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555plusc.zip4k14-12-07File is not rated555 Astable Multivibrator
Design or analyze 555 astable multivibrator circuits. Calculates components, frequency, period, low and high pulse durations and duty cycle. Graphical representation of pulse output. To execute, select AST555 from the prgm menu. This is an updated version that fixes some calculation errors of the previous version.
apchemce.zip3k21-03-17File is not ratedAP Chemistry Program V.1.0.0
This program for the TI-84 Plus CE is designed with a variety of features/solvers that help students in AP Chemistry
atomslab.zip5k20-09-14File is not ratedTom's Lab AP Chem helper 1.2.2
Chem helper with: e- config, VSEPR, Gas laws, free energy, Acids, bases, k-constant, ph solver, polyatomics, organics and chem draw
calorimetry.zip3k16-07-28File is not ratedCalorimetry V1.6
This program does calorimetry in chemistry. Just choose the variable you are looking for, enter the other four variables, and you have an answer. Update includes an option to change the number of decimal places at the end of the equation.
ccsolver2.2.2.8xp.zip2k17-04-03File is not ratedClausius Clapeyron Equation Solver
A program to solve for any of three variables: Pressure, Temperature, or Heat of formation. Very easy to use as the program accepts three pressure units (atm, mmHg, & torr), as well as three temperature units (C,K,&F) and converts all of them automatically to an output of Kelvin, Atmospheres, or Kilojoules per mole, depending on the operation performed. ***Version updated to 2.2.3*** (file name not representative of version #) -Fixed syntax error when choosing Fahrenheit as units when solving for pressure or temperature -Fixed partially missing equation at top of screen for all "solve for" functions -Added a Ti-84+ friendly version to the file folder
ccsolverce.8xp.zip1k17-04-03File is not ratedClausius Clapeyron Equation Solver
A program to solve for any of three variables: Pressure, Temperature, or Heat of formation. Very easy to use as the program accepts three pressure units (atm, mmHg, & torr), as well as three temperature units (C,K,&F) and converts all of them automatically to an output of either Kelvin, Atmospheres, or kilojoules per mole depending on operation performed.
centroidcalculator.zip15k20-07-19File is not ratedCentroid Calculator 1.0
Find the coordinates of the centroid/centre of mass/centre of gravity of a two-dimensional complex shape! Simply break down the compound shape into simpler shapes, finding out their areas and respective centroid coordinates. With those smaller areas and centroid coordinates known, the program finds the overall centroid coordinates for the overall shape! This program aims to reduce the burden and likelihood of error when calculating the centroid manually. It works for compound shapes involving blank areas too! Useful for physics, engineering, or any other course involving centroids/centre of mass/centre of gravity.
chemmath.zip1k19-02-06File is not ratedChemistry Math Helper
This chemistry helper will help you solve equations relating to finding half-life, finding final mass, finding initial mass, and finding elapsed time. I might eventually add a mass defect helper.
circuitsolver.zip1k20-12-20File is not ratedPhysicsCircuitSolver
This program helps solve circuits in Physics.
converty.zip69k24-05-31File is not ratedConverty: The Ultimate Unit Converter
It's finally here, the best and easiest to use unit converter you'll ever find for any TI calculator. You can convert units of length, area, volume, mass, force, temperature, energy, density, pressure, velocity/speed, time, and memory. There are 98 units in total. Another awesome perk is that it only takes up 2900 bytes! If there is enough interest, I can make versions of this for other calculators as well. Update: fixed a precision issue with converting to m^2 and km^2.
dateconv84.zip1k16-12-13File is not ratedDate Conversion v1.00
The program converts a Gregorian calendar date given as year/month/day/hour/min/sec or year/month/decimal day to the Modified Julian Day number ( MJD = JD-2 400 000.5 ) and vice versa.
date_converter.zip2k20-12-07File is not ratedDate Converter
With this program you'll be able to convert date formats! It can convert to and from Julian day numbers and Ordinal date codes. It can also convert Julian dates to Gregorian dates and reversed! Very much thanks to RoccoLox Programs, for allowing the use of his program!
discap.zip1k20-09-01File is not ratedCapacitor Value Finder
A very simple program that does exactly what it sounds like it does. This program simply has you enter in the three numbers and the letter(s) (i.e. 103K or 3R3K) that are shown on a disc capacitor and the program will find the value of that capacitor. A very simple, easy, and useful program to have.
doppler.zip1k16-11-12File is not ratedDoppler Effect
This program calculates either the perceived new frequency heard by the observer (due to the Doppler Effect) or the original emitted frequency from the source for various situations such as the source moving towards/away from the observer, the observer moving away/towards the source, both the source and observer moving towards each other, and both the observer and source moving away from each other. This program is an extremely fast way to ensure you don't make any stupid mistakes changing the signs of the equation for each situation. Hope you like it!
forcedvibr.zip25k18-09-21File is not ratedForced Vibrations v1.11
The program finds for the differential equation ( d. e.) of a forced vibration given as m*d2y/dt2 + d*dy/dt + c*y = F0*cos(omega*t) or m*d2y/dt2 + d*dy/dt + c*y = F0*sin(omega*t) or a combination of both the exact solution dependant on preset initial conditions t0, y0(t0), y'0(t0). V1.11: sign error in the combination case fixed.
halflife.zip2k17-12-30File is not ratedHALFLIFE
This does many half life calculations it should help in chemistry and in physics. Enjoy:)
juliandateconv.zip1k20-12-31File is not ratedJulian Date Converter
The Julian Date Converter is a very simple program that will accurately converter between the standard date (Month, Day, Year) and the Julian Date. This program will also allow you to convert from the Julian Date to the standard date.
mep.zip1k21-03-01File is not ratedMean Effective Pressure for Diesel cycle
Take the uncertainty of inputting this huge formula into your calculator by just imputting the pressures, volumes and the expansion index to calculate the MEP.
momentscalculator.zip4k20-07-19File is not ratedMoments Calculator
Find the resultant moment acting about an axis of rotation with this program! Simply specify the number of moments, and their respective forces and perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation. Depending on your sign convention, opposite moments should have a negative force. This program aims to reduce the burden and likelihood of error when calculating the moment manually.
motion_density_color.zip4k18-08-26File is not ratedObject in Motion v2
Calculate and graphically display the trajectory of an object according to a precise set of criteria and parameters (real air density, G accel, physical object setings, etc.). Specific newer version of MOTION program to add color and compare to motion path objects. Help is directly included in program not in archive.
ohmslaw.zip1k21-04-15File is not ratedOhm's Law Calculator
This program will calculate for: Power (P), voltage (V), resistance (R), current (I), and Reactance. It is able to calculate those using only two known values depending on what you want calculated.
orbit84.zip24k17-03-19File is not ratedOrbit84
Track satellites in real time! This program allows you to see where a satellite is in real-time and whether it's above the horizon or not.
periodictable.zip6k15-04-25File is not ratedPeriodic Table
This program features a family and state periodic table, element list, search function and displays an element(symbol, name, atomic number, atomic mass, state, density, melting and boiling point). Requires Doors CSE 8.1.
phasic.8xp.zip1k19-09-25File is not ratedPhasic
Gives you the moon phase for a given date (make sure to include the decimal point but nothing before
physics1.2.0cedone.zip5k21-03-22File is not ratedPhysics V.1.2.0
This program contains a variety of solvers and features assisting students taking Physics at the High School Level
physics2solver.zip1k20-09-30File is not ratedPhysics2OscillationSolver
This program helps solve for variables in an oscillating wave.
physicsforms.zip1k20-08-06File is not ratedPhysicsFormulaSolver
This program includes a few of the many formulas for solving physics equations. This is only meant to help with some HIGH SCHOOL physics questions. If you want to use this on the SAT Physics test make sure you check the rules before using it.
polygon84.zip372k17-11-02File is not ratedCross-Section Properties and Stresses v1.03
This program determines for a polygonal section the center of gravity, area, moments of inertia and main moments of inertia including the angle of rotation of the main axes. Furthermore the stresses of all input points can be calculated for any combination of N ( positive, if acting as tension force ), Mx and My. N may be input as acting in the center of gravity or any point of the contour.
resistorcolorcode.zip2k13-08-18File is not ratedResistor Color Code
Calculates in ohms and the accuracy of the resistor. It can convert colors to value and value to colors. Supports three to six band resistors. Features a graphical representation of a resistor.
resistor.zip2k20-07-06File is not ratedResistor value Finder
A very simple program that does exactly what it sounds like it does. This program has you select the colors of the bands on a resistor and then it tells you what the resistance, tolerance, and temperature (for 6 band resistors) is of a resistor with those color bands. This program works for 4, 5, and 6 band resistors. This program will also, automatically convert the resistance number into Ohms, Kilo Ohms, or Mega Ohms. A very simple and easy program to use.
sciforms.zip1k14-05-10File is not ratedScience Formulas
This program solves 13 science formulas. They are: acceleration (force), acceleration (speed), efficiency, electric power, force, mechanical advantage, momentum, power, speed, temperature, voltage, wave speed, and work. 1539 bytes.
tempconvert.zip1k20-09-01File is not ratedTemperature Converter
The Ultimate Temperature Converter! This is a very simple, easy program to use. This program that has you select which temperature unit you wish to convert from and then the program will give you that temperature in seven other different units.

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