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factorising.tns.zip1k20-12-11File is not ratedFactoriser
Factorises a given number. For some number n, input factor(n) for a list of the factors, of n. Note that this is a python program and requires a Ti Nspire CX ii/CX ii, with operating system 5.2 or newer to run. Also note that one must first run the program, factorising.py, in the python shell and then the function, factor(n).
lineardiophantineequation.zip2k20-12-07File is not ratedLinear Diophantine Equations Solver
This program will solve linear Diophantine equations. It only works on the Ti Nspire CX II or CX II CAS, and requires OS 5.20 or greater. To solve linear Diophantine equations in the form ax+by=c, first run the program, and, then, simply input isolve(a,b,c) in the python shell provided.
modpowers.tns.zip1k20-12-16File is not ratedModular powers/exponents
Will calculate a^kmodn (calculates modular powers/exponents). given one wants to calculate a^kmodn input modpower(a,k,n) and the output will be the value of a^kmodn this algorithm uses the exponentiation property of modular arithmetic. Also note that one needs to run the program in the shell first before running the modpower function.

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