hard drive and microsoft and intels secret sceams I have to use a boot floppy to start linux. Another thing was my graphics I had no Idea when I installed it what graphics accellerator I had. As a matter of fact Linux ruined my whole computer, I had to use COMPAQ'S QUICK RESTORE DISK to start from scratch. Oh well At least I backed up using my zip drive, Though I had to re download IE5 again.

     31 October 1999, 23:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

I recently upgrade from Linux-Mandrake 6.0 to 6.1 and it was way easy. However I used Macmillians Dist. of Linux-Mandrake. The reason you install was so hard was probably cause of the stupid COMPAQ and their crappy hardwrae (no offense to you of course, I had a COMPAQ once too). You should really try a different dist. if you think its do hard, I heard SuSE's is pretty easy. BTW (by the way) BeOS is easier to install than a MacOS, Windows, or Linux, and it only takes about five-ten minutes.

     1 November 1999, 00:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
pikachu2  Account Info

Please don't diss compaq, their computers are good. I think it is microsoft and intel too. Oh well I talked to Etec and he has it working just fine now. He also has the Macmillions dist. You know I think he likes his COMPAQ as much as his MAC even though he does not admit it.


     1 November 1999, 00:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah right! COMPAQ makes the most shitty computers ever, well NEC is worse but anyways. The only reason people buy them is becuase of their ads and brand name. DELL's and other "custom built" computers are so much better. Also Dell won't fill half of your hardrive with gay software that you'll never use (Like AOL). COMPAQs suck, Mac's kick COMPAQ's ass.

     1 November 1999, 02:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, now you've done it. I hope your shitty computers blow up from overdose of fag user. Compaq has some of the best computers out their. My compaq is upgradable to be as fast as your computer. Remember you can always delete the stuff you don't want off your hard drive and I have aol, I use it along with my other services and COMPAQ custom computers are better than slow ugly boxey dells. My compaq could kick the shit out of a dell. I chose the COMPAQ PRESARIO over a fucked up dell because I know its better, Just like I chose the mac because I know it's better than most PC's. The only reason you may think diffrent is because you can't go beyond the boundarys of most computers and you probly don't understand the advantages of compaq. At least I can edit videos without having to buy an editor. Maby you should think before you insult. Again your computers should blow up from a over dose of fag user. Try ordering the weekest compaq you can and see how it still has advantages over others. My compaq came with 3x the features I did not expect. I just want to say maby some people buy their computers because it is the best for what the are going to use it for. Damm you're stupid. Linux only has problems with my computer because my hard drive is so big that partitioning causes problems. UHHH

     2 November 1999, 00:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

"overdose of fag user" ?? Yeah, right... If that was true Steve Jobs would have blown up all of the computers he went by. And for that matter so would Bill Gates, he worse than Steve Jobs.

And I do own a COMPAQ. I think it sucks compared to the one I built myself, no not Dells or Gateways. I use Macs to edit video by the way, however I do edit videos with the PC too.

Dells case are ugly as hell, I wish I could stick the Hardware into a G4, that would be sweet.

Finally AOL sucks, I have a cable modem (1.5 MB/S) and I would never trade my @Home service for AOL.

     2 November 1999, 04:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
raw33 Account Info

If there's one thing we all can agree on, AOL SUCKS!

     2 November 1999, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

No it does not. Stop flaming companys. Would someone like me to start up again.

     3 November 1999, 00:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Mac
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

Huh, someone agrees with me on bill gates. Ooops I really should not say that, someone may like him.

     3 November 1999, 00:22 GMT

I didnt know TI was so fascistic

The requirement to have TI control every app I can run on the calculator I paid for is DISGUSTING. Even Microsoft does not do that, not even Apple. Those texans are fascist. But they should take lessons from their friends of the movie industry who invented a very complex system for DVDs to stop people from moving DVDs from one place to another. And the Linux DVD project managed to reverse engineer their system, so the moral is, dont try to hide behind such stupid systems.

I dont see any reason for them to control what apps can be run on their calculator except to limit the possibilites of the users and help their corporate friends keep a monopoly on certains areas. Since their calculators are very limited devices, anything a commercial company could do would be not too hard to reproduce in functionality by someone else and make it free. But TI should be aware that such stupid tatics wont work, Microsoft is now seeing that Free Software (as in liberty, not price) will soon dominate the world and that resistance is futile.

So I have one message for the people at TI, YOU ARE STUPID! You have a large part of the graphical calculator market because of the large amount of free apps avalaible, not because your calculators are better than the others. You are killing the chicken that layed golden eggs, and it will be the end of your calculator division. It's that simple...

Your only hope is that someone finds a way to reverse engineer you idiotic system. And you know it is just a matter of time.

You should have a talk with the people at Compaq and Apple, because you will soon find out where not being open leads, and it is not profit, it is loosing your job.

Btw, while I'm at it, the Apple PowerPC chip is great and MacOS pre-X sucks, not only because is a about 20 years behind everyone else in the market, not only because it is the only personal computer OS that does not yet offer some kind of preemptive multitasking, not only because there is absolutely NO security (dont be fooled by the Apple PR about MacOS9, there new security has already been bypassed, even Win95 is more secure), it is because it is soo closed, so proprietary that not even Microsoft can beat them. IBM PowerPC, on the other hand, while being more powerful (64 bits and all) than the Motorola version also has fully open specs and supports Free (as in free speech, not free beer) Operating Systems, and that's were the difference comes in. I would like to tell all of you admirators of Jobs, that Steve thinks MacOS sucks so much that he decided to throw it out and completely replace its internals by a Free and Open OS called NetBSD (on an also free Mach micro-kernel) and he "gave" is to as under a new name...ohh and he is gonna sell you all that stuff he got for free for around $US 600... Isn't that great marketing and manipulation of some peoples little minds? On the other hand, look at Dell, they use open systems, they sell Linux and have just passed Compaq as the leading computer builder in America, but they have also passed Apple as the leader in the education market! Micheal Dell is an example you should follow!

Coming back to TI, they should look at what their friends at the 6th largest company (I named IBM here) in the world are doing, they are supporting Linux and Free Software, because they know the power of millions of individual bound together with what's strongest, the will for Freedom! Freedom of though, of use, of study! Remember, IBM is 5 times bigger than Microsoft and I dont know how many times bigger than TI and they know that they cannot beat the penguin and the gnu bound together to fight for FREEDOM!

     31 October 1999, 07:07 GMT

Re: I didnt know TI was so fascistic
yoshii hiro  Account Info

Mac's have less security than windows? The U.S. military just contracted apple for their system because they wanted something more secure than their previous IBM system which was hacked :P

     31 October 1999, 20:24 GMT

MacOS has no security

It is by some considered more secure simply because there is no way to do remote administration. You have to sit in front of the console to do everything. Even Apple uses Solaris for its web servers. If you want a secure OS, OpenBSD is the way.

     31 October 1999, 22:21 GMT

Re: Re: I didnt know TI was so fascistic
Etec Account Info
(Web Page)

really cool. My dentist changed from pcs to macs because the mac was better for their system.

     31 October 1999, 23:06 GMT

Re: Re: I didnt know TI was so fascistic
Chris Perkins  Account Info
(Web Page)

Actually I think it is because that They dont trust bill gates and microsft.I remember that a command was programed into the first few versions of MSDOS that could enter any system and take any thing.The government found this out at one time and made him change it.Also he has probably down things like that on windows.I am a windows user but yet I dislike Bill Gates.He is a power hungry man.

     1 November 1999, 02:51 GMT

Re: I didnt know TI was so fascistic
phongn  Account Info

You're allowed to charge money for modifing and distributing BSD. Read the license.

MacOS X is not just BSD, it's more. It has the Mach microkernal, which is Apple's (well, technically NeXT's, but Apple bought them out), Darwin (Apple's chunk), their GUI (which I vastly prefer), and BSD.

     31 October 1999, 21:15 GMT

a few errors

First, Mach is not Apple's NeXT used the Mach microkernel as well as a bunch of other OSes such as GNU Hurd. Mach was originally developed by CMU and is now maintained by the worldwide academic community.

Darwin is Mach + NetBSD, there is almost nothing else, except a much more restrictive license.

The only thing specific to Apple in there is the GUI and even there you can get very similar (identical) themes for Enlightement (e.themes.org) themes like E-mac are even better than the real thing.

You can have a better desktop, with more apps, at a cheap price with a Free OS like Linux and you still keep all of your Freedom.

Also, I have nothing against them making money from Free Software, a company like redhat is doing great stuff for the community, releasing everything they write under the GPL and they are still making millions of dollars. What I am saying is that, even if the license does not forces them do to anything, they should have the morality of releasing it to the community so we could improve it. User interface works has started about 2 or 3 years ago on Linux and look where we are now, compared to what Apple as done in the last twenty years. I would say that the Free Software as done as much in the last year than Apple has done in its whole existence for user interfaces.

     31 October 1999, 22:34 GMT

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