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Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

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Ti Toolkit
StarHawk  Account Info
(Web Page)

Currently working on Ti ToolKit, and it will come with:

1: Balrog: A program that prevents your memory from being cleared, and presents a blank program and apps menu to anybody snooping around your calculator.
2: Argon: A 3D graphics program that will support primitives, and possibly meshes. Includes options to save file, export, merge, copy, paste, netRender (between two calculators) and other stuff. Will add a small OpenGL-like engine to the calc for the use of other apps.
3: Chromium: Formula solver that will solve all common Geometry, Graph, Algebraic, Chemistry, and Physics formulas
4: CalcWORD: Word processor app that has a spell checker, find and replace, copy, paste, export as program or AppVar, etc. Will also have Ti-Keyboard and QWERTY support.
5: CalcGRADE: A program to keep track of homework assignments in 7 classes, includes your average, total score, etc.

     16 January 2003, 14:27 GMT

KingSoft OS V3.0 beta
Basicalcmaster  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is going to be an extremely early release, We at KingSoft expected it out around late febuarary early march. Features windows like shell, built in TIMED, SETTABLE screen saver, and a built in game pack
BETA in basic
Assembly version when TASM finally works for us
(any suggestions?)

New software always posted on our site before TI-Calc!

     22 January 2003, 23:17 GMT

An On-Calc ASM Compiler (TASM compatible hopefully)
zydekol  Account Info

If anyone can make a TASM-like program (or APP) that compiles and converts programs that are made. this would really benefit me because most of my good Ideas come while in the middle of Math class and I can use my calc there and I don't have a laptop to type it into. Thanks for anyone willing to take this program into consideration. if anyone is going to make this or is done making this...PLEASE e-mail me at pyro_flyer@yahoo.com

Thanks again

     28 March 2003, 02:34 GMT

Re: An On-Calc ASM Compiler (TASM compatible hopefully)
Jack Turpen  Account Info

i know this has nothing to do with any of the topics but i am new here and i have a question... is it possible to put a TI-89 OS on my TI-83+?

     8 April 2003, 04:23 GMT

Re: Re: An On-Calc ASM Compiler (TASM compatible hopefully)
calcgames2002  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sorry, you can't. You can only upload OS's for your calculator. For the latest, go to ti's website:


     11 April 2003, 22:22 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
Mick Chaz  Account Info

Ok my idea is a program on computer that will traslate a low level, basic-typed programming language, in Z80 source code. With this anyone will be able to program good games : I have the project to put a few functions like writing text, usint link port, putting sprites...
This language will be first for games, for math I'll see later...

     9 April 2003, 12:03 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
Nick_S  Account Info

Still you're gonna need losta math(physics for games,etc)

     30 August 2003, 00:14 GMT

On-Calc Assembler (TI 83+ BASIC)
calcgames2002  Account Info
(Web Page)

This program idea came to me when I realized that you had to program in Asm on the computer. I thought "That's stupid, I don't always have my computer with me, so how can I get anything done?" Well, my answer was this program. Basically what I'm going to do is make it to where you input a string and it will check the string for an ASM command. It will take awhile, but I should have it done in about a month...if I had an 83+. I used to have one, but it got fried when I tried to program in Hex on it. Don't worry, when it's released it won't have any bugs, so it won't fry yours! Anyway, I'm not that good at programming in Asm, so if anyone has any suggestions for the first commands I should put into it, that would be a great help. Also, I thought I should let everyone know that on a regular 83+ you cannot input a string with lower-case letters! Otherwise the calculator will not recognize what the string says.

My website isn't done yet. If anyone has any ideas on what to do with it, post it here or e-mail me:


     11 April 2003, 22:31 GMT

Ti-83 Plus Assembly Manual
John Lee  Account Info

Hello everyone. My name is John Lee. I have recently refreshed myself with the Assembly language that I had long forgetten about. At this time, I am creating an Assembly Manual for the Ti-83 Plus. Currently, the manual will be available for Microsoft Word only, but will later be "ported" or turned into a help file. In my manual sections, I provide detailed information and step-by-step processes in which you can learn Assembly language without any programming experiences at all (although advanced skills in Ti-BASIC is highly recommended). Right now I have about 6 pages completed, each section on separate pages, which increases readability. More updates on this manual will be provided here as the manual progresses. I would appreciate any suggestions if you have any.

     30 April 2003, 19:53 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Albright  Account Info

I have a great idea. Create programs of the books of the Bible. It's easy, just enter in a lot of text. However, I have a problem. I don't know how to enter quotation marks as text in a BASIC program. Can anyone help?

     7 May 2003, 02:27 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Albright  Account Info

I figured out my quotation mark problem. However, I have another problem. The program doesn't look right when when run under MirageOS. When run from the PRGM menu, the screen looks like this:

Enter the number
of the chapter
you want to go

But, when run from MirageOS, the same screen looks like this:

to-er the number
of the chapter
you want to go

Can anyone help me?

     8 May 2003, 02:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Lee  Account Info

Disregard the email address, I'm working off of someone elses account who is letting me use it for the day. My email is at asm8x@hotmail.com

Just got one remark. This had better be the AV 1611 KJV

     13 May 2003, 20:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Lee  Account Info

One other thing. Don't you think that not only will it be tedious, but also critical. I mean, you've gotta be 100% accurate, word for word, line upon line, precept upon precent. You had better just leave this one, "offline" and just use the Book.

     13 May 2003, 20:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Albright  Account Info

I realize that these programs will take a LONG time to create. But, I still think this is a good idea. I am not doing a lot of programming right now because of school and other things, but when school is over, I will do a lot more.

BTW - I know that KJV means King James Version, but what does AV 1611 mean?

     14 May 2003, 16:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Lee  Account Info

Authorized Version 1611

     16 May 2003, 18:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Albright  Account Info

Another thing. These will NOT be the King James Version. They will be the New International Version.

BTW - Whenever I try to open a program into Virtual TI, either assembly or BASIC, it says there is a transmission error. Does anyone know why?

     16 May 2003, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Lee  Account Info

What a shame. And how old are you? Boy, you're gonna split hell wide open.

     19 May 2003, 17:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs
John Albright  Account Info

What the heck does that mean?

     19 May 2003, 23:44 GMT

Tisk Tisk
John Lee  Account Info

Well, go ahead and proceed with your program. But as far as my comment goes, you'll see what it all means one day. Unfortunately, though, when that day comes, it'll be too late for you. You should know what I mean if you're gonna do the Ti comunity "a great service."

     20 May 2003, 18:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-83 Plus Miscellaneous Programs

Why does it have to be KJV??

It shouldn't make a difference.

If it did, KJV should be your last choice, because it has some cultural incorrectnesses.

     16 September 2003, 19:46 GMT

Down the Drain
John Albright  Account Info

Well, so much for this idea. I realized that creating actual programs would take WAY too long. So, I tried using TI's NoteFolio Creater and App. Stupid file size limitations. I found that one program (well, actually, it's an appvar) would only be about 5 chapters. Is there anything else I can do, or this idea down the drain?

     19 June 2003, 05:24 GMT

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