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Last updated Friday, 15 August 2014
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Most popular file  Wav Player 83+ v1.0 with 21,882 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Media
ionfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Sound (Ion)
mirageosfolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Sound (MirageOS)
tsefolder TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Sound (TSE)
additionquadplayer.zip7k11-04-22Extra Documentation on QuadPlaye
QuadPlay is a fantastic MIDI 4-channel player for TI-83+ and similar models. This extra document will help you to solve problems with converting files and utilize Kerm Martian's MIDI to mt3 converter and how to make the converted file work with QuadPlayer. Quadplay saves space over using MobileTunes3 because it does not require Doors CS 7 and work with MirageOS.
This program plays a tune. Some sounds come out after a while so try to finish the entire long program!
entertnr.zip1k05-12-17The Entertainer
The Entertainer is a program that plays the classic song "The Entertainer." You will need Omnicalc and headphones. Enjoy!
nowthatsmidi.zip130k04-02-17NOW That's What I Call Midi v1.0
This is the most extensive Sound Catalog available on ticalc.org today!! Supports all players including CalcMod, MiniPlayer, TI-Jukebox, and more!! Contains a complete explanation on how to achieve the best sound from your calc and alternate choices on how to play your songs!!
playwav.zip71k01-03-11Wav Player 83+ v1.0
Play wav files on your 83+
smbsong.zip1k05-03-07Super Mario Bros. Theme Song
Super Mario Bros. Sterio song for CalcMod 2.2
sndx.zip1k05-07-03SNDX - Technomaker
SNDX is a stereo sound engine for basic programs. I included my TECHNOmaker demo.
soundroutine.zip14k01-02-22Sound Routine Plus
Sound Routine is a cool program I, James Montelongo, ported from Andrew Leech's the TI-83 program to the TI-83+. It can give sound to basic programs simply and easily.
stllalve.zip1k09-11-09Still Alive From Portal
This is my recreation of the song Still Alive for Calcmod. Enjoy!
ti83musicheadphonesdiagra.zip44k06-04-22Home-made Headphones <> 83+ Diagram
Although a diagram has already been created for something like this, it's for the 86, and that diagram doesn't work for 83+s. After some experimenting, I got the headphones to work, and made a diagram after what I did.
tistudio.zip7k12-01-04TI Studio Music Composer v0.2
A fast and advanced music composing program for TI 83+. Note entry in 8 different patterns, playlist, pianoroll, 80-500 BpM, Riff machine, select + copy + cut + paste, transposing, shifting, saving and loading. Needs 2.5 mm headphones or amplifier plugged into the link port. Functions and usage discribed in the ReadMe.txt file. Still in development, but runs fine. Still report me any bug you notice, or send me suggestions or optimizations if you want.
tmnt.zip245k05-06-07PlayWav Mod
This is a modification for the program, PLAYWAV. This vesion plays the whole song of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles old theme song.
This program will play a 4-level perfect grayscale video with sound on your calculator. What more could you ask for? Watch the demo at http://youtu.be/lD9mtNy2cd8
vg_sounds_mt3.zip17k10-07-31MT3 video collection
A set of old NES video game themes, requires DoorsCS and Mobile Tunes 3
A simple speech synthesizer routine for TI82/83/83+/84+ that you can include in your programs.

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