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Last updated Thursday, 14 November 2019
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Most popular file  podracer89 with 10,161 downloads.

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blaze.zip1k00-12-10File is not ratedBLAzE
The all new BLAzE! Updated for the TI-89. OK, look. It's my first 89 program. I just ported my 83+ program. There is also a PC version. Play it. Love it. Dream of it while you sleep.
coolracr.zip3k00-08-22File is not ratedCoolracer 360
A cool racing game with 360 degrees motion (almost). It's really cool! Try it!
donkey.zip2k19-11-14File is not ratedDonkey
In 1981, Bill Gates and Neil Konzen ushered in the era of IBM PC gaming with DONKEY.bas. Now, play an adaptation on your TI-89 in a challenge of autos and animals. True to the original, this game was coded in BASIC.
f1raceng.zip2k00-05-31File is not ratedF1raceng
It's an original game like drugwar without drugs
justgt.zip9k02-01-01File is not ratedG T Racing 3.9
From the Creator of G T Racing, Justin is now proud(?) to present G T Racing 3.9 w/Flib. Not much to say, except that this game has gone under a lot of work and re-organizing. It is now using Flib.
lotus.zip104k03-03-27File is not ratedLotus: The ultimate chalange, Beta
The Lotus game in TI-89!! The animated screenshoot is not very good, sorry. Is only a beta but is fully functional, enjoy!!
madracer.zip3k99-09-24File is not ratedMadRacer v0.2 Beta
mystuff.bike.zip1k04-05-25File is not ratedBASIC excitebike 89
Ok, i know this is kinda pointless to download now that Excitebike 68k is here. This is really slow. The dialog box asks how many jumps can appear onscreen at once (they slowthe game down but make you go faster.) Its a bit buggy and now it wont be finished really.
podracer.zip5k00-02-11File is not ratedpodracer89
fixed up version of racer89
race1.1.zip8k02-01-01File is not ratedRace 1.1
This is a cool and fast car-game for your TI-89 !!!
racegame.zip3k00-05-12File is not ratedRacer! v2.0
Control your ship from the word GO! to the time you crash! Uses new BASIC scrolling engine for smooth scrolling. A graphical game with lasers to destroy the path ahead of you, shrinking tunnels, and tons of features!
racetrack.zip1k04-05-19File is not ratedracetrack 1.00
racing game for ti89!
vrally_v0.5.zip325k03-06-05File is not ratedVRally
version 0.5 par Joan Cloez Vrally est l'adaptation du celebre jeu video sur TI89. Il est programmé en basic, et utilise la librarie Flib pour fonctionner correctement.

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