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Last updated Tuesday, 28 May 2024
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cadce.zip24k19-03-21File is not ratedCAD CE v1.0.0b
A simple 2D CAD for the TI-84 Plus CE
hdpic.zip335k19-09-11File is not ratedHigh Definition Picture Viewer CE!
Take control of the entire LCD to display high quality images! No more low resolution graph-screen pictures, now you can get high definition pictures on your calculator in only a few steps! A converter is included along with a comprehensive video tutorial. Check out the screenshot for the comparison image!
icespritecreator.zip16k19-06-13File is not ratedICE Sprite Creator REMAKE v2.2.0
Based on ICE Sprite Creator by CalcMeister (Sam), this program was written from the ground up in ICE to add many features, including the ability to read from/write to ALL OS strings;The ability to create Cesium icons;Two new draw commands: Line and Rectangle;The ability to type in the sprite dimensions instead of clicking them in;An undo feature;Instant saving/loading of sprites (no more scrolling through numbers);A polished menu system;and more! All credit for main GUI goes to CalcMeister (Sam)
paintshopce.zip25k19-05-21File is not ratedPaintShop v1.2.0 CE
An advanced drawing/graphic design tool for the TI-84 Plus CE. Added color picker
rotzoomti84ce.zip6k17-03-28File is not ratedRotate/Zoom Demo v61 for TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE
A simple "demo" of rotating/zooming a 16-color image on the calculator. Runs full screen at about 16 frames per second.
splashce.zip80k16-08-09File is not ratedSPLASHCE
Splashes a 320x240 image to the screen using the full 65k color pallet TI-84+CE. Images can easily be converted and transferred to the calculator. Images do not take up any space in RAM (although SPLASHCE requires 51kb of RAM in order to run). Please check the README for usage.
ti84font.zip114k20-12-15File is not ratedTI-84 Plus font for the TI-84 Plus CE
The title says it all. Read the included readme file for details on how to use it.
tipaint2ce.zip2k17-01-14File is not ratedTi-Paint CE 2
Let your imagination soar with Ti-Paint CE, a paint-like program for your calculator! Draw with updated curved lines and even in 3D!
web1999.zip193k24-05-28File is not ratedWEB1999: an Internet simulator
Relive the glory days of yesteryear with WEB1999: a simulation of the Web browsing experience circa the turn of the third millennium! This is a non-interactive screensaver-style program wherein assorted pop-up advertisements appear onscreen and the computer autonomously fights a battle to keep the screen uncluttered. Older users with firsthand knowledge of the Web around the year 2000 will find nostalgic reminder while others will receive an impromptu lesson in history, and everybody should find the results fun to watch. Version 0.1c.

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