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Last updated Friday, 19 August 2022
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clinicaltrialanalysis.zip15k22-08-19File is not ratedClinical Trial Analysis
Given the data from clinical trials, you can determine the risks of then treatment and placebo groups and the absolute risk reduction vs. the relative risk reduction of death or other ailments.
csrcarmaker.zip2k22-08-19File is not ratedCSRacing Car Maker
CSRacing Car Maker lets you create your own custom cars for Calculator Street Racing and Calculator Street Racing Deluxe via Python. It can be used as a free and slightly more in depth alternative to the built in Car Creator found in the original game.
fibonacci.zip1k21-08-10File is not ratedFIBONACCI CALCULATOR!
This program is coded in Python™ and can only be executed on Python™ calculators. You will enter "fib(" then put in the number of fibonacci numbers that you want and close the parenthesis. It will display the fibonacci numbers in sequence format. 100% accurate and under 200 bytes!

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