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Upcoming TI-83 Miscellaneous Programs

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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publisher for TI
phm phm  Account Info

hello i have programmed a paint software that generate str with the code of your picture,str look like that ":line(1,5,20,5) :text(1,1,"helloworld"):" then you create a new program and recall strx remove the " " and it draw your picture.
rectangle / line / text / add page function are aviable

     29 January 2004, 10:43 GMT

Re: publisher for TI
a a  Account Info

Where is the Strbutton even?

     15 January 2005, 06:54 GMT

Re: Re: publisher for TI
hamster3.0  Account Info

There is no str button. You have to click (var)aka varable button and select string and pick which str or string to use.

     12 May 2005, 20:17 GMT

Windfall XP
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

A lookalike of Windows XP. Not finished, but can distributed if wanted. All graphics and no basic looking text. Windfall XP is in BASIC format. Any questions or comments are welcomed. Windfall XP will be out soon. I may put out a demo version.

     23 June 2004, 02:30 GMT

Windfall XP Update
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

Windfall XP should be finished by November 2004.
Completed and Working:
Working On:

I would be happy to retrieve some help if anyone would like to contribute there time, Windfall XP would come out sooner.

     24 June 2004, 03:23 GMT

Windfall XP Update
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

Windfall XP is comming along nicely, even thought I still expect it to be done around November 2004. Many of the programs are working properly and I have been keeping it like Windows XP.

     11 August 2004, 21:38 GMT

Windfall XP Update!
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

I should be sending out a demo version of my great program Windfall XP on September 1, 2004!

     31 August 2004, 22:23 GMT

Windfall XP Update
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info
(Web Page)

Most of the features are finished. Now I am trying to find any bugs in the program and compress the programs. The full version will be out on November 20, 2004. Please Download it. I will be great for any TI-83 Calculator. I have the beta version out with the screen shots. The URL above will send you right there.

     9 November 2004, 17:56 GMT

Windfall XP Release
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

I was hoping to send out Windfall XP on November 20, 2004, but with complications from unexpected and misterious errors, I am setting a later date. The program will be available for download on January 1, 2005. I will send out what I have to the website tommarow, so it will be out on November 20, 2004. Hope you like the new and recent changes in size and user friendlyness.

     19 November 2004, 03:39 GMT

Windfall Notice
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

Someone emailed me the other day about Windfall not working on their TI-83+ Calculator. I was aware of this, but was not thinking since all TI-83 Basic programs work on the TI-83+ and TI-84+. Windfall has some assembly functions, and the assembly functions for the TI-83 is much different than that of other calculators. I will try to port Windfall to other calculator versions after I get all the bugs out of the TI-83 version.

     7 December 2004, 17:48 GMT

Upload is set to a later date.
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

I am sorry to report that Windfall will not be available to the public January 1, 2005. I am not going to tell the date that the program will be released, because I am truely not sure. I am trying to get Windfall faster, smaller, and better. I am truely sorry to let everybody down. Happy New Years.

     31 December 2004, 05:42 GMT

Update on progress
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

The progress for Windfall XP has been very slow lately because of the FIRST Robotics meetings we have been having lately. I can't quite remember if the last version of Windfall had the password protection enabled, but I found a problem with it. It is quite funny actually. If you had your password set to 4321, you could enter 1234, 1324, 1423, and so on. It would work because it works by multiplying the getkey variable every time you hit a key. This was my way of keeping the password safe from hackers. I will now try to come up with something else. I am also having some problems with the start menu. Its a problem with trying to make the whole program go faster. I have also make the boot process much faster, and more realistic.

     25 March 2005, 01:06 GMT

Bad News
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

All the work that I have done since January has been lost. First my laptop's file system crashed, but I was okay at the time, then 2 days afterward, my calculator reset itsself (I think its days are about done) because of a dead backup battery, and a lose wire inside. I am struggling to find my new files on my desktop, but I think I deleted them because I had them on my laptop. Darn technology, I wish that it was flawless. Ha, Ha, Ha, like it will ever be completly flawless (Especially with Microsoft Windows).

     30 May 2005, 22:24 GMT

Windfall XP Major Update
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

I found the missing files. They were on some disk. Now that its June, I have decided to get back to work on it. This will be 1 year in a few days that I have been working on Windfall, which is now Windows XP. I decided also that Windfall was a really stupid idea, so I just changed in to Windows. I should be releasing another update of it in a few hours.

     9 June 2005, 15:11 GMT

Windows XP Upcomming Update
Ryan Nazaretian  Account Info

I will soon be releasing a new update to Windows XP. This new update will include a new feature that accelerates the cursor as you move it. I will also update some documentation. If you have not checked out Windows XP Calculator Edition, you should. For new BASIC programmers, you should look at the code and try to figure out how everything works. Thats about it. Hope you have enjoyed it.

     14 August 2005, 00:44 GMT

shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have spent over a year working on this; it is a whole new programming language for z80 TI-Calcs, and the compiler program for it. It looks like C++/Java with some interchangable BASIC-like syntax. High-Level OOP code compiles into assembly code (asm programs) for all models from TI-82 to TI-86

You can use this to do ANYTHING that can be done in assembly. Antidisassemblage is not big and easy to learn because only the fundamentals are built into it. Everything else (once finished) will be defined in "include files" (there is a special command to output asm code so you can integerate assembly into the language; most of this will be done in the background so that you don't have to worry about it).

I am looking for people who want to help test it, play with it, and when it is done (which will be soon) help write stuff for it. THIS MIGHT BE SOMETHING REVOLUTIONARY; people can make assembly programs from an easy to use High-Level OOP programming context (this is NOT ASSEMBLY, it compiles into assembly)

The language has these standard features: preprocessor commands, user defined variables of various datatypes, MULTIDIMENSIONAL arrays, functions (aka: subroutines procedures methods) that take and return values (parameters / arguments),
Global vars that can be used anywhere and local vars (temporary vars) that only have the scope of the function they are in, Static (fixed var addresses, more efficient) or dynamic (uses a stack to allow instances = RECURSION) functions, and a nice bunch of control-constructs to control program-flow

If you want to know more, or if you want to help, see my group: Antidisassemblage (the link is below my user-ID in the title bar of this post)

     6 January 2005, 23:41 GMT

Re: Antidisassemblage!!
shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

sorry, the link is:

http://groups.yahoo.com/ group/Antidisassemblage

(remove the SPACE before "/group")

You can email me at shkaboinka@yahoo.com
or send an IM to CrazyProgrammer

     13 January 2005, 20:36 GMT

New compiler/language for z80 calcs (TI82 to TI86)
shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

I am SO close to finishing up my compiler and everything, but before I finish it I am looking for a little help with some assembly stuff.

brief description:
when handling expressions, I'd use register-A or HL for general stuff, and then maybe B or BC during higher-order operations (order of ops), but * / and % ops require more complicated asm routines that use up lots of operators and there are different ways to do them, and I don't know which registers are the best to save info in and what the costs of "destroying" their values could be; I am not an expert at assembly. I am questioning whether I should do that, or not allow expressions but allow single operations that take one value like += *= /= etc, or just not allow * / and % (a combo of asm macros/routines can be made to do it anyways)...either way I need help. I can be more specific and detailed if you want to help.

If you can help me out (or know anyone who can), my info is in the title-bar of this post

     19 March 2005, 20:31 GMT

shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

ONCE AGAIN it puts HighLevelz80 as the link, though I have told it a million times to change the link Antidisassemablage!

If you want to help with my compiler (see above post), the group page is http://groups.yahoo.com /Antidisassemblage/
(withouth the space after groups.yahoo.com/; I had to put it there because ticalc wont allow words longer than 40 characters)

     19 March 2005, 20:43 GMT

Upcoming Program (Windows Series)
adam Somers
(Web Page)

I am going to be coming out with a windows series

This will include:
Windows 95
Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Windows NT Server 4.0

I will also make updates of which can be found on my web page once I get the file posted and going.

     17 September 1999, 02:38 GMT

Re: Upcoming Program (Windows Series)
(Web Page)

My Site wasn't correct due to my mistake on the last entry. Link on this link to get there.

I am also coming out with:

Windows 98 (Done for 83 but still has 3 bugs I'm trying to fix)
Windows 2000 (Beta is on site)

     28 April 2000, 18:06 GMT

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