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Number of files 7
Last updated Sunday, 3 April 2005
Total downloads 9,003
Most popular file  Talmud ava metsia part one with 1,598 downloads.

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aclock.zip87k05-04-03File is not ratedAClock 1.00
Displays a little clock on the screen :)
chartabl_2.zip283k05-04-03File is not ratedCharTabl 2.00
Changes the [2nd][CHAR] option for a char table with an easier access to all characters
fastkbd4.zip88k05-04-03File is not ratedFastKbd 4
A small TSR which allows you to choose the speed of your keyboard (for arrows and backspace keys)
gemarabavametsiaperek1inh.zip216k04-08-24File is not ratedTalmud ava metsia part one
First at the world of the TI ; talmud in chars hebrew on the calc this program is only a beta version has to come soon text editor as hibview or txtrider in all chars (hebrew_russia_arab_india_japaneese)
microshl.zip472k05-04-03File is not ratedMicroShl 0.5
MicroShl is a file explorer (Shell) Its main caracteristics : * It installs itelf in RAM and is transparently integrated to the desktop * It is small (<8 kB) * It adapts itself to the default language of the calculator * It can archive, lock, delete, move, rename, send, ... files * It can take icons from the idicons file (see ID of ExtendeD for more details) * It uses icons of nostub programms if exists * kbdprgm1..9 & kbdfunc1..8 programs are launched by [<>] + [1]..[9] / [F1]..[F8] * [2nd] + [ESC] goes to the Home, not to the Desktop * only one executable for all languages and calculators
multclip.zip382k05-04-03File is not ratedMultClip
MultClip is a small TSR which extends the copy&paste of your TI, with the possibility of having more than one text in the paste buffer
porsche.zip216k03-11-19File is not ratedPorsche
A gallery of the most beautiful Porsche. An essential program for those who are fond of these cars, like me ! It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC in nostub mode. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Try it !
ttools.zip404k05-04-03File is not ratedTtools 0.2beta
Its an universal uninstaller for my own convention of TSRs :) It can also give some informations about the installed TSRs
zipper.zip115k03-11-19File is not ratedZipper
A little program to zip and unzip in format ZIPLIB. Requires preOS. It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Try it !

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