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Upcoming TI-82 Games

Post updates on your projects here, or give other authors your feedback on their works in progress.

When posting about an upcoming program of yours, please include a link to any relevant information (screen shots, etc.) in the URL field.

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Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
Pavel Panchekha  Account Info


It's a gaem I'm making. You are a CIA agent who has to destroy 5 Al-Queda nukes. Includes about 15 weopans, 10 levels, many enemies, and a good enough storyline. I think I should have it done in about half a year. I'm sure almost everyone will love it.

     12 June 2005, 22:27 GMT

Jerry Wang  Account Info

I'm working on a game where you have to explore both the magic world and mortal world. I need some ideas on creating some graphics.

     26 February 2006, 01:54 GMT

Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
BobtheEvilPuppeteer  Account Info

Yes, you heard right. . . From the maker of "BeerQuest 2" comes "Descent 2". Descent 2 will have FAST 3-d graphics, an almost complex cockpit, and user-upgradable controls. BUUUTTTT. . . I need help making the 3-d levels. I`m using a language like "Quake" but need help with the 10110001010 stuff. E-Mail to Cbm5000@aol.com if you can help.

> 3-D Shooter based of a popular computer game
> At least 5 long levels
> Minimized size

Release Date:
Demo - December 1999
Full Version - January/Febuary 2000

Bob the Evil Puppeteer

     4 September 1999, 01:05 GMT

Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
Floyd Godfrey  Account Info


     11 September 1999, 00:06 GMT

Re: Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
R Y  Account Info

one can achieve speed at the expense of memory... think!

     26 September 1999, 20:11 GMT

Re: Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent

My Doom 2000, coming out in March 2000, will be very graphical and fast. Faster than asm. I may change the name and/or plot. You can accomplish fast graphics through tricky techniques. Anyone can e-mail me if they want to know the tricks. I'm sure most of you already know. HE HE!!

     21 February 2000, 07:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
Jamie Smith  Account Info
(Web Page)

<<My Doom 2000, coming out in March 2000, will be very graphical and fast. Faster than asm>>

Faster than asm is impossible my friend. Basic games are read through a translator that changes the code into asm so it can be read by the processor. Asm is read by the processor directly.

     4 June 2000, 07:06 GMT

Re: Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
Rainbird Account Info

Fast perhaps not, but 3d game it can be done.

     23 September 2000, 01:22 GMT

Re: Descent 2: The FAST cousin of Desent
tristar tristar  Account Info

when u say basic....do u mean without ions....well if so then i'm working on a BASIC donkey kong....which i think should be killer sweet

     27 April 2002, 16:44 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games

I'm going to ATTEMPT to make a sonic type game for the *gasp* ti-82. I think it maybe possible with a little system I've thought up. If anyone has some suggestions or tricks they would like to tell me now is the time. My only fear is that the game will be HUGE! Email me for progress reports.

     24 October 1999, 21:25 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games

Stupid me, my email is: knighthero@flashmail.com .


     24 October 1999, 23:53 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
tristar tristar  Account Info

if ur makin it for the *gasp* TI-82......ur either gonna run outta labels....or have to make it into like 10 programs......

     27 April 2002, 16:45 GMT

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth's Rebirth
Brandon Herbert  Account Info
(Web Page)

For more info got to my site's PUD's.

     9 November 1999, 01:46 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
(Web Page)

Pokemon!! How come no one has made it yet! Well I am 13 and I am going to make it!! I think it will be for Crash but if it does't work i'll just go with a basic text game. I am probably also going to make it for the TI-83 too.

     3 December 1999, 03:39 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
alejandro wagmister  Account Info


You are thirteen? I don't believe it! I'm thirteen too, and I don't believe it that you still like Pokemon. Well well...

     20 June 2000, 05:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
Bitch Mamma  Account Info

Pokemon are stupid you should spend your time on a game of tanks for the TI-82 with link play.

     23 November 2000, 07:17 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games

Well, I don't think you need to insult pokémon. If he likes Pokémon, let him like it! Anyway, if he ever did finish the game, I would download it, because it sounds fun.

     25 April 2001, 21:23 GMT

Pokemon sucks
Jonathan Kent  Account Info

God where has the world come to when peole think it fun to play pokemon i currently working on a game where you get to blow pokemon's brains out with an assult rifle now that's fun!

     21 July 2001, 02:30 GMT

Re: Pokemon sucks

Hey, If the kid likes the game, let him play it. That's what this site is for isn't it? What is TI- programming all about?--It's about passing time and/or having fun on a small handheld that are allowed, somtimes mandatory, in places that would kill you for playing a GameBoy. If he feels like playing pokemon in 5th period because he can't play his GameBoy, let him. All he's doing is telling others that he'll have it so maybe he can share the wealth. All you do by picking on him is showing your ignorance and proving that you have really no appreciation for Ti gaming whatsoever. Besides, any RPG game with multiple characters such as Pokemon would take quite sometime to create. So instead of doing the easiest thing like picking on some kid just to impress your friends, why not realize that we're all human and that if this kid is really 13, or was at the time, and is going to program a game like this, which most of us could never do, and give him some credit. Heck kid, Ill download it and play it and show my friends and Ill tell them how a 13-year old kid made this game.

     17 April 2002, 03:40 GMT

Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games
Chuckleslove Account Info

I am working on a BASIC version of Monopoly for the TI-82. I made it once before but I lost the program somewhere in the last two years. The new version is all ready taking up a lot less memory and looks better. Expect a release date of somewhere around February 1, 2000. Programmed soley by me

     5 December 1999, 06:49 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming TI-82 Games

Hey, cool! Reply 2 me on this msg when it comes out, k? I have an idea for a pong game, where the left/right buttons control the top and bottom paddles, and the up/down buttons contol the left/right paddles. The idea is the keep the ball from falling out of the screen, and to get the blocks in the middle. I will be working on that soon. Sounds cool? Have any tips?

     27 April 2001, 01:30 GMT

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