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Upcoming TI-83 Plus Sound Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

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Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Sound Programs
Vish Srivastava Account Info

Anyone know if there is a windows based program that converts MIDI to the calc format?

     7 February 2004, 18:15 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Sound Programs
Pierre GUILLAUME Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, I don't know any prog for Win that do it, but XMMS for Linux with a librarie run for CalcMod...
And I seek like you a prog for Win 3.11!

     14 April 2004, 15:52 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Sound Programs
Gary Schmidt  Account Info

Boy, that would be useful for converting all my Dance Dance Revolution MIDI songs for the calculator version I made. Wouldn't it just be nice if it could just run regular MIDI...(cries)

     6 February 2005, 05:49 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Sound Programs
Derrick F.  Account Info

Will using cordless cell phone headphones damage the link port?

     12 August 2004, 18:37 GMT

How to
Chevy2000LS  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think it would be great to make a game or something using sound, and I would do it if I knew how to make sound. I have heard the Piano program for ION and I know a few games that I could add sounds to and it would be pretty cool. If anyone can help me with this, E-mail me or reply to my post.

     13 April 2000, 06:19 GMT

Re: How to
killfire  Account Info

do you have a speaker yet??

     10 October 2000, 16:36 GMT

Re: Re: How to
Se4me  Account Info

How do you get a speaker in you calc?

     16 December 2001, 21:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How to
Michael Lam

You don't really need a speaker. You can have headphones that fit into your calculator's link port. I have one of those. It's actually not common to find the 2.5 mm ends anymore.

     9 January 2002, 03:19 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Devon Stewart  Account Info
(Web Page)

Also, if you got a calc w/ the tiny little Calc2calc black cable, you can make an Improvised CalcSpeaker! take two wires, 4 aligator clips, and put it all together, and Vola! you have sooooound!!!

Link cable a-----\-----A A Speaker cable
b-----/-----B OR
c-----------C C
These are the 3/2 connectors on the plugs
C always goes to c

a/b can be switched, i think that it is stereo if u have 3 wires w/ aligator clips...

(I did something kool, my stepdad gave me this cassete w/ a wire comming out of it, so i connected my calc to it using the above Scematic... then i put the tape into the car stereo and WOW loud sound!!

     20 February 2003, 19:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Devon Stewart  Account Info

dam I lost it. I will try again...
Link cable a-----\-----A OR A Speaker cable
Link cable b-----/-----B OR
Link cable c-----------C OR C

These are the 3/2 connectors on the plugs

C always goes to c

a/b can be switched, i think that it is stereo if u have 3 wires w/ aligator clips...

     20 February 2003, 19:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Jared Brayshaw Account Info

Here's a good idea:

Buy a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adaptor for 3 bucks at Radioshack!! Put it on a set of headphones and plug it in to your calc!!

     15 October 2003, 01:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Nick Judge  Account Info

Thats exactly what i did and it works. I Tried before, but i thought there was a built in speaker.Until i read your coment,so i went to rodio shack and got an adapter, and it worked. Thanks

     24 December 2003, 07:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Nick Judge  Account Info

I forgot to put this into my other statement.
I am in electronics and i might try to put a tiny pezzo buzzer from Radio Shack into the calculator.With it connected to the Plug in Jack in a parrall circuit, so you can still use the jack and get sound from the calc at the same time with out having to switch any wires.

     24 December 2003, 07:44 GMT

Re: How to
Cybur_Netiks  Account Info
(Web Page)

OR you could just buy the 2.5 mm plug from any goo electronics store (you may need to file the base of it to get it to fit) splice an old pair of headphones, and connect the wires, it's not that hard, and in most cases requires no soldering

     18 August 2004, 19:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
aml1358  Account Info
(Web Page)

for 84+ users:
THE MONO HEADPHONE ADAPTER DOES NOT FIT INTO THE SMALL HOLE THAT SURROUNDS THE LINK PORT. Use the stereo adapter. NOT the mono. If you use the stereo, it costs like 20 cents more, but now you can get stereo sound in sound progs like CalcMod!

check lame website...check lame website...check lam...

     15 October 2004, 21:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How to
blah Blah  Account Info

how to put speaker to ti83+

     28 February 2003, 05:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: How to
Pierre GUILLAUME Account Info
(Web Page)

I use a phone speaker without amplifier and it's very good!
But it's besser with a headphone, the stereo,...

     14 April 2004, 15:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: How to
Schuyler Reidel  Account Info

you can connect a speaker through the spinteface port.I am currently biuldind a 83+ version once thats been completed i will test cartriges such as ir port,speaker,wether checker(checks temp,pressure,etc...)extra mem,and developing a modem for the 83+,usb port,printer adapter,etc...
the original spinterface port is biult into the calc but i fear damaging my calc so this will be an external modual.after the mod is built and some cartriges work i will release the shcematics to all.

my programming skills arent the best so any assembly and shell programers are welcomed to contact me so we could develope some programs to work with the port

comments?,questions?,email me at

if you would like the web site for the original spinterface please email me

     27 April 2003, 22:50 GMT

Re: How to
Barbie Voorhees  Account Info

There is a game with sound for the 83+. It is IceClimb
and can be found on this site.

     30 July 2002, 21:16 GMT

Sora Hikaru  Account Info


Connection a headphone straight ahead to the Link port can damage the port because you shortcut the two 1bit ports for a long time when listening. If you use a headphone make sure you put 2 2,5KiloOhm resistors between the +L (Tip/Red) en +R (Ring/White). The - can be connected directly to the Link Port.

Connecting to an powered amplifier (like computer speakers) can be done without resistors because amplifiers have a high resistance.

     5 August 2003, 20:48 GMT

what the...
aml1358  Account Info
(Web Page)

come on, I've used the link port headphones billions of times and they work!

ChEcK oUt My LaMe WeBsItE

     15 October 2004, 21:47 GMT

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