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Last updated Thursday, 4 November 2004
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Most popular file  Anime 3-Level Grayscale Picture with 6,829 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-83 Assembly Media
ashell83folder TI-83 Assembly Images (AShell83)
ionfolder TI-83 Assembly Images (Ion)
sosfolder TI-83 Assembly Images (SOS)
anime2.zip86k00-09-28Anime Greyscale Set
Update #3
animegirl.zip1k00-03-315 Level Grayscale Anime Girl
Just some pic I drew in math class and turned it into a grayscale asm graphic
animegre.zip12k00-08-28Anime Greyscale Set
A set of greyscale images for GPic 83 2.0 from various Animes.
animegs.zip26k00-09-14Anime Greyscale Set Update
Set 2 of x
anime.zip2k97-11-03Anime 3-Level Grayscale Picture
A cool anime pic that I found, and it came out real good.
dbzpics83.zip96k03-06-18Dragonball/Z/GT Greyscale Pictures
Here's 10 pictures. The loader supports all of them, but only 3-4 can be on the TI-83 at any given time. These DO NOT need a shell.
dcsbg83.zip1k04-05-213D TI-83 Background
This background for Doors CS v4.8 and higher, made with CopyBG, is an image of a TI-83 in 3D in front of the words 'TI-83'. Check out the screenshot!
donald.zip7k03-08-10Donald Duck Greyscale Pic @ fmS
A great greyscale picture of Donald Duck. A ASM progrm, start with: Send(9prgmZPICTURE Have fun, enjoy it!
doorscs5bgs.zip51k04-11-04[Doors CS v5.0+] Backgrounds Gallery
This is a collection of 18 backgrounds for Doors CS. They include the logos of all 83/84 series calculators, well-known icons, pi, the globe, abstract designs, and more. Vital for the power Doors CS user. Doors CS v5.0 certified.
enter2.zip6k00-06-02Enterprise 2
A greyscale photo. Smaller than Josh Storz, it uses only 3 pictures instead of 5 and gives the same quality.
a grayscale picture of a cool cartoon iguana
lotr.zip3k02-03-10Lord of the Rings Title Screen
Lord of the Rings Title Screen, looks alot better than the screenshot I've included...just run LORDRING when you get both files on you clac or emulator :D , by William White
mb.zip1k00-03-23Grayscale Mario Pic
drawn by Tyler source code by Josh Storz
mm5pics.zip14k00-10-20Mega Man 5 pictures in 8-layer greyscale
Pictures of Megaman 5 enemies in 8-layer greyscale. Runs with GPic 83. (ION)
msie.zip1k97-07-07MSIE Logo
netscape.zip1k97-07-14Netscape Now Logo
ospics.zip15k01-02-03Outlaw Star Image Set
A greyscale set like my previous ones. Based on Anime series.
recycle.zip1k00-03-28Grayscale Casios Suck Pic
Another tasty treat for all you Casio haters(we all know how much they suck). If you are a true TI-calc person then you'll love this. And I couldn't make cool pics like these without Josh Storz's source code.
ti83pictures.zip62k00-04-26Pictures (ZCP-compressed)
Pictures to be viewed with Picview.
tiei.zip1k97-07-17Sienar Tie Interceptor Grayscale Picture
vegeta.zip6k03-07-28Vegeta vs Super 13
A nice greyscale pic of Vegeta punching Super 13.
winlogo.zip1k97-07-07Windows 3.1 Logo

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