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Last updated Saturday, 5 August 2017
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Most popular file  TI-81 ASM hook interrupt with 9,467 downloads.

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interrupt.txt4k09-08-23File is not ratedTI-81 ASM hook interrupt
Custom interrupt routine that enables execution of user-entered machine code on any TI-81 with ROM 1.8K. (Note that the text is UTF-8 to allow for special symbols.)
invaders81.zip3k13-04-30File is not ratedSpace Invaders TI-81 Port
This is the invaders game from the 83+ games dir ported to the TI-81. It uses Ben Moody's Unity program loader, so download and install that if you don't already have it.
loader.zip3k17-08-05File is not ratedA simple TI-81 asm loader for all ROMs.
This loader gives you the possibility to upload user defined machine code to the TI-81 with (as I know) any ROM version. It demands less installation time than Unity or The Hook Interrupt. However, with this loader, it is complicated to have two asm programs at time on your calculator, you need more time for each launching and you can not return from your machine code using a ret command.
unity.zip159k10-06-02File is not ratedUnity 1.1
Unity is an assembly program loader for the TI-81. It serves as an extension to the calculator operating system, allowing you to run Z80 assembly programs. Assembly code may be freely mixed with BASIC code, and includes checksums to detect typing errors. The loader also provides an "emergency abort" key sequence (Y= + GRAPH + ON). Unity should work on most if not all TI-81 ROM versions; feedback is always welcome. (This version adds support for ROM 1.1K to the installer and development tools, but is otherwise the same as the previous version. If you've already installed Unity on your calculator, there's no need to re-install.)

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