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Last updated Tuesday, 8 May 2001
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Most popular file  Element v1.1 with 5,248 downloads.

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element.zip19k98-08-28File is not ratedElement v1.1
Graphical periodic table program. Gives you the name, atomic number, molar weight, volumic weight, electronegativity, boiling point, melting point, enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of vaporization, and calorific capacity for each element. Includes English and French versions. Required libraries: flib, graphlib, hexlib, pk92lib.
fchem.zip4k98-02-16File is not ratedFChem v1.0 Beta
Ported from Fargo 0.1.x. Periodic table of the elements database. Allows you to search based on the symbol of the element. Gives you the name, atomic number, symbol, atomic weight, and oxidation states. Required libraries: flib.
gencode.zip2k98-04-03File is not ratedGenetic Code v1.0
A tiny tool that gives the meaning of a codon on the RNA. Required libraries: flib.
molmas.zip5k98-06-11File is not ratedMolar Mass Calculator v2.0
Calculates the molar mass of molecules. Required libraries: flib.
tableaul.zip8k00-05-09File is not ratedTableau périodique v3.10b Light (French)
a french chemical table, light version
tableau.zip33k00-05-09File is not ratedTableau périodique v3.00b (French)
a french chemical table with more than 15 informations on the 112 first elements (compressed)
tab.zip28k98-05-30File is not ratedTAB v2.01
A graphical periodic table of the elements program. Gives you the atomic number, name, symbol, oxidation state, electronic configuration, and the atomic mass of each element. Includes English, French, and Swedish versions. Required libraries: flib, hufflib.
yapt.zip50k01-05-08File is not ratedYapt
Unique among ti89 and 92+ assembly language periodic tables are the following features found in yapt. 1)The user can smart search by name, symbol, or atomic number. 2)There are two label systems -the user can have non desrciptive labels with units OR descriptive labels without units. 3)It can generate two dimensional electron cloud diagrams AND there are three cordinate systems for the 2d diagram used by various standards. 4)It has a name/symbol association quizzer. 5)The user can exit and have the mass of the current item be placed in the clipboard. 6)There is a molar mass computator with a pretty print interface AND it can insert results to history directly without the user having to exit the program! 7)There is a general purpose chemical formula editor -for use with a separate balancing program. 8)The user can graph data by trends -The graph can be traced, the user can alter the ymax variable and the user can do smart searches. 9)The user can export data in yapt to list variables for analysis of patterns. 10)There is a custom data page. -----Data is distributed with the permission of the Journal of Chemical Education-----

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