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fq11_8xp.zip6k12-03-07File is not ratedFQ 11
*ALL PROGRAM IN PORTUGUESE Várias utilidades para Fisica E Quimica A 11ºAno para resolver exercicios!
resumosfq1011.zip67k12-03-07File is not ratedResumos FQ 10-11 Ano
*PROGRAM IN PORTUGUESE* Resumos de materia de Fisica E Quimica A do 10º E 11º ano.
noteseti.zip16k05-05-06File is not ratedNotes v1.0
This is a program I've made when I was at school. It's full of formulas for math, chemistry, physics, economics and more... There is also automatic calculators with the formulas, an automatic calculator with a triangle to know all informations about it when you know somes and... So, if you are studying, it's a very good idea to download this !!!
sfdata.zip2k04-02-16File is not ratedScience Fair Data Manager
Are you a disorganized, messy person? Chances are yes. Being disorganized, what do you think the chances are that you will lose your science fair notebook, your precious data included? Fifty percent? Fifteen percent? That's a fifteen percent of failing science this semester. This simple, no-frills-included program provides you with a decent way of inputting/editing/viewing/archiving/testing your data.
ttest.zip2k04-02-04File is not ratedT-Test Master
A simple, quick t-test program that will save you hours of grueling work on your upcoming science fair paper and will tell you whether your data is statistically significant or not. Much easier to use than the built-in T-test function!
reftabl.zip1k03-04-13File is not ratedRefrence Tables v2.0
Handy set of refrence tables. Includes many earth science equations, conversions, and physics equations. Tells you how to do them and does them for you. Essential to school students.
tornado.8xg37k03-04-09File is not ratedTornado OS
These are basically all of my programs and some created by others regarding math and science. You most likely will have to have a nearly clear ram to ungroup these and will have to archive a few of the larger programs that you dont plan on using but there is a vast amount of programs that are in reference to physics equations good luck and enjoy.please email me with any questions or suggestions thank you. spydrfreak@hotmail.com
toolz.zip7k02-04-02File is not ratedTool Pack, academic
Has six parts which will help in math and science courses. The programs include a stiochiometry program, precent composition program, standard deviation program, herons formula program, a superb triangle solver that solves for just about anything dealing with the side lengths and angle lengths of the triangle, and for good measure a program that deals with solving for the angle of two vectors and finding their dot product.

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